Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE (Latest Entries 8)

Our latest 3D art entries (and one machinima) for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE (click or details).

Deadline is Saturday 31 October! A lot of you are working hard on your entries. Be sure to get it in on time! The prize pool stands at more than half a million Lindens for the 3D Art & Machinima Challenge. All entries will be documented in an exhibition catalog as part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts (UWA SiVA) series.

Our latest entries include:

Jesse Keyes - Mars

Takni Mistwalker & Misio2 - Pursuing order is pursuing impossible

Yepar Saenz - Labyrinth

Alpha Auer - The Bridge

Othella - MAGE Magazine #7

Kiesta Aljon - I'm Possible

Pixels Sideways - Perspectives

"Enchanted Dimensions" by Maximillian Merlinof Hann. Muenden, Germany

Entries received thus far (in order of receipt):
  • Carmsie Melodie (Australia): Achieve Impossible
  • Chic Aeon (Corvallis Oregon, USA): In Search of Perfection
  • Isaa Gelber (Sao Paolo, Brazil): RE LIQUIA (relic)
  • Delain Canucci  (Tiel, Netherlands): Connecting with the world and unite
  • Louly Loon (Toulouse, France): Pursue Impossible
  • Ionsilver Whitman (M├ílaga, Spain): Parallel Universes
  • Dusty Canning (Perth, Australia): Impossible today?  ... Possible tomorrow!
  • understandingcomplexity (Havelock, NC, USA): My rl avatar
  • HOLALA Alter (Marid, Spain): Only Prince: Purple Rain
  • K3W (Pacific Northwest, USA): Will I Dream?
  • Corcosman Voom (Sierra Foothills, CA, USA): An Ibis In Pursuit
  • Ginger Lorakeet (Phoenix, AZ, USA): It's always greener.
  • Sevio (Barcelona, Spain): Pursue the Impossible - World Peace
  • Sheba Blitz (Nimbin, NSW, Australia): Shrine to the Impossible
  • Mistero Hifeng (Italy): Dream
  • Nino Vicha: Pursus the End of Homelessness
  • Solkide Auer & Sniper Siemens (Italy): Runners on Fibonacci's Spiral
  • Bibi Rives (Petropolis - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): The Mask
  • Dragon's Lord (Chicago, USA): Reaching the Impossible
  • Charles Hera: Flight
  • Kazuhiro Aridian (Ray, MI, USA): Rise Above the Mundane
  • Frankx Lefavre (Sydney , Australia): Child of Light
  • Secret Rage (Dallas, TX, USA): The Gift
  • Jipe Loon (Haute-Savoie, France): Impossible Quest
  • Ronin1 Shippe (New Mexico, USA): Elephant Whimsy
  • Isadoradean Rossini (Moreno Valley, California, USA): My Impossible: Rising Above the Pain
  • JesseJames Rossini (Moreno Valley, California, USA): The Future is in Our Hands
  • DarcyChocolat (Moreno Valley, California, USA):  Winning isn't Always Winning and Losing Isn't Always Losing
  • Tim Timaru (Ploiesti, Romania): Rain
  • Pearl Grey (Rocky Mountains, USA): Impossible Leaps
  • Ama Avro (Strasbourg, France): Wisdom for Future
  • Jesse Keyes (Dawsonville, Georgia , USA):  Mars
  • Takni Mistwalker & Misio2 (Barcelona/Melbourne , Spain/Australia):  Pursuing order is pursuing impossible
  • Yepar Saenz (Paris , France):  Labyrinthe
  • Alpha Auer ( ,  ):  The Bridge
  • Othella (Istanbul Turkey):  MAGE Magazine #7
  • Kiesta Aljon (Toronto, Ontario , Canada :  I'm Possible
  • Pixels Sideways (Southern California, USA):  Perspectives

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