Wednesday, September 9, 2015

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE (Latest Entries 3)

We now have 11 entries for the PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE 3D art challenge. Here are the latest ones. I hope you're working on yours! Deadline is 31 October. Details.

Corcosman Voom:  An Ibis In Pursuit. Long-time contributor Corcosman give us a vibrant bird.

Dusty Canning: Impossible today? ... Possible tomorrow!Dusty shows us graphic examples of the pursuit of the impossible.

HOLALA Alter: Only Prince: Purple Rain

"Only in the metaverse my guitar sounds and the rain is purple."

K3W: Will I Dream?
New to UWA, K3W gives us an evocative dreamer.

understandingcomplexity: My rl avatar
A simple statement of appreciation expressing what is possible in SL that was not possible in real life.

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