Friday, October 31, 2014

MachinimUWA VII: Final 24 hours - Vilvi Rae, Arrow Inglewood, Mexi Lane, Elizabeth Spieler & Alfonso Garavito Olivar

No Man's Land from Vilvi on Vimeo.





As we approach the final 24 hours before the close of entries, more works have come in from all over the globe. Vilvi Rae takes us back to one of the most remarkable days in the history of war with 'No Man's Land'. Mexi Lane shows how people try to cross borders to greener pastures with 'Mediterranean'. Arrow Inglewood attempts to transcend the space-time continuum with 'Pas de Digital'. Elizabeth Spieler's 'Transcending Borders' gives us an insight into the wonders of the human mind. Alfonso Garavito Olivar shows us how virtual worlds help with language teaching in a global interconnected world with "La profesora de lengua castella". Alfonso's work epitomises the global nature of virtual world collaborations, with himself hailing from Colombia, now living in the USA, the poet, Beatriz Giovanna Ramirez is also from Colombia but living in Spain, the musician, David Postigo Rodriguez is from Spain, the voice over actress, GLOR14 is from Argentina and the SIM designer, Kai Separis is from Japan. These films are the latest entries to the L$545,000++ MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders, the 7th UWA Short Animated Film Challenge. The 'Transcending Borders' theme was selected by Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct, UWA and who inspired the very first of the UWA art challenges in 2009. This theme is in honour of the 'Transcending Borders' exhibition at UWA's Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in 2014CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 31st OCTOBER 2014.

You may interpret the theme as you see fit, however the average viewer would need to be able to appreciate how you fit this theme (alternatively, please indicate in the notes how it fits in the film notes on the web). Your machinima must be made specifically for this challenge, and this should be indicated in the opening credits 'For The University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders'. You do not have to film on the UWA sims, however this of course will be appreciated, and there is a Special UWA Prize which will be made available to a film which includes either Winthrop Clock Tower, The Somerville Auditorium or The Sunken Gardens.
ALSO, public viewing for TRANSCENDING BORDERS: The 5th UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge is now open (though the closing date for entries is the same as the Machinima - 31st October)

Special prizes are also offered for machinima that best portray one or a few of the artworks entered to TRANSCENDING BORDERS: The 5th UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge.

Do visit the UWA Challenge Gallery HERE to view the submissions so far

List of Submitted Machinima for MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders:
(In Reverse Klingon Alphabetical Order)

Glasz DeCuir (San Sebastian, Spain) - Guest Outsider

Vilvi Rae (Jyvaskylla, Finland) - No Man's Land 

Chic Aeon (Corvallis, Oregon, USA) - The Ghost in the Machine 

Braclo Eber (South African in Canada - Thanks to SL) - Beyond 

Erythro Asimov (Tours, France) -  The 6th Extinction  (Click HERE for Vimeo Version) 

Iono Allen (Paris, France) -  Butchery  (Click HERE for French Version) 

GnomeZen (Ashland, Oregon, USA) - Transcending the Borders of Consciousness

Joe Zazulak [Spiral Silverstar] (New Orleans, LA, USA) - 'Transcending (surreal) Borders'

Tutsy Navarathna (Frenchman in Pondicherry, India)  - Metaphore - "Transcending Borders" 

Natascha Randt (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) & Karima Hoisan (San Isidro del General, Costa Rica) - The Connection 

Lilia Artis  (Berne Switzerland), Haveit Neox (Los Angeles, USA) & Mouehane Sandalwood (Berne, Switzerland) - Striding - Unknown Roads

Eric Takkar (New York, USA) & Arcane Marenwolf (Perth, Australia) - Unseen Transcended Borders

Arrow Inglewood (Toronto, Canada) - Pas De Digital 

Pepa Cometa (Andalusia, Spain) - Little Marie 

Yepar Saenz (The Island of Martinique, French Carribean) - Delphine et Hippolyte 

Boris Twist (Portland, Oregon, USA) -  SORTIE...a film of the beautiful dark

Sophia Yates (Boston,  Massachusetts, USA) - Transcending Borders 

Babypea Von Phoenix & Masterperry (both from a little town near Horsham, Victoria) - Silence Remains 

AvaJean Westland (New York City, USA) - Changes 

Valentina Tremont (Milan, Italy) - Imagination

Peter King (Chester, England, United Kingdom) - Crime Knows No Borders 

GnomeZen (Ashland, Oregon, USA) - Transcendence

NicoleX Moonwall (New Orleans, USA) - Transformation, The Long Journey Home

NicoleX Moonwall (New Orleans, USA) - The Great Hunter of Tuna

Alfonso Garavito Olivar (Florida, USA) - La profesora de lengua castella

Erythro Asimov (Tours, France) - Night of the Johnstown Flood 

Elizabeth Spieler (Seattle, USA) - Transcending Borders  

Mexi Lane aka  Marina Bellini (Rome, Italy) - Mediterranean 

Misio2 (Melbourne, Australia) - Virtual Toy Island Plankton 

Glasz DeCuir (San Sebastian, Spain) - Disappear - Simulator Crossing

jjccc Coronet (Talygarn, South Wales) - What a Wonderful World

Valentina Tremont (Milan, Italy) - Dreaming


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