Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE (Latest Entries 5)

Our latest entries for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE. Deadline is coming up fast! All entries are due by 31 October. We know a lot of people are working hard on their entries and we expect an outstanding show as usual. The prize pool stands at more than half a million Lindens for the 3D Art & Machinima Challenge. All entries will be documented in an exhibition catalog as part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts (UWA SiVA) series.

Long-time SL dragon master Kazuhiro "Kaz" Aridian has staged one of his amazing creatures in a phoenix-like scene called "Rise Above the Mundane."

Nino Vichan presents a powerful statement on the plight of the homeless, using his brilliant rl drawings and statistics about homelessness drawn onto torn pieces of cardboard. All arranged in a frightening back alley scene. They are men, women, children, veterans, the elderly, the mentally ill. They are us.

Solkide Auer & Sniper Siemens present "Runners on Fibonacci's Spiral," an energetic representation of mathematical form and aesthetic balance.

Dragon's Lord uses the allegory of climbing a summit, representing the passion that fuels the effort to achieve against all odds.

Bibi Rives has created a mysterious image titled "The Mask."

Charles Hera's entry is about the elemental desire of humans to fly.

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