Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MachinimUWA IV: spyVspy Aeon's 'Qubit - Cognitive Distortion'


A wonderful look at the artworks of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge,spyVspy Aeon's 'Qubit - Cognitive Distortion'is among the first entries to MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists, which brings together 2 of the powerhouses of virtual worlds, Artists and Machinimatographers!Entries to the L$300,000 MachinimUWA IV closes on the 10th of November and seeks for the creation of machinima featuring artworks that are part of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

In spyVspy's words:

The real inspiration so as this idea came from the elaborate synthesis of many poems I wrote "1986" (poems in desk drawers). Qubit is nothing more than the character of this deep cognitive distortion. This work is included in the Challenge of the University of Western Australia in Second Life for the IV Edition, as well as 3D works displayed in this composition, as they are mentioned on the description / credits.

Special Thanks to Maya Paris - Veparella - Secondlife

Music By Krzysztof Kurkowski - Spacer robotów
License Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Video Editing and Voice by spyVspy aeon
All content of this artwork is licensed

3D Artists
(in order of appearance)

Claudia222 Jewell
Nish Mip
Lea Supermarine
Toughlove Sabra
Zwagoth Klaar
Ub Yifu
Barry Richez
Anley Piers
Secret Rage
Fae Varriale
Research Projects
Miso Susanowa
Typote Beck
Haveit Neox

*Qubit, form the (quantum bit) - The smallest unit of information in a computer designed to manipulate or store information through effects predicted by quantum physics.



  1. Loved it, man. It made me think that (in the future) robots will eventually think like artists and the poetic voice in their heads would sound and say these very same things.

    Essentially using the smallest units to tell the largest of stories is the story of our own existence. Well done! Why not do a few more like these spy?

  2. Very cool video; excellent editing/titling work too! Great to see these works through another's eyes and story.

  3. Indeed Cecil, oh god, u really got the essencial abd yes, I am planning to more "tiny thing" telling "big" stories. thank you all. thanks a lot Miso.