Sunday, September 20, 2015

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE (Latest Entries 4)

Our latest entries for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE. Deadline is coming up fast! All entries are due by 31 October. We know a lot of people are working hard on their entries and we expect an outstanding show as usual by the end. The prize pool stands at more than half a million Lindens for the 3D Art & Machinima Challenge. All entries will be documented an exhibition catalog as part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts (UWA SiVA) series.

First up is another remarkable work by Mistero Hifeng, who wowed us in last year's show, followed by an amazing full sim installation at LEA earlier this year. This piece is titled "Dream."

Next up is an immersive piece by Ginger Lorakeet titled: "It's always greener." It consists of a large aquarium box with a dividing wall in the middle. On one side it's sunny and bright with a paper boat on the shore. On the other side it's rainy and the boat has turned into a soggy sheet of paper. (Visitors should jump or fly out the top of the enclosure.)

A student from Barcelona, Sevio gives us a utopian vision of people living in harmony.

And finally we have a piece from Australian Sheba Blitz that is a "shrine to beauty and light."

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