Saturday, November 1, 2014

UWA 3D Art & MachinimUWA VII - Last Day Surge, Lists being finalised

The regular final day rush materialised once again, and we are now in the process of finalising the lists for both art & machinima which  stand at 60+ & 40+ respectively.

Full lists including LM's will be posted on the blog for the art as well as all Machinima links as well.

New Machinima works in,  include by Sparrow Michigan, Haveit Neox, Valentina Tremont (3rd entry), Ultraviolet Alter, Elle Thorkveld, Aquaglo, Sophia Hines and the teams of Ormand Lionheart & Rachelle Raviprakash as well as Nyle Bakerly & Tyrus Core. Works by NicoleX Moonwall (3rd entry) & Friday Siamendes are KIV for the moment pending technicalities.

Sea and Mountain, for The University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA VII from Valentina Tremont on Vimeo.

transcending borders - the embryo from ultrasonne on Vimeo.

Frontiers from Elle on Vimeo.

Reading PrimChords from Haveit Neox on Vimeo.

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