Sunday, December 13, 2015

Alpha & The Omega, Kobuk Sparkles as Tutsy Falls at the Last Frontier

MachinimUWA VIII: Pursue Impossible by Kobuk Farshore from Kobuk Farshore on Vimeo.

An awe-inspiring and brilliantly crafted film, 'Pursue Impossible' by Kobuk Farshore of Alaska, took the top spot and its L$60,000 prize for the 8th UWA International Short Animated Film Challenge (MachinimUWA VIII - Pursue Impossible), in a thrilling one point victory over defending champion and four time winner of the UWA film challenges, Tutsy Navarathna, the dominant Frenchman from Pondicherry, India, who delivered a tour de force with the stylish and visionary 'Death of Death?'. The US-Swiss combination of Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis finished 3rd, but also won one of the 2 UWA Special Prizes through their thought provoking offering, 'Tis An Egg'. Indonesian Diana Al Martini was the other recipient of the UWA Special Prize, with a film showing 3 amazing Australians who successfully pursued the impossible, Professor Barry Marshall, Dr Fiona Wood and Turia Pitt.

For the UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge, 'The Bridge' by Elif Ayiter of Sabanci University (SL: Alpha Auer), Istanbul Turkey widely regarded as among the most brilliant creators in the virtual world, was the winner over Australian Carmsie Melodie's work, 'Achieve Impossible' inspired by Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla. The UWA Special Prize, selected by the UWA members of this international judging panel, went to Krystali Rabeni of the United Kingdom. Her creation Dream within a Dream' was deemed to the artwork that best encapsulated the UWA essence of 'Pursue Impossible'. Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis proved formidable winning awards across both the film and art challenges. The curator's award, went to someone without whom these challenges might never have come to be what they are, West Australian, quadrapop Lane. The alpha and the omega. It all started with quadrapop Lane in 2009 and its fitting that she is honoured in the last, as the sun sets on the Grand UWA Art & Film challenges in 2015.

"When I started filming this video I actually should have been starting a degree in film post-production. I'm in my early 30s but I've only just sort of figured out that this is what I want to do, that film editing and visual effects and 3D modelling could be things I might be good at, and I worked really hard and switched continents - I moved from Alaska to the UK - so I could apply for this degree, and I was accepted to my first choice of university. And then was rejected for student loans because I hadn't been a resident long enough. I was crushed. I had to give up my place. I'd failed. So, I bought myself a new computer and started trying to teach myself, instead, and this video was part of that. For me, the theme for this year's challenge was really about waking up. The lecture extract I used for this video really got me through this year; they're words that said, "Stop whining. All the best stories have challenges. Even if you get eaten by a dragon, at least you'll have fought for a princess: Try." The UWA has been instrumental in motivating me not to give up. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this last MachinimUWA possible." Kobuk Farshore

The winners of the UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenges: PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE were announced on  Sunday, 13 December at the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheater in Second Life

The full transcript of the presentations which took place on the 13th of december in the presence of more than 100 people at the UWA-BOSL Grand 4-Sim Amphitheatre is posted at the end of this article immediately following the  quick summary of results for 3D art & machinima with images and links that can be shared.

A machinima recording the entire speech at the ceremony is also available HERE. Much thanks to Secret Rage for creating it!

MachinimUWA VIII Film Winners:

First Place (L$60,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Kobuk Farshore of Alaska, USA

Second Place (L$50,000): DEATH OF DEATH by Tutsy Navarathna, the brilliant Frenchman in Pondicherry, India

"First and foremost I would like to say bravo and thank you for supporting our creativity to UWA, Jayjay and all the organizers of this great contest since 2009. It was a great pleasure to take this journey with you. Thank you and good luck to everybody! :)" Tutsy Navarathna

Third Place (L$40,000):
TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

"The UWA has been extending its hand, on a large scale, to the art community for years now, in a way that gives artists, new and old, opportunity and encouragement. This is done in a most generous and sincere gesture. It is with great appreciation for the support that this morning brings a mixture of excitement and sadness, as this was the last event in this series. Again we so loved the theme of the challenge and again it was most inspiring and we would have continued working on more exhibits and machinima hadn't there been that deadline. Thank you so much for getting us go, run, race with such joy ...! Our deep thanks to you all, Lilia and Haveit."

Fourth Place (L$30,000): DON'T LOOK BACK by Vilvi Rae, of Jyvaskylla, Finland

"Woo! Thank you! And congratulations to all winners. Thank you to everyone who helped with the video, you mean much to me. Thanks to the talented musician Fox Amoore, who let me use his wonderful song. Thank you JayJay and UWA for these wonderful opportunities and caring for the community, you challenged us to try out things that we would never have achieved without you. So thank you JayJay, it has been an amazing ride." Vilvi Rae

Fifth Place (L$20,000): PARALLEL UNIVERSES by JaeSang of Seattle,Washington, USA

"I'm excited to have received recognition and an award in UWA's MachinimUWA VIII. It's such an inspiring  place for art and film. I tried to explore the idea of parallel universes which have been a big thing in science theory recently. I'm glad people enjoyed my short machinima. Creating the film was fun but so was exploring the art show and watching all the machinima's. I found all of the entries to be very creative and amazing. Every year I'm amazed and uplifted by the films that people create." JaeSang

Sixth Place (L$5,000): FOLDING TIME, by Chic Aeon of Corvallis, Oregon, USA

"Since "Shades of Gray" UWA has played a large part in my artier Second Life  endeavors. I am sorry to see the contests end but happy that the University's presence will continue. There is a season for all things, and MachinimUWA has had an impressive one." Chic Aeon

Joint Seventh Place (L$5,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE? by Livio Korobase of Carravagio, Italy

"I'm very happy to have participated in this historic event, an integral part of Second Life. I do not know because for me the UWA contest is an event dedicated to the cinema. In my mind I have this idea, even though I know that there is a part dedicated to 3D. So, I wanted to try to create a machinima. I liked everything I learned new things, I admired the perfect organization of an event as complex, I shared the time of waiting with friends and colleagues. What wanting more. I'm sorry that the event will not be repeated. I do not know why, maybe it's too difficult, or too expensive. Think again, maybe only a section machinima. Even without prizes i am sure that many would participate. Thanks a lot for this very good experience." Livio Korobase

Joint Seventh Place (L$5,000): PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Sarah Whitney of Stonington, Connecticut, USA

"Thank you Jayjay and FreeWee Ling and UWA and the many wonderful supporters of today's event. It was such a great feeling to be a part of so many supporters of virtual art. Like all artists, whether in real life or virtual, we yearn for an audience. We use art as an alternate form of communication from words. We are creating and communicating. But art is both skill and craft, it takes time to develop. It also take time and an understanding of that skill to appreciate. (as well I know since I am new to art and virtual worlds) Finding an audience is not easy. Through your support, organization and encouragement you have given us that audience, magnified our voice, created a community of artists. As a newcomer you gave me motivation and a goal as well as a way to recognize other's in this community. Thank you!" Sarah Whitney

Eighth Place (not given due to 7th place tie)

Ninth Place (L$2,500): GHOST RACE by Panda of La Courneuve, France

Tenth Place (L$2,500): MAGIC MIRRORS by Artistik Oluja, a Briton living in Kuwait
 "It's wonderful to participate alongside so many creative people who have inspired me with their talent. This was my first attempt at machinima, so I'm thrilled to have received such a positive response, thank you all! :)" Artistik Oluja

Tenth Place (L$2,500): TOUCHING WHITE by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

Special Machinima Lifetime Achievement Award (L$7,500):
NATASCHA RANDT and KARIMA HOISAN of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and San Isidro del General, Costa Rica
"I am really proud and feeling honored getting this special award from Jayjay. That means a lot to me and  it is a motivation for more collaborative works with my film partner, the poet Karima Hoisan" Natascha Randt

"Thank you Jay Jay for the special achievement award, this personal award that you chose to give us for our entry this year, “Chasing a Butterfly” This to us means  even more than the tallying of judge’s numbers. It means we were able to entertain and inspire you personally, and to move you to recognise us as a creative team, that only Second Life and also the UWA challenges could have brought together. I am truly sorry this will be the last year, as the UWA and especially you, Jay Jay, have been such a catalyst for us to combine our talents and make our films year after year. Thank you so much for this honor." Karima Hoisan

UWA Special Prizes selected by UWA members of the panel (L$17,500 each):
PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE ON UWA TODAY by Diana AL Martini of Jakarta, Indonesia
"Joining UWA Machinima Challenge VIII has given me lots of positive outcomes. During the making of this machinima i was supported by co-operative actor and actress. It was a great pleasure to working with them. This machinima was inspired by RL stories of amazing people that has successfully pursued the impossible and their life stories has touches many hearts including myself. I've learned life lessons while making this machinima. All the machinimas and 3D Art made by artist joining this UWA challenge really touched the soul. I would like to say thank you to Jay Jay Jegathesan and University of Western Australia in Second Life for giving me the opportunity to join this machinima challenge. Thank you for the help of supporting actor/actress , and all the supports which comes from my family and friends. I would like to say thank you also for the owners and builders of the sims where this machinima took place. (details can be found in the machinima) I wish the best for the future of the University of Western Australia. May the spirit of UWA to pursue the impossible lives on through every generations." Diana

TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

1st Place (L$12,000): KARIMA HOISAN
"Thank you all so much for this prize. I love watching the films as they come in, so I am fresh and not "tired" after seeimg many in a row. I think this has been part of the secret for winning  1st place twice. It was a very hard choice this year, and I am honored and feel very lucky I won." Karima Hoisan

2nd Place (L$10,000): LALIE SORBET
"I was very pleased to participate once again in the audience participation event! It was very inspiring and exciting to discover the creativity and inventiveness of all  the artists in each 3D art installation, in every movie .. The University of Western Australia give us the opportunity to surpass ourselves ! That's great! A big thank you to all the organizers, jury and sponsors as well as UWA university! "  Lalie Sorbet

3rd Place (L$8,000): PEARL GREY
"It was inspiring to watch the machinima entries and to see some of the graciousness and mutual support at the event. What a wonderful community this must have been and I'm grateful I got to experience a glimpse of it." Pearl Grey

4th Place (L$6,000): ZAKALI
5th Place (L$5,000): MAGICFAIRY MERLIN

Pursue Impossible UWA 3D ART Challenge Winners:

First Place (L$60,000): THE BRIDGE by Elif Ayiter of Sabanci University (SL: Alpha Auer), Istanbul Turkey

"I would like to express my total delight and honor to have been selected for the first place amongst the "Pursue Impossible UWA 3D ART Challenge" participants. I am especially thrilled for this since there are so many artists whose work I greatly admire and respect who seem to have participated in the challenge. To have become first in a list of such content creators is a true reason for me to celebrate. I wish to thank the UWA, Jayjay Zifanwe and all the other organizers and the jury - not only for this event alone but for their presence in Second Life and the support for metaverse art that the institution has valiantly provided for so many years." Elif Ayiter

Second Place (L$40,000): ACHIEVE IMPOSSIBLE by Carmsie Melodie of Melbourne, Australia

It was a great honour to receive this award. I found the theme ‘Pursue Impossible’ particularly interesting. Not only did I get to create a 3D artwork (always fun), but in doing so I researched loads of inventors until finally settling on Edison. So this time I had the added bonus of expanding my knowledge on a range of historical figures. Go figure!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being involved in UWA’s Challenges. I can even go so far as to say that these events are the very reason my skills have developed over time. Each Challenge challenged me to experiment with new techniques, learn and stretch myself. The Challenges also introduced me to others with amazing skills and these connections resulted in some awesome collaborative works. I feel sure that the same applies to many other artists who were regular participants. I extend my sincere gratitude to UWA, Jay Jay, Freewee and all the other behind-the-scenes avi’s whose hard work and commitment made these Challenges possible. I’d also like to acknowledge those who promoted them, spreading the gospel of 3D art and machinima via blogs and video. Of course, the artists themselves cannot be overlooked. I always find myself awestruck and inspired by the creativity and variety of your artworks. Thank you! It is sad knowing that this is the last Challenge of its kind but life is full of changes. UWA has formed a strong artistic community and I look forward to seeing where this turn in the road leads our ‘family’ next…" Carmsie Melodie

Third Place (L$30,000): PURSUE THE END OF HOMELESSNESS by Nino Vichan of New York City, USA

Fourth Place (L$20,000)
IMPOSSIBLE QUEST by Jipe Loon of Haute-Savoie, France

"I thank the organizers and the jury of this edition of the Challenge  for the opportunity offered to speak for a large audience. I also want to thank my friends for supporting me" Jipe Loon

Fifth Place (Tie - L$7,500 each)
PURSUING ORDER IS PURSUING IMPOSSIBLE by Takni Mistwalker & Misio2 of Barcelona, Spain & Melbourne, Australia

"Congratulation for organizing pursuing impossible event as every year for so long now you did bringing people together motivating them to create, express themselves, share, and build artworks. You are really building a 'virtual community'!!! We bow to all participants, your works are very interesting. The artworks reflect your though, and often some aspects your lives they enrich the fabric of virtual reality, yet overlap with all levels of our existence all of you are winners!!!!  perhaps one day monetary prizes will be awarded on random. The presence that what matter!" Misio2

Fifth Place (Tie - L$7,500 each)
RISE ABOVE THE MUNDANE by Kazuhiro Aridian of Michigan, USA

Sixth Place (None given due to 5th place tie)

Seventh Place (L$5,000)
IMPOSSIBLE GEOMETRY by Peli Dieterle of Cologne, Germany

Eighth Place (L$5,000)
THE SHADOW OF QUICKSAND by Haveit Neox of Los Angeles, California, USA

Ninth Place (L$5,000)
RACE- HUMAN: PLANET - EARTH by Sharni Azalee of Mandurah, Australia

Tenth Place (4-way tie - L$1,250 each)
PURSUING THE IMPOSSIBLE by quadrapop Lane of Perth, Australia.

THE GIFT by Secret Rage of Dallas, Texas, USA

"I have so enjoyed being a part of the UWA challenges and will truly miss them. It's been wonderful being able to display the pieces I have made within such a talented and creative group of individuals and all that they bring from their experiences from their lives and from all over the world... All the people I've met and the friends I made through UWA have also been a great plus. As far as this challenge, Pursue Impossible, there were soooo many wonderful pieces there that I feel extremely fortunate to have been chosen as one of the winners. Thanks so much!" Secret Rage

PERSPECTIVES by Pixels Sideways of Southern California, USA

DREAM by Mistero Hifeng of Italy

UWA Special Prize (L$35,000), selected by the UWA members of the judging panel, going to the artwork that best encapsulated the UWA essence of 'Pursue Impossible':
DREAM WITHIN A DREAM by Krystali Rabeni, of Blackpool, England

"I am truly honoured to be awarded the UWA Special Prize. The piece I created was close to my heart and I hope it touched or inspired at least one other person.Thank you to the UWA for bringing fresh hope to a lot of people and challenging and supporting artists. And a Thank you to everyone involved without whom we would just be rezzing plain old boxes." Krystali Rabeni

FOUNDERS Special Awards  (L$5,000 each):
Dusty Canning -

"Thank you JayJay for the Special Award that seems to be applauding me for my longevity and dedication to UWA and the art challenges.  The truth is that it is you JayJay and all the artists who are involved with the UWA challenges that have keep me enthused and active with UWA and art in SL since 2009.  Thank you for all that you have done.  I would also like to thank FreeWee Ling for her kind words - she has been an inspiration to me in both SL and in RL." Dusty Canning


Jesse Keyes -

"I wandered in to first event  in 2009, the launch of the Celestial Visions Starlight exhibition. And into the orbit of Jayjay Zidanwe and his merry crew at UWA. I entered the first event and fell in love with the idea of the of a new build each month. Jayjay put up with me sliding in sideways at the last minute on builds and i love him for it. I feel PROUD and humble that i was there at the first and the last Challenge. And a feeling of surprise that 6 years or so have gone by. Jayjay says that there will more art once again more chances to enter and  slide in sideways at the last minute with something....(fair warning FreeWee Ling ). With love from the bottom of my heart to all at UWA." jesse keyes

Curator's Choice Award (L$25,000):
PURSUING THE IMPOSSIBLE by quadrapop Lane of Perth, Australia

"FreeWee honouring me with the curator's prize is an unexpected surprise and I send another BIG "Thanks, mate!" for the recognition. Being part of the beginning of the UWA Art Challenges gave me greater access to both the artists and possibilities of the SL build process as a medium for artistic expression, and developed the skills I use to this day, both artistically and when organising events for virtual world art. Thank Jayjay for your ongoing support and encouragement, even when I had to turn down some of your offers over the years. Here's to many more years of UWA involvement in the Arts in virtual worldz! Cheers, mate!" quadrapop Lane

Curator's Choice Honorary Mention Awards (L$2,000 each):
Lilia Artis (Bern, Switzerland) ~ Again

K3W Resident (Pacific Northwest, USA) ~ Will I Dream?

"Thank you for the afforded opportunity  to show my first piece and the HM,, to be sure art is as subjective as the meaning of life and to be assured i will return with a subjectively diverse as possible entry..." K3W

Barry Richez (Toulouse, France) ~ Love Impossible

"Thank you so much all the judges and Jayjay Zifanwe and FreeWee Ling for awarding me a prize for this challenges ,thank you so much for appreciating my work." Barry Richez

Ronin1 Shippe (New Mexico, USA) ~ Elephant Whimsy

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how very grateful I am to the University of Western Australia, Jayjay Zifanwe, and FreeWee Ling - first for the great contest, second for being kind enough to include my “Elephant Whimsy” work along with the more conventional 3D offerings, and last but by no means least, for making these wonderful art sims possible.

First, these give both artists a place to get their art displayed and to meet each other, and for art lovers to experience the art and interact directly with the artists.  We love this.

UWA gives inspiration and support to the development of this truly NEW medium, not seen before in the world of art – think of that!  I mean… that’s really something, isn’t it:  What would a Leonardo da Vinci or a Michelangelo have done with such a medium to work with?   Works may well emerge; right here; for future generations to treasure, perhaps as much as we now treasure great works by Renaissance masters.

They also give support and soul to Second Life itself, which after all, is the world’s first truly GLOBAL community:  Every community needs art.

Even my small works of art, through the medium of Second Life and institutions like yours, has reached some 30 different countries.  Each day, because of people like you and institutions like yours, I can make someone, somewhere around the world, smile. :)

 I find that humbling and astonishing, and I am more grateful for this privilege than I can express in words.

Today, awards were won by people from Turkey, India, Indonesia, the United States, Australia…  I ask you – Where else can one go to GET that kind of diversity of interaction – literally at one’s fingertips???

We – humankind – need places to go that speak to these finer things, esthetics, and higher values:  It inspires us and it brings out the BEST in us as people.

As more and more people interact internationally, by availing themselves of the benefits of virtual worlds, an unparalleled opportunity presents itself to reach out and interact peacefully and meaningfully with the members of other cultures, appreciate each other’s diversity, focus upon things that we can appreciate together, and ways in which we are the SAME; rather than polarizing over ways in which we are different.

Make no mistake:  This is a force for understanding, for PEACE in the world, and the appreciation of our common humanity.

I don’t know if you realize what very important work Jayjay and FreeWee, and ALL of you at UWA are doing for the people of Second Life, but I would like to take the opportunity to speak to that today – because I think about it often.

When I first came to Second Life, I was asked by a disability group that I was participating in (I have some hearing loss), for ways to secure more awareness and acceptance for people with disabilities.  I hit upon the idea of art exhibits for this purpose, and I learned to “paint” on the computer’s virtual canvas, with my mouse, specifically for that reason:  That’s how my art came to exist.

There are people in this disability group who are literally housebound with disabilities far more severe than my own.  Yet through Second Life, they can experience interactions with others with few or no barriers – either physical or psychological – spoken or unspoken – in effect, to lead a normal life that would otherwise be IMPOSSIBLE for them.  You help make this possible.  Each and every day, you give something meaningful to them, perhaps without even knowing it:

UWA and other similar entities offer them an opportunity to visit art exhibits, museums, races, dances… etc., that they normally would never have.  They get to meet people, make friends, attend events… dozens of everyday activities that you and I probably take for granted.

This is important work that you are making possible, and the funding that enables it is better spent than you, or I, will ever really know.

From my heart, Thank you.  :)"
    Ronin1 Shippe – SL artist

Dusty Canning (Perth, Australia) ~ Impossible today? ... Possible tomorrow!


1st Place (L$12,000): LALIE SORBET
2nd Place (L$10,000): ELLE THORKVELD
"Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.  It was an honor to participate in the 3D art event and wonderful to view all the creative entries.  Thank you Jayjay, FreeWee and UWA for making this possible." Elle Thorkveld

3rd Place (L$8,000): MORITUNA WATANABE
4th Place (L$6,000): PEARL GREY
 "It was a pleasure to participate in this event, which was the first year for me. I was inspired to see the variety of creativity and innovation in the entries. Thanks to all those responsible for the support, encouragement and recognition of artists in SL and to Jayjay Zifanwe for his patience in helping me feel welcome." Pearl Grey

5th Place (L$2,500): LIRA SAVIRA
5th Place (L$2,500): VIVIAN SHAN

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the University of Western Australia, or UWA as she is known, and also welcome to the winners announcements for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE, The UWA International 3D Art Challenge as well as MachinimUWA VIII. As is tradition at UWA, I would like to acknowledge that the University is situated on Nyoongar land and that the Nyoongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to uphold their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge.

Today brings to an end the 6th year of the major art challenges at UWA, with 59 artworks by 61 different artists (2 entries were collaborations) in the running for the 3D Art Challenge and 43 machinima for MachinimUWA VIII: PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE. As announced on the web previously, this winners ceremony also marks the end of the yearly cycles of major art and film challenges at UWA. UWA still remains, the UWA Art Gallery still remains, and is in fact renewed, as FreeWee will take the helm fully when it comes to art, without me meddling, and we have a new partner for art as well, as the Main UWA Gallery will be renamed the Windlight-UWA Gallery as Windlight Magazine will be providing support for the art initiatives that FreeWee will run in 2016. Much thanks to Johannes1977 for helping to make this happen.
Its been an absolute pleasure for me to work with all of you over the course of these challenges, and over the years, and especially to those who went above and beyond the call of duty to make all of this a success. Thank you FreeWee Ling, curator of art at UWA & RL Honorary Fellow at UWA. Thank you LaPiscean Liberty, co-host for MachinimUWA VIII, champion of machinima of Second Life. Also much thanks to those who have provided support and sponsorship which sees the overall prize pool standing at more than L$500,000 across both art and machinima. Special mention needs to be made of all who have been such strong supporters.

These challenges are sponsored by Tom Papas & SciFi Film Festival, Reign Congrejo & BOSL, LaPiscean Liberty & SL Artist, AviewTV, Pixel Bits,   TheDove Rhode with S&S Gallery of SL Fine Art & Peace Is A Choice Gallery, Virtlantis, Phillip Vought, Dr Valerie Casey, Carolyn Steele & York University (Canada), Taralyn Gravois, Johannes1977 & Windlight Magazine, Eleanor Medier & The Sim Street Journal, UWA Marketing & Communications, as well as The UWA Virtual Worlds Project.

We will start today with the winners announcements for the UWA 3D Art Challenge followed by announcements for MachinimUWA VIII and a showing of the machinima of the Grand Champion of MachinimUWA VIII.

I want to thank all of you for being here today, bringing the world together. The UWA Art, Architectural & Machinima Challenges, the teaching & research have seen people from all corners of the globe involved with students, artists, builders and machinimatographers hailing from Turkey, Kuwait, Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lithuania, Singapore, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Finland, Greece, India, Colombia, Poland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Venezuela,  Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, the French Carribean, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark,  Holland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and parts unknown. More than 50 nations with 6 of the 7 continents of the world represented.

Before announcing the winners, I do want mention a few other exciting things that have happened with the UWA presence in Second Life. There was also an exciting partnership between the artists exhibiting for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE and tudents of York University, Canada. In this York Uni-UWA exercise, students under the tutelage of Dr Carolyn Steele for the 2nd year Culture and Expression/Humanities Course, in a unit titled: "Art and Artists in 3D Multiuser Environments,"  wrote  500 word 3D Artist Media profiles of various artists after interviewing them, including screen captures of their work. I think this was a very valuable exercise, and I thank all of you artists for being so willing to spend your time helping the students.

Very pleased also to see a steady stream of positive news reports on various media (both traditional RL & SL media) on the UWA presence in Second Life. Some recent ones included a special machinima feature on  the highly acclaimed 'Drax Files' World Makers series and a report on the West Australian news portal WA Today, which highlighted THE FREEDOM PROJECT, among other things.

Another exciting this is that UWA has teamed up with Chris Mooney-Singh, Artistic Director of Lit Up, Singapore, The Writers Centre, Singapore and long term SL resident (Singh Albatross) for the 2016 'LIT-UP SINGAPORE' festival ( Through this we will be commissioning at least ONE of the top 5 machinima winners to partner with a poet or a writer from Singapore to create a machinima for the festival likely to be held in Nov 2016.

Before moving on to the awards, I want to thank the amazing judging panel across both challenges. All in there were 30 judges, some of whom served on both panels and some for either the Art or Machinima only. SO, I would like to thank:

Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
Fred Mafrica (RL) - TV Producer & Host, The Couch ( - Machinima Only
Lyn DiCiero -  Editor, WA Artist's Chronicle (Art Only)
Len Zuks (RL) - West Australia Artist & Sculpturist
Oron Catts (RL) - Director, SymbioticA, UWA (Art Only)
Jeremy Burton (RL) - Marketing Manager (Digital), UWA
Taryn Mokrzycki (RL) - Brand Manager, UWA
Reign Congrejo - Owner, BOSL (Best of Second Life)
Merle Hearns (RL) / Briarmelle Quintessa (SL) - Senior Lecturer, Foundation Studies Department, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Helen Farley - Senior Lecturer (Digital Futures), Australian Digital Futures Institute - University of Southern Queensland
Carolyn Steele -  Lecturer, Culture & Expression, York University
Temi Sirbu (SL) - Blogger & Journalist from Japan
Jake Bamford (RL) - Production Manager and Creative Director, WASTV (Machinima Only)
Inara Pey - Journalist & Blogger
TheDove Rhode - OWNER, CEO, CURATOR, JANITOR:   S&S Gallery of SL Fine Art & Peace Is A Choice Gallery
Draxtor Despres - Media Producer, Europe
FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenges
Kip Yellowjacket (SL) - Co-creator, Virtlantis
LaPiscean Liberty (SL) - CEO AviewTV and UWA Virtual World Technical Media Advisor
Mal Burns (SL), Metaverse News Aggregator and Broadcaster
Tom Papas - SciFi Film Festival & Screen My Shorts, Australia (FILM Only)
Saffia Widdershins (SL) - Owner and Editor of Prim Perfect Publications (ART Only)
Ziki Questi - Photographer & Blogger
Bevan Whitfeld - Avatar Designer & Member of the Board of Directors, Rockcliffe University
Dousa Dragonash (SL) - COO Metaverse Television
johannes1977, Owner & Publisher, Windlight Magazine
Eleanor Medier, Publisher, Sim Street Journal
Thinkerer Melville (SL) / Selby Evans (RL) - Journalist & Blogger
Victoria Lennoire (RL) - Journalist & Blogger
And expert  paper shuffler and waste paper basket filler upper..... Jay Jay

OK…. We move to the awards. We start with the 3D Art

First, the Audience Participation Prize for art, which has a prize pool of L$41,000 in which anyone in the world who was not on the official judging panel was invited to provide what they thought the top 10 would be as decided by the actual panel. Not an easy job as there were so many amazing works. The reason we have audience participation prizes like this instead of a people's choice award, is because when we had those in the past, audience members always felt pressure or obligation at times to vote a certain way as they knew a few artists... this way, anyone who wanted to take part would have to see all the artwork before providing an educated guess..... with no pressure on them or the artists.

There was a maximum of 100 points that any viewer could get, and this is if they were spot on with every single selection and matched the exact order as well. For example, if you listed an artwork in 1st place, and it actually won first, you would receive 10 points (there is a difference of ZERO between your selection and the actual). If you listed an artwork as 1st, and it got 10th, then you would get one point (difference of 9 between your selection and actual).

Now the average score achieved was 21 out of 100, with 57  being the top score, and 1 being the lowest score. The winner of this was head and shoulders ahead of everyone else and had picked 8 of the eventual top 10 in their list, with the next best being 5.

In 5th place for the Audience Participation event, we have joint winners on 29 points.... with 4 correct selections, so they will receive L$2,500 each. One of them is a student from York University, which is great to see:


And in joint-5th, also with 4 correct selections and on 29 points:


In 4th place on 34 points and with 4 correct selections, winning L$6,000 is:


Moving to 3rd, with 5 correct selections, and on 35 points, and picking up L$8,000 is:


In 2nd with 38 points, also with 5 of the top 10 correct, winning L$10,000, is

talented machinima maker...... ELLE THORKVELD

And in a standout runaway performance in the audience participation event, someone featuring numerous times in the top 3 of the Machinima audience event, but making a first appearance in the 3D art section, with 57 points and with 8 of 10 correct, winning L$12,000..  is


Now on to the winners of the competition proper. When the winners are announced, it will be done in 1 minute intervals. We do invite everyone to comment and congratulate the winners and for the winners to respond before the next announcement (and if they could please use the SHOUT function - which I don't know how to use on Pheonix Firestorm). Hopefully we can get pictures of you attending the event. Anyone taking good pictures of today, please email them to me at

Now to explain how the judging was done. Each judge listed their top 10 in order of preference. 8 points was allocated for a 1st place vote, 6 points for a 2nd place vote, 4 points for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th, and 1 point each for 6th – 10th. Straight aggregates were then used so that no single judge had more influence than any other.

As in past years the judging proved that taste in art is very diverse, with 50 of the 59 artworks being selected into the top 10 by at least one of the judges. Even the top 2, were selected into the top 10 by 11 of the 20 art judges, so the spread was very big. and really drives home the point that beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder, and why it’s important to have a large, diverse panel. The maximum score possible is 160 (8 points for 1st place x 20 judges) and the winner finished with 53 points.

Now the countdown starts with 10th Prize for the 3D Art Challenge. Ok in the past we always have had ties close to the top of the list, sometimes joint 1st, joint 2nd and so on... this time for both art & machinima, there are no ties at all for the TOP 3. Thats all I can promise!

And so yes ladies & gentlemen, we have a tie for 10th place.

And so, the winner of the JOINT 10th Prize with 16 points is:


JOINT winner of 10th Prize also with 16 points is:

THE GIFT by Secret Rage of Dallas, Texas, USA

JOINT winner of 10th Prize also with 16 points is:

PERSPECTIVES by Pixels Sideways of Southern California, USA

And surprise surprise, JOINT winner of 10th Prize also with 16 points is, one of the early favourites:

DREAM by Mistero Hifeng of Parts Unknown in Italy

Well, not quite the record, as we had a 5-way tie in the last challenge. I am glad though as it would have been a shame for any of these works to have dropped out of the top 10. And goes to show the importance of even 1 minor placing given by any member of the panel leading up to the final count. Anyway, they share the L$5,000 10th prize.

NEXT in 9th place, with 19 points, featuring on 5 top 10 lists with 2 of them being 1st place votes, winning L$5,000 prize is:

RACE- HUMAN: PLANET - EARTH by our defending champions, Sharni Azalee of Mandurah, Australia

On to 8th place for L$5,000 with 21 points, and featuring on 5 top 10 lists all of which are in the top 5 is:

THE SHADOW OF QUICKSAND by Haveit Neox of Los Angeles, California, USA

7th with 24  points, with 2 1st place votes and featuring on 6 of the judges lists, also winning L$5,000 is:

IMPOSSIBLE GEOMETRY by Peli Dieterle of Cologne, Germany

6th is someone we have all come to love over the years, making an appearance at numerous UWA award ceremonies...::

NOBODY.. of parts unknown!

Yes, and that's because we have a tie for 5th who will share L$7,500 each..

BUT before we announce the top 5, there is a Special Award I want to announce that comes from myself. Normally, there have been curators awards etc, but I have not selected something myself, outside of being a member of the panel. This special award of L$5,000 each is being given as this is likely the final major ceremony I am hosting, and I would like to recognise 2 artists in the challenge who were also on the very very first art challenge we ran in September 2009, which was a month art challenge at that time, and have been with us through the years with unique creations and in their very very different styles. Thank you for all you have done over the years:

DUSTY CANNING of Perth, Australia and JESSE KEYES of the United States. Jesse in fact was present at the very first event we ever had at UWA in 2009, the launch of the Celestial Visions Starlight exhibition of images of space taken by Perth based space photographer, John Goldsmith. You can even see images of her avatar here:

Next in Joint 5th place is a creation on 11 top 10 lists (same as the top 2) with 25 points is:

PURSUING ORDER IS PURSUING IMPOSSIBLE by Takni Mistwalker & Misio2 of Barcelon, Spain & Melbourne, Australia

Fantastic to see a duo teaming up to create one of the top 5 artworks!

In joint 5th is a creator much admired in Second Life, who forced me to do something I rarely do, and if anyone is curious as to what that was ... ask me later.... anyway, in 5th, also on 25 points, and featuring on  7 top 10 lists, TWO of which were 2nd place votes is:

RISE ABOVE THE MUNDANE by Kazuhiro Aridian of Michigan, USA

The creation in 4th place takes home L$20,000, and received 27 points and featured on 8 top 10 lists including a First, a second, a third, a fourth and 2 fifth place votes. And so, 4th place for the Pursue Impossible art challenge goes to:

IMPOSSIBLE QUEST by Jipe Loon of Haute-Savoie, France

Moving now to 3rd prize, of L$30,000. This artwork was an early front runner and received THREE 1st place votes. It featured on 7 of the top 10 lists and had 36 points in all. Those 1st place votes were critical, and receiving the same number of 1st place votes as the winner and runners-up. So in 3rd place is:


Before we go to the top 2, we would like to announce the winner of UWA Special Prize (L$35,000), selected by the UWA members of the judging panel, going to the artwork that best encapsulated the UWA essence of 'Pursue Impossible' The winner of the UWA Special Prize, goes to:

DREAM WITHIN A DREAM by Krystali Rabeni, of Blackpool, England

Lyn DiCiero, editor of the West Australian Artist's Chronicle, said about the work, "The work suggests the University offers the final
piece of the jigsaw in pursuing seemingly impossible dreams of forging new paths."

Now for the CURATORS PRIZE which also carries an award of L$25,000. FreeWee has prepared a statement as follows:

I was fortunate to meet a few colleagues face to face during my fellowship at UWA early this year. One of them, who I met only briefly and barely had a chance to get to know, was quadrapop Lane. quad worked with JayJay early on to help set up the UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenges. She built the original gallery platform and organized the first year's monthly shows. I can tell you from experience this was no small accomplishment. I was an exhibiting artist that first year and I was always impressed with quad's energy and commitment to making every show spectacular and making every artist feel important.

I knew quad's own art work even then and actually purchased a few of her small pieces for my own collection. Everything I've seen her do since has been amazing. When I saw her entry for Pursue Impossible, I was blown away. I've been using materials, reflections, and projected lights and images a lot in my own work the last few years and I have wondered why there are not more artists using these techniques. quad's entry is a showpiece for using these unique technologies to create a fascinating and engaging work. She has consistently shown her mastery of Second Life as an artistic medium. I am delighted to award the Curator's Award for Pursue Impossible to quadrapop Lane.

Like JayJay did earlier, I also wanted to recognize a few others who did not get major prizes, but who I think are worth mentioning, supporting or encouraging. So I have chosen 5 artists from Pursue Impossible to receive a Curator's Honorable Mention award. Each will receive $L2000.

They are:

Lilia Artis has consistently been one of my favorites in our art challenges. Her work is always unique and engaging. Always worth examining closely.

K3W Resident is an artist I've met only once when setting up his piece for this show. I know nothing about him beyond what he says in his notecard. But his entry appeals to me as a powerful gesture -- a dramatic moment. The piece is dark and a bit difficult to see, but it's well worth spending time with it.

Barry Richez has been one of my favorite artists over the years. His work always has motion and vivid color and is highly expressive.

I want to note that a few entries this time consist primarily of 2D images displayed in 3D. In the past we have normally rejected such work as not being truly 3D, which is a condition of entry. But we received one piece that was so compelling, I decided to relax that requirement this time. "Elephant Whimsy" by Ronin1 Shippe makes me smile every time I walk past it. Ronin is a tremendously creative (and prolific) 2D digital artist with a fine sense of humor. Talk to him about elephants, music, or just about anything else.

Finally, I want to echo what JayJay already mentioned about Dusty Canning. Dusty is another artist I met while in Perth and who has become a good friend. Always working with humor or passion, I just wanted to acknowledge Dusty for being a part of the UWA art presence here from the very beginnings and also for being a curious and generous human being.

Thanks to all the awardees.

Now we come to the hotly contested top 2 spots, finishing quite a big margin ahead. This was a ding-dong battle with the decision coming down to the final vote..

And so, in 2nd place, taking home L$40,000 with 51 points, being on 11 of the judges top 10 lists, with THREE 1st place votes, THREE 2nd place votes, ONE 4th place vote and TWO 5th place votes is:

ACHIEVE IMPOSSIBLE by Carmsie Melodie of Melbourne, Australia

Carmsie coming so close, to bringing the title back to Australia, however the title goes to a new nation!

The next announcement will see the end of the reign of Sharni Azalee as Overall Grand Champion of the UWA 3D Art Challenges, who followed in the steps of past Grand Champions, Nish Mip, Misprint Thursday, Lollito Larkham and Glyph Graves.

The final ART award for the night, is the new Grand Champion of PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE, the 6th UWA  3D Art Challenge, who will take home L$60,000. Was a very close finish between this creation and Carmsie's which was inspired by Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Finishing with 53 points, 2 points clear of 2nd and featuring on the top 10 lists of 11 judges, it garnered THREE 1st place votes, THREE  2nd, TWO 3rd and ONE 4th place vote. Ladies and gentlemen, the Grand Champion of the 6th UWA 3D Art Challenge is:

THE BRIDGE by Alpha Auer  of Istanbul, Turkey

Its fitting that for the final chapter of the challenge, the Grand Champion is one of the most venerated creators in Second Life, who has distinguished in this field for many many years and been an inspiration to so many. Congratulations Alpha Auer!

And now we move to Machinima!

First we come to the audience participation  prize. Definitely  a difficult task to attempt to participate in this challenge, as one had to watch all the machinima, and doing that non stop will take you at east 7 hours. It proved to be a very very hard task as more than 95% of the audience members only had between 3 and 6 correct choices in their top 10's. 3 was the lowest number of correct entries and 6 was the highest... for almost everyone. ONE person picked 7 correctly, and ONE picked 8. The best score was 62 points out of 100 and the lowest was 24, with the average score being 38.

And so, in 5th place for the Machinima audience event, on 42 points with 6 of the top 10 correctly predicted, winning L$5,000 is:


In 4th place on 44 points with 5 of the top 10 correctly predicted, but with greater accuracy that Magicfairy, winning L$6,000 is:


In 3rd place for the Machinima audience event, on 50 points 7 of the top 10 correctly identified, winning the prize of L$8,000 is:


all new names so far... however, the cream rises to the top and the 1st and 2nd place winners have amazing track records in audience participation events!

In 2nd place on 55 points, with 6 of the top 10 identified but with amazing accuracy and taking the L$10,000 prize is someone who has been in the top 3 for the audience participation event 3 times in a row, and was one of the winners as well for the 3D Art audience event for Pursue Impossible, and this incredible person is:


Amazing, 1st in the audience for 3d art, 2nd in Machinima, and she has finished 2nd in the audience participation event for Machinima 3 years in a row!!!

And not for the winner of the MachinimUWA VIII: Pursue Impossible audience participation event. It is not random.... there is a science behind it, and this is proven by today's result. The winner finished on 62 points, with 8 of the top 10 correctly selected. And so winning the top prize of L$12,000, and this is the second time this person has won the Machinima Audience event.... an big round of applause to:


She won the audience event for MachinimUWA VI and was 3rd in MachinimUWA VII.

Now the top 10 Machinima.

With Machinima, again competition was fierce.... we absolutely failed to avoid ties, and if just one judge changed a minor position on their top 10, even the winner would have been affected. The top score was 74 out of a maximum possible score of 208 as there were 26 machinima judges (8 points x 26). Every single one of the 43 machinima was on the top 10 list of at least one of the judges. In the last challenge, Tutsy Navarathna took revenge for the close defeat by Vilvi Rae in MachinimUWA VI, by galloping to a 120 to 56 point win over Vilvi Rae & Erythro Asimov in joint 2nd.....what will happen this time?

And so, 10th place for MachinimUWA VII: TRANSCENDING BORDERS, on 24 points, appearing on 8 top 10 lists including TWO 1st place votes is:

MAGIC MIRRORS by Artistik Oluja, a Briton living in  Kuwait

I am not going to announce 9th place yet....

Because we have a tie for 10th place!

And so, tied 10th place also on 24 points, appearing on 9 top 10 lists, including ONE 1st place vote, TWO 3rd and TWO 5th place votes and sharing half of L$5,000 with Artistik Oluja is:

TOUCHING WHITE by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

9th is on 30 points, also on NINE top 10 lists, including ONE 2nd place, THREE 3rd place, THREE 4th place and ONE 5th place vote and taking the L$5,000 prize is a second life newbie attending his first event today:

GHOST RACE by Panda of La Courneuve, France

Quickly moving on to the 8th place winner. Now this person is a multiple award winner across many past challenges, and its heartbreaking that this great winner, is taking their final ever award at the UWA challenges, and so congrats to:


Yup....the famous nobody which signals the one last tie we have, and thats a tie for 7th place, on 31 points, just 1 point ahead of Panda.

So, in joint 7th on 31 points, appearing on TWELVE top 10 lists, with TWO 2nd, TWO 3rd, ONE 4th and ONE 5th place vote winning L$5,000 is:

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE? by Livio Korobase of Carravagio, Italy

Joint 7th, also on 31 points, winning L$5,000, appearing on EIGHT top 10 lists, with TWO 1st place votes, and THREE 3rd place votes is:

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Sarah Whitney of Stonington, Connecticut, USA

The story of flight and the Wright brothers ... which also introduced me to a forgotten hero, Otto Lillienthal!

6th place is a further ONE point ahead on 32 points, appearing on ELEVEN top 10 lists, with THREE 2nd place votes, ONE 3rd, ONE 4th  and ONE 5th place vote, winning L$5,000 is:

FOLDING TIME, by Chic Aeon of Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Chic's creations have won numerous awards over the years!

Before we move to the top 5, just like the 3D art, I would like to give a special award of L$7,500 to 2 machinima makers, whose styles are very very different, just like the 3D Art where 2 artists were awarded, which was completely my choice. This is something of achievement award of brilliance over many years, and and goes to:

NATASCHA RANDT and KARIMA HOISAN of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and San Isidro del General, Costa Rica

Thank you Natascha and Karima, for bringing us this amazing collaboration across the miles and across the years and showing everyone how two wonderful minds coming together through second life across the miles can create something greater than the sum of its parts!

Now for the top 5. 5th place for Machinima takes home L$20,000, and this film garnered 36 points, appearing on TWELVE top 10 lists, with TWO 1st place votes, ONE 2nd, TWO 4th and ONE 5th place votes. 5th place goes to:

PARALLEL UNIVERSES by JaeSang of Seattle,Washington, USA

I absolutely loved it, it was like a music video mixed in with science and had a very catchy tune. Check out the dancing at the end.

And now to 4th, worth L$30,000, which goes to a machinima  that was in the running for the win in the early going, but ended up on 43 points, being on THIRTEEN top 10 lists, with TWO 1st place, THREE 2nd place and ONDE 5th place vote. SO 4th place for MachinimUWA VIII goes to:

DON'T LOOK BACK by Vilvi Rae, of Jyvaskylla, Finland

Vilvi of course a former Grand Champion, and 2nd prize winner for the previous machinima challenge and also winner of Best Machinima and Best Film Commemorating World War 1, with 'No Man's Land'

Now we announce the winner of the UWA Special Prize which was selected by UWA members of the panel, where the initial  requirement was that the machinima should start at the same point as the UWA created Pursue Impossible TV advert. Anyway as the panel watched all the films, it was decided to split the prize in two, providing L$17,500 each, one to the film adhering to the original criteria, and to another which best encapsulated UWA's vision and interpretation of Pursue Impossible.

And so, the UWA Special prize of L$17,500 adhering to the original criteria goes to:

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE ON UWA TODAY by Diana AL Martini of Jakarta, Indonesia

A lovely film featuring some of the living legends of Western Australia including Professor Barry Marshall, Dr Fiona Wood and Ultramarathon Runner, Turia Pitt, whose story of courage in the face of adversity has touched many hearts!

the UWA Special prize of L$17,500 best encapsulating the UWA Pursue Impossible spirit goes to:

TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

the 3rd award of the day won by this wonderful pair.

Next in 3rd place, taking home L$40,000, with 53 points, featuring on TWELVE top 10 lists, with THREE 1st place votes, TWO 2nd place, TWO 3rd place,TWO 4th and ONE 5th place vote is:

TIS AN EGG by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis of Los Angeles, USA and Berne, Switzerland

simple incredible..... 4 awards today for Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis! This film brought tears to the eyes of one of the veteran UWA  judges of the challenges. He told me it happened every single time he watched the inspirationalstory of Tis, and how she did not allow external influences to change what was in her heart!


Should we do 1st place first or 2nd place first? I'm sure if I announce the 2nd place winner first, then everyone will know who won....hmmm difficult decision in how to keep everyone guessing right till the end. I guess I will stick to tradition though, and announce 2nd first.Everyone just dont shout out who the winner is, so at least some of you might not know who the winner is after we announce 2nd place.

And so, 2nd place in the final edition of the MachinimUWA series, MachinimUWA VIII Pursue Impossible will take home L$50,000. This film  garnered 73 points and was on FOURTEEN top 10 lists, with SIX 1st place votes, ONE 2nd place vote, THREE 3rd place votes and TWO 4th place votes. Falling short of the overall title in MachinimUWA VII by only 1 solitary point is:

DEATH OF DEATH by Tutsy Navarathna, the brilliant  Frenchman in Pondicherry, India

The great champion of the UWA Machinima series, signs out coming so close to winning yet Grand Champion title! Tutsy's record is unparalleled! Tutsy has featured in every single MachinimUWA challenge except the very first one, and has been in the top 3 every single time.with only Laurina Hawks, Bradley Dorchester and Vilvi Rae having ever finished ahead of him.

In MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists, Tutsy took 3rd with 'An Artform is Born'

In MachinimUWA III: Journeys, Tutsy was Joint 1st along with Eric Boccara with his groundbreaking work,  'Journey into the Metaverse'

In MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists, Tutsy was 1st with 'Welcome to the Other Side'

In MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom, Tutsy was 1st again, with 'The Last Syllable of Recorded Time'

In MachinimUWA VI: Reflections, Tutsy was 2nd with 'Narcissus'

And in MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders, Tutsy roared back to 1st with a dominating performance with 'MetaPhore'

4 time winner of the machinimUWA challenges.Thank you Tutsy Navarathna!

And this means, that MachinimUWA VIII signs off with a new winner adding to the names of past winners, Tutsy, Cisko Vandeverre, Bradley Dorchester, Eric Boccara, Laurina Hawks, Vilvi Rae.

The winner of MACHINIMUWA VIII: PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE, overcoming the great champion, Tutsy Navarathna by 1 single point on 74 points, and being on SEVENTEEN top 10 lists, with FOUR 1st place votes, THREE 2nd place, THREE 3rd place, ONE 4th place and THREE 5th place votes, taking home L$60,000 is:

PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE by Kobuk Farshore of Alaska, USA

A brilliant short film that I am going to start using in RL second life presentations.Totally captivating, engaging, different, technically superb with an all enveloping soundscape and drawing one into the the amazing world that is built, and then torn down and replaced by reality!

Congrats Kobuk Farshore, you have achieved what I thought was nearly impossible when I saw Tutsy film, which I consider to be one of his best creations!

Thank you artists of Second Life!

Thank you FreeWee Ling (do check out the 3,000++ images on the gallery she has set up of all the artworks sent in across the year

Thank you LaPiscean Liberty. I hand the floor to you to end the Grand Finale by playing on screen now, the winner of MachinimUWA VIII: PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE

Once Kobuk's film is over, the stage will be taken over by Petlove Petshop for a special announcement and after party, so do stick around everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2015


UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre (photo credit: Prim Perfect, PJ Trenton)

The Grand Finale announcements for the L$500,000++  Pursue Impossible 3D Art & Film Challenges  will be from 6am SLT, Sunday 13th December 2015 at the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre. This will be the last time the international 3D art & film challenges will be run at UWA in the way they have been since the 2009 inception... so hope to see you at this finale.

Grand Finale Time & Date: 6am SLT Sunday 13th DEC
Location: The UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre

 (Entrance 1Entrance 2Entrance 3)

59  artworks and 45 machinima are in the running for the overall prizes which run to more than L$500,000 all in!


Much thanks to LAPISCEAN LIBERTY & SL Artist who are hosting all the machinima on their site HERE

The Audience Participation events are ongoing and with more than L$50,000 available to audience members for attaching the machinima and appreciating the artwork..... closing for the audience events are very soon... so, do get in quick!



  • The UWA sims will continue
  • FreeWee Ling will take full control of art at UWA, and will continue to run art events as she has been over the years
  • NOT the end of UWA in Second Life
  • IS THE END for the major international art and film challenges that have run annually since 2009
  • There may be special art or film events if funding is secured to run those specific events (or is a large amount of funding is suddenly available to UWA for work in virtual worlds)
  • It has been an amazing honour to run these challenges over the years, and its with a heavy heart that the sun is now setting