Friday, February 17, 2017


The UWA presence in SL is scheduled to cease the end of July 2017. (Details about that will be posted later. Contact FreeWee Ling if you have questions.)

Before that happens we want to have one more show! Starting immediately, we are accepting entries for the literal UWA show to end all shows. We are hoping all our old friends from the past seven years will want to be part of this last hurrah. But we also welcome entries from those who have never shown here before. It will be a regular exhibition, similar to the current IMMATERIAL show. No prizes. No judging. Just warm memories and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

 TRANSFORMATIONS: Call for Entries

Theme: "Transformations"
Deadline for Entries: 30 April 2017
Max Land Impact: 300
Media: 3D, 2D, Machinima
Curator/Contact: FreeWee Ling

Our final chapter is  open to anyone as usual. Entries will not be judged and no prizes are offered. This is NOT a competitions, but an exhibition/celebration. As a small incentive, the show will be documented and an exhibition catalog will be published online as part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts (UWA SiVA) journal series.

Our final show is to be titled "Transformations" and is about beginnings, endings, transitions, change. The theme is deliberately vague in order to allow for the broadest possible interpretation.

  • The theme for this exhibition is "Transformations." It is intended to highlight the technologies of SL as a medium for creative expression. We especially want work that reflects on the past in SL and/or imagines the future of virtual art.
  • This will be an exhibition, not a competition. There is no judging panel and there will be no prizes offered. Curator for this exhibition is FreeWee Ling, who has final say on any issue. Please address any and all questions to FreeWee. 
  • DEADLINE for entries is 30 April 2017 at 11:59 PM SLT. Entries will be put on display as they are received. The exhibition will be on display until the sim closes (expected to be the end of July 2017).
  • An official exhibition catalog will be published online as part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts (UWA SiVA) journal series.
  • Artists may submit up to one entry each in 3D, 2D, and/or machinima. (I.e., up to three total entries.) Collaborations are encouraged, so if you participate as a named collaborator on any entry, you may also submit a separate entry as an individual.
  • Land Impact limit for 3D work is 300. Sound and light emitting objects should be carefully crafted in consideration of other nearby entries. Objects that might impact other nearby entries may have to be placed on a platform to isolate it. In such cases a poster and TP device will be placed in the gallery.
  • Any entry with excessive script lag may be refused or returned for revision.
  • 2D entries should reflect the theme and must be images substantially created in SL. Post-processing (e.g., Photoshop effects) should be kept to a minimum.
  • Machinima entries can be of any length or subject matter as long a they are substantially produced using SL as the primary medium and conform to other criteria listed here. A poster and/or screenshot will be placed in the gallery and in the exhibition catalog along with a link to the machinima online.You are responsible for uploading your work to any appropriate video service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • As with all our public programs, an entry may not be accepted if it is deemed to be excessively abusive, violent, offensive, bullying, harmful, insulting, or contains inappropriate material or excessively foul language. Depictions of explicit sexual activity, as well as material deemed offensive based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation are not appropriate for this venue any more than they would be in a real life university gallery that is open to the public. Consult the Curator if you have any questions about your entry.
  • We strongly prefer that entries have copy permissions and that they be submitted by dropping them along with an Artist's Information Notecard (see below) into the entry box at the landing area of the UWA Gallery..
  • Be sure the name of your object includes your name. (E.g.: "Homer Simpson: The Meaning of Donuts")
  • To drop your entry into the entry box in the UWA Gallery, Control-drag your entry from your inventory and onto the box. The outline of the box should turn red, meaning that it is ready to accept your object and you can release your mouse button. Contact FreeWee Ling if you have any difficulties.
  • Artist's Information Notecard. We ask that you submit a notecard along with your entry with the following information (the notecard will be placed in a giver next to your entry for anyone to see):
    • Artist Name(s)
    • Name of Art Entry
    • Land Impact (LI) Number:
    • About My Entry: (Write a paragraph or two about your entry. It should address how your entry reflects the "Transformations" theme, but may include any other thoughts you wish to convey about the work itself. Your comments will be published in the SiVA exhibition catalog.)
    • About my relationship with UWA: (We would love to get your testimonials about your experiences with UWA. These may or may not be published in the catalog.)
    • Artist Info: (A short bio, URL to your website, SLURL to your SL presence, etc. Whatever you want to tell people about yourself as an artist in SL.)
    • RL City : (Optional, but strongly requested. Be only as specific as you are comfortable revealing: city, region, country, etc. This is also used for demographic reporting to UWA and media.)
  • NOTE: If your entry contains NO COPY parts that require you to install it yourself, we may not be able to accept it. We must be able to move your entry as needed to accommodate the needs of an evolving show. We also cannot guarantee that your property will be returned to you when the sim finally goes offline. Talk to FreeWee if you have concerns. 
  • If you have special requirements for setting up your entry, please contact FreeWee Ling.