Monday, May 3, 2010

JayJay on TonightLive with Paisley Beebe

JayJay was invited to talk to Paisley Beebe about what UWA is doing in SL - you will find the interview in the Treet TV Archives. The legendary Alpha Auer is also featured along with musician Eric Steffensen

Here are a couple of photos taken by quadrapop during the filming:

On stage with Paisley and JayJay are three works from the Imagine Challenge: Igor Ballyhoo's Cyber Shark, Ichiko Miles' Consolation of Philosophy and Gleman Jun's Flame of Creativity, and ont he screen behind Jayjay an image of Josina Burgess' Particle Bulbs Triangle.

Jayjay in front of an image Paisley took of one of M Linden's sculptures in his show at UWA's WASP Land sim.

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