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JULY People's Choice Vote OPEN! Winners announcements 6am SLT Wednesday 3rd AUG


Below is a list of the 74 entries for the month of JULY 2011 for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

VOTING ENDS : Monday 1 August at noon SLT.



Vote for as many entries as you like, on a scale of 1 to 3. Note that ANY VOTE is a POSITIVE vote. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. It's important that you look at all the works and to vote for all the pieces that truly speak to you.

THINKERER MELVILLE'S Blog on the People's Choice
TEMI SIRBU on the July Round - Part II

1    Ally Aeon    Reflections
2    Anley Piers    Fantasy
3    Anley Piers    View of the past
4    Artistide Despres    Harmonies in C Great (+)
5    Asterion Coen    Caboose
6    Asterion Coen    Jupiter
7    Betty Tureaud    Magician hat
8    Cherry Manga    Eco Echo
9    Cherry Manga    Dotty Autoportrait
10    CHUCKMATRIX Clip     Windows to the Soul - Covet
11    CHUCKMATRIX Clip     Strength
12    Corcosman Voom    Hurdle
13    Daco Monday    Musico p
14    Daco Monday    Nudo al mare
15    Dekka Raymaker    Sole Survivor
16    Dekka Raymaker    Nude Descending a Staircase
17    Dusty Canning    Globalization
18    Earl Dinkin    Small Chair Under Big Chair
19    Faery Sola    Tiny Ivory Cell
20    Fiona Blaylock    Time flies
21    Frankx Lefavre    God is a Bullet
22    Fuschia Nightfire    Not Everything Is Plain Black & White
23    Gfresh Botha    On Reflection
24    Gfresh Botha    Spidercrab vs Zombiefish
25    Gingered Alsop    Welcome to our parlor
26    Gingered Alsop    Starforged
27    Giovanna Cerise    The armony
28    Gleman Jun    The matter of ideas
29     Harter Fall     A Slice of Heaven
30    Jimmy Debruyere    Red Catastrophe on a Cocktail Pin
31    June Clavenham    Living fractal
32    Kolor Fall    Adjacent Lovers
33    Lollito Larkham     Aminima
34    Lollito Larkham     Go Ban et Luth
35    Mania Amat    Sl Molecules
36    Maya Paris    LightRoot
37    mcarp Mavendorf    Jack star
38    Milly Sharple    Lotus
39    Miso Susanowa    Vision Tree (Autumn)
40    Miso Susanowa    Down On The Data Farm
41    Moeuhane Sandalwood    Mommy told me to just try harder
42    Moeuhane Sandalwood    Redrock Miners @ Ant Vegas
43    Mudbug Cooperstone     Regeneration of Life
44    Nino Vichan    Four Medieval Scenes
45    Oldoak Merlin    Argusfrucht Gold
46    oona Eiren    Remote control
47    PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic    A Bottle of Ideas
48    PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic     My sister ate this
49    Penelope Parx    Two Crocodiles
50    Penelope Parx    thinking another me
51    Pinkpink Sorbet    Aleatoric
52    RazorZ    Tunnel with light at the end of it
53    RazorZ    4 speed art (8 Circuits on a pedestal)
54    Ronin1 Shippe    Trumpet Man (sculpture)
55    Sabine Stonebender    Crawling Upon the Wind
56    Sabine Stonebender    MacroScopic Plague
57    Secret Rage    Clouds
58    Secret Rage    Inundated (would you like fries with that?)
59    Silene Christen     Icarus flight: following our dreams
60    Sledge Roffo    Error Code 1.8
61    Spiral Silverstar    Art is Infinite
62    spirit Radikal     9.14 %
63    spirit Radikal     Baubles
64    Theda Tammas    My Pain
65    Thoth Jantzen    Great Balls o' Fire
66    Thoth Jantzen    World Egg of the Ogdoad
67    Toughlove Sabra    Right, left brain theater
68    Toughlove Sabra     Inside a Troubled Mind
69    typote Beck    The Superheroes Breakfast
70    typote Beck    Autoreverse
71    Tyrehl Byk    The Ego's Many Eyes
72    Ub Yifu    Child play
73    Vim Sims    Trumpet Man
74    zephyru Zapedzki    The Big Bang

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MachinimUWA IV: A Miso Susanowa Double

Miso comes in with multiple entries for for MachinimUWA IV, coming halfway to Ginger Alsop's quad!

Daddy (Venomous Constrictor) by Miso Susanowa
is based on the winner of the the Phi Designs Prize for the June 2011 round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge

In Miso's words, "Machinima of my sculpture Daddy (Venomous Constrictor) - A painting I did when I was 16 and remembered and constructed in Second Life. The reading is done by Sylvia Plath of her own poem Daddy [] written in 1962 and published in her posthumous collection Ariel (1965)."

Time As A Helix of Semiprecious Stones by Miso Susanowa
is based on the winner of 3rd overall prize and the Tornado Gallery prize for the May 2011 round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

In Miso's words, this is a "Machinima of an installation done in Second Life and Inworldz virtual worlds. The soundscape is original and part of the installation. The piece is dedicated to Kandinsky, Mondrian and the Abstract Impressionists. The title is adapted from a Samuel R. Delany story."


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Western Australia's Artists's Chronicle (Issue No 139, July/August 2011), a bi-monthly publication for artists and collectors is featuring the UWA 3D Art Challenge following the results of a recent survey of people from across the world who have had some experience with UWA's activities in the virtual world.

The image on Page 16 shows off some of the artworks sent in for the June and July rounds of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge including Cherry Manga's Dotty Autoportrait, Mcarp Mavendorf's Jack Star, Kolor Fall's BeforeY & Adjacent Lovers and Miso Susanowa's Daddy (Venomous Constricter).

An Extraordinary Experience In Store

A Note From FreeWee --

I pride myself in getting to know the works submitted to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge each month. It is not only my responsibility, but also my joy. The unique opportunity to live with the objects of creative minds -- to spend quality time with them -- is the greatest benefit of my job as curator.

The development of my sense of what we have is something that comes gradually. It's rare (though it does happen) that I completely grasp a piece on first sight. It is only through handling each piece and being exposed to it day after day that the depth of what we have becomes apparent. This is especially true when we have high numbers of entries, as we do this month. I often have to shuffle things around purely on instinct because there's no time to make reasoned decisions. But at some point it comes time to document the work. Taking multiple photos of each piece every month is my time to really look at them. And that's when I get the flood of OMG moments.

Each month has its own flavor. It's interesting to see several similar works come in from different artists working independently. There often seems to be trends in what people are doing. Not so this month. I've just begun documenting the July entries. I felt excitement about this round from early on. I knew we had some strong pieces. But they just kept on coming. With 73 entries, I think this is one of the top months for quality we've had this year. I've already had a bunch of OMG moments and I'm just getting started.

My point with all this is to encourage you to come see the fabulous work, but especially to plan to take the time to really look at it. This is not the place to visit on roller skates. Bring a friend. Look at each piece and talk about it. I think you'll be as amazed as I am by the depth that emerges from exploring the details and really coming to understand the work.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Bert Jedburgh Machinima of the June Round Winners of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge


The amazing Bert Jedburgh presents the June 2011 Round Winners of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!

Artworks in order of appeareance:

- "Dangling narrow chain demonstrator" - Emilin Nakamori
- "Piume di Pavone" - Nino Michan
- "UWA TV Morning Exercise"- Dusty Canning
- "Run for the Shadows" - Nish Mip
- "Trust" - Spirit Radikal
- "Before Y" - Kolor Fall
- "Kaleidoscopium II" - Thoth Jantzen
- "Spring Box" - Cherry Manga
- "Manege Incertain" - Aristide Despres
- "In Out There" - Ub Yifu
- "URLO2" - Daco Monday
- "Daddy (Venomous Constricter)" - Miso Susanowa
- "The Get-Away" - Dusty Canning
- "Mailbox steps doorbell other side same" - Earl Dinkin
- "Here comes the Sun" - Sledge Roffo
- "Heroic Egg" - Penumbra Carter"
- "The Ninth circle: the frozen river cocytus (Dante's Inferno)" - Rebeca Bashly
- "Boxing Room" - Lollito Larkham
- "Love's Eternal" - Sharni Azalee

Special thanks to Orion Orsini and the Apolonian Empire.

Friday, July 15, 2011


The Artists of AEONIA, led by Ally Aeon have created "AntVegas: Migr-Ants" for the July Round of the UWA Full SIM Art Series.

The story of the 'Migr-Ants' begins as follows: "They were merely settled in their new desert home, when all hell broke loose. Fire broke out at every corner of their hive. And as if – from one moment to the other – the laws of gravity wouldn’t exist anymore, parts of their hive were floating through the air. The queen gathered her flock in the temple and asked them to pack whatever they can carry and meet at the entrance of the desert metropolis. The prophet had told them long before, that they were a travelling people, not meant to settle down and enjoy the fruits of their land forever...". And thus began they trek to Australia to recreate AntVegas.

FULL SIM EXHIBIT: 16th July 2011 - 30th July 2011
GRAND OPENING: 1PM - 5PM SLT Saturday July 16, 2011.




The Migr-Ants is brought to you by the collective creative power of (in alphabetical order):
Ally Aeon
Harter Fall
Moeuhane Sandalwood
Nik Gandt
Penelope Parx
Sea Mizin
Solkide Auer
TheDove Rhode

With assistance from Lala Lightfoot, Miki Bizet, Pete Jiminy, Gfresh Botha, Jil Rodenberger and Weedywhitfieldnew

“Meeting people and learning how to use the tools in Second Life™ to build and script, I found an exciting new place to design and create art in the virtual world. But, most important I found a place to share my passion with other people. In October 2009 I turned my region/island Aeonia into a place for people to visit and invited artists interested to share knowledge and ideas in different art disciplines to work with me. Together we work side by side on art and collaboration art projects sharing skills and insights”. 

Ally Aeon aka Janine Bruttin – Founder Aeonia Artist group and owner art region Aeonia


Daco Monday Machinimas of his UWA 3D Artworks

The following machinima highlights some of the artworks that Daco Monday has submitted to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge (June and July rounds) mixed in with other SL and RL Artworks of his.

DACO MONDAY'S "Dark Times"

SL works featured: 1) Figura. 2) Mano, sassi, viso. 3) Musico. 4) Tempi bui. 5)Cavallo pazzo. 6) Gli altri siamo noi.

Real life works: 1) Segni e passato. 2) Il nostro tempo. 3) L'utopia della realta'. 4) Segni. 5)Nevicata. 6) Pese. 7) Mare d'inverno. 8) Nascita, morte. 9) A Pietro Valpreda (oil on canvas, 1991 1.5m x 1m)

DACO MONDAY'S "Musico, Modella, Disegni"

Monday, July 4, 2011


Emilin Nakamori's gravity dependant 'Dangling Narrow Chain Demonstrator' has pulled off a stunning win at the June Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge taking the L$10,000 1st prize over Nino Vichan's 'Piume Di Pavone' and Dusty Canning's 'TV Morning Exercises' which also won the 'Workhouse & Art Place d-o-o-b Prize". Dusty completed a remarkable treble for June when her 2nd piece, 'The Get-Away' won the People's Choice Award as well. Sledge Roffo's 'Here Comes The Sun', joined the top 3 works in the Grand Finale by winning 2 Group Awards (The BOSL Prize & The SL Art Prize). There was a tough battle in the Non-Scripted category as well with the judging panel deadlocked between Cherry Manga's 'Spring Box' and spirit Radikal's 'Trust'. Meanwhile, the Curator's Choice Prize was won by Sharni Azalee's 'Love's Eternal', which was directly inspired by the remarkable story of 'Twinkle's Journey' which was initially told via an entry to MachinimUWA III by Bay Sweetwater which has taken on a life of its own with numerous tributes and outreach activities. 

Apmel Goosson on the June Winners
Nordan Art Blog on the June Winner
Bay Sweetwater's Blog on June Winner
Virtual Outworlding Blog on June Round Works
Temi Sirbu's Blog on the June Artworks (Part 1) 
Temi Sirbu's Blog on the June Artworks (Part 2) 
Temi Sirbu's Blog on the June Artworks (Part 3) 
More from Japan 
Loquacia Loon's photos of the 2nd Prize Winner 
Chestnut Rau's Blog


1st Prize (L$10,000) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for JUNE 2011:

"I was hoping for an Honorable mention, not this! Thank you :)  I was not expecting to do so well with what is essentially my first entry" Emilin Nakamori

JOINT 2nd Prize (L$6,250) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:
PIUME DI PAVONE by Nino Vichan

"Its an amazing honor to receive such a prize from the uwa that supports artists struggling in cyberspace, I would like to thank everyone that voted for my work, always so unexpected and I'm moved by the honor" Nino Vichan

JOINT 2nd Prize (L$6,250) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:

"Speechless!" Dusty Canning

JOINT Best Non-Scripted Entry (L$2,500):

"Thanks a lot for this prize, I am glad that art can also be static objects that allows contemplation, and I'm very honnoured to win this prize, thanks all." Cherry Manga

JOINT Best Non-Scripted Entry (L$2,500):
TRUST by spirit Radikal

"Ermm... i gotta think, lol... i am caught by surprise ;)" spirit Radikal

The Odyssey Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde:

"Thankyou. I like painting art from my dreams because they show that one tiny little thought that is hiding at the very center of the thousands of other thoughts I'm dealing with each day. I have to talk endlessly like a machine gun to try and share that one tiny center thought. But dreams don't miss it ever. They are deadpan." Earl Dinkin

The SL Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnell:
HERE COMES THE SUN by Sledge Roffo

"I owe everything to my team...Jewel MacMoragh and Soundsmith Kamachi...and especially to Jewel's enduring faith in our endeavors.  Its proof that Second Life can bring people together in this creative environment and inspire!  Thanks so much for appreciating it!" Sledge Roffo

The UTSA Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Dr Carmen Fies:
BEFORE Y by Kolor Fall

"I appreciate recieving the UTSA prize and  it's always fun working with UWA.   "Before Y" is a new SIM wide install at the Kolor Studio that touches on life before there was a male chromosome." Kolor Fall

The CARP Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Velasquez Bonnetto & Josina Burgess:
MANEGE INCERTAIN by Aristide Despres

"I am very happy with this prize given by the members of CARP. Velazquez is a great scripter too and he has probably seen that this piece, quite simple, was using solutions that promise a lot." Aristide Despres

Workhouse & Art Place d-o-o-b Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Astarte Haalan and Elfachfilm Vacirca:

"This competition ia always full of suprises and the biggest suprise is being included amongst the list of winners. Thank you to the judges who enjoyed my work enought to vote for it." Dusty Canning

The BOSL Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Frolic Mills & Editorial Clarity:
HERE COMES THE SUN by Sledge Roffo

The Nordan Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Flora Nordenskiold:
BOXING ROOM by Lollito Larkham

"Thanks to The Nordant Art for this prize! I must say i was sceptic about the audience reaction, because this is a non- interactive and quite minimalist piece. I'm glad people enjoyed to visit this piece and have a reflection in this silent room. I'd like to thanks UWA for this wonderfull challenge, that reveals talents." Lollito Larkham

The Pirats Prize: (L$5,000) with a panel led by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond:
URLO 2 by Daco Monday

"Ciao,very happy, and I thanks for the prize received))" Daco Monday

The S&S Gallery Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by TheDove Rhode:

"Thank you for voting for one of the rare original  creation i did. That will push me to do more and in fact the next one is ready ;)" Ub Yifu

S&S Gallery Honourable Mention Prize (L$2,500):
HEROIC EGG by Penumbra Carter

Tornado Gallery Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Taralyn Gravois:

"Thank you very much, this makes me happy" Rebeca Bashly

The project Z Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Zachh Cale:

"Wow.  This caught me a by surprise!  I'd just like to thank Zachh and the other's who've enjoyed the piece, and UWA for providing a way for artists and builders to bring their work to people who'd otherwise never get to experience it, and for artists to get reactions from them.  It's always fun for me, anyway, to see how people react to what I do.  At UWA I get reactions of people from around the world, and it's great.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate, and big thanks to the "adinpsz" team for allowing me to use their fantastic video!" Thoth Jantzen

Phi Designs Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Ginger Alsop:

Curator's Choice Award (L$5,000) :
LOVE'S ETERNAL by Sharni Azalee

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD 1st prize (L$2,500) is:
THE GET-AWAY by Dusty Canning

"Thank you UWA for the opportunity to display the 3D art that i so much enjoy creating in Second Life and thanks so much to those people who enjoyed and voted for the 'Get-Away'" Dusty Canning

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD, 2nd prize (L$1,000) goes to:

For anyone interested in seeing the full text of the announcement by Jayjay Zifanwe, delivered from 6am slt on Sunday, 3rd July, it is reproduced as follows:

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the University of Western Australia, or UWA as she is known and also welcome to the JUNE round announcement of winners and party for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. As is tradition at UWA, I would like to acknowledge that the University is situated on Nyoongar land and that the Nyoongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to uphold their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge.

This is the 8th of 12 monthly rounds for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. Not so long before it all comes to an end! The first thing I would like to do is to thank and acknowledge the major art houses and groups in Second Life that are part of this Grand Collaboration. These include The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) led by Dr Carmen Fies, SL Art led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnel, CARP led by Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto, Pirats Art Network led by  Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, Odyssey led by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde,  BOSL led by Frolic Mills and Editorial Clarity, Nordan Art led by Flora Nordanskiold, S&S Gallery of Fine Art led by TheDove Rhode, The Workhouse Gallery led by Astarte Haalan, Art Place d-oo-b led by Eifachfilm Vacirca, The Tornado Gallery led by Taralyn Gravois, project Z led by Zachh Cale and UWA with Professor Ted Snell, Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts as Chair of the UWA judging panel.

UWA would also like to acknowledge fellow sponsors, MidnightRain Glas, Philip Vought, Bohemian Ghost, Patch Thibaud and Aino Baar of Open This End.

59  entries were received for the JUNE round, spread out across this sim-wide 'Living Gallery'! As always, I love seeing new artists (to the UWA Challenges), and in the JUNE round included  Anje Aichi,  Dagmar Klaar, Darek Deluca, Frankx Lefavre, Katz Jupiter, Ling Serenity, Nettrice Beattie and the award winner for Best Name in SL, PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic to name a few.

We have been through 20 monthly rounds since all this started in August 2009 and more than 400 artists have been involved. Through 19 rounds one artist has been part of every single round. However, 20 was too big a hurdle, and finally it is that the amazing streak of the incomparable soror Nishi came to an end!  A big hand to her everyone. She has been, is, and will continue to be, simply amazing.

With some wonderful new patrons stepping in, this L$1,400,000 challenge will see more than L$96,000 being distributed each month, with the Grand Prize winner at the end of it all pocketing a cool L$100,000. The many contributions coming in from everyone through the little donations receiver will this year be put towards special prizes, including the Curator's Choice Award.

It is important to me to also acknowledge everyone who did contribute over the month towards prizes across the year and the Grand Finale. Thank you Mouehane Sandalwood, Eliza Wierwight, Luminess Leistone, Gumby Roffo, Lollito Larkham, Chelsea Chaplynski, Chestnut Rau, Sledge Roffo, Miso Susanowa, L1Aura Loire, Secret Rage, pallina60 Loon, Silene Christen, Pumpkin Tripsa, Dusty Canning, Peta Pond, Milly Sharple, Thoth Jantzen, Mari Jin and Nish Mip.

As always I acknowledge the international connections made through SL, and up to now, the various challenges have seen artists, builders and machinimatographers hailing from India,  Colombia, Poland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Venezuela,  Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland,England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. A true community of nationa with 6 of the 7 continents of the world represented.

At this point I would like for all of you to help me acknowledge the amazing work required to keep all of this going. Curator of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge & Creator of  gallery .......  FreeWee Ling. Do check out the amazing photo gallery she has put together over the months

As always many things happened since the last announcements.

We had Laslopantomik Yao stepping in for Yesikita Coppola to present the Machinima for the May Round winners:

And also, I am very happy to say that brilliant Bert Jedburgh whose first interaction with UWA came through 'Come To me' which he produced for MachinimUWA III, will be creating the machinima of winners for June. Here is 'Come To Me':

Entries have started to come in as well for the L$300,000  MachininUWA IV: Art of the Artists.  The challenge here is to create a machinima that features some (or one) of the artworks submitted to the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. You can choose to film as many (or as few) as you like, and you may submit any number of entries. The theme is wide open, only the subject matter is fixed in that it must have been exhibited at some point for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. This is a tribute to all of you, the wonderful 3D artists who have created all the masterful works that surround you now. This closes in November, so do encourage any colleagues of yours who create machinima to work with you and your creations.

Sponsorship and the patronage of both the Art & Machinima challenge increased since the last challenge. First, the MachinimUWA IV had a L$70,000 increase to L$300,000 with Cutting Edge Concerts (CEC), led by LaPiscean Liberty & Open This End, led by Cristina García-Lasuén (RL) / Aino Baar (SL) stepping up to lend support.

Cristina García-Lasuén and Open This End, stepped up even further adding L$30,000 to the Grand Finale Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

The art philanthropy increases ended with a bang, with a 12th Monthly Group Prize being created.  The Phi Designs Prize will be instituted as of the June Round through the end of the challenge, thanks to founder and president of Phi Designs, Ginger Alsop.  Said Ginger,

"As scripters and artists, we know how hard it is for an artist to create scripted objects to evoke an insightful, intellectual or artistic reaction in a viewer.  A well scripted and cool looking submission means nothing unless it also communicates a message.  This award is directed at those artists who have mastered this technical choreography and created a work of art that communicates a message beyond the bounds of its objects and technology.  It is very challenging to create an artwork that does this with scripts, and an even more difficult area to judge.  Scripts don’t have to be particularly complicated; they can even be subtle in comparison to other submissions.  What will appeal is the overall quality of the artwork and how its scripts make the artwork come alive."

It is all of this that has pushed the 3D Art Challenge prize pool past the L$1.4 million mark!

The UWA RL/SL Photo Comp ( UWA Friends of the Grounds Photo Comp) just close on the 31st of May as well. The results were very interesting and I will put it all on the blog once i am given permission from the committee. For this competition, 7 are selected as winners, however, a further 7 (14 in all)  are selected for a calendar in RL for 2012  and will be released in August 2011. This was the first time that SL photos were accepted into this competition which received 250 plus entries and more than 60 from Second Life. With the difficulty the panel had in interpreting how an SL photo should be classified, I did learn that the best regarded photo from Second Life slipped off the top 7, but has been selected to feature in the calendar which will soon be issued. There was a L$25,000 prize I put up going to anyone that managed to get an SL photo into the calendar.  Unfortunately can't award that prize anymore. Much to my shock and surprise, the SL photo that had been selected to be part of the calendar, was taken by ...  Jayjay Zifanwe, and I refuse to allow him anywhere near the L$25,000.... so, what will happen is that the funds will be used to purchase the actual calendars, and these will be sent to the winners of MachinimUWA IV and the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

One thing I need to mention now is that there are only very few monthly rounds left of art challenges at UWA. The October Round will be the final monthly round of the art challenges at UWA.  There won't be monthly art challenges at UWA once the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge draws to a close.

It will have been more than 800 consecutive days that UWA has been open for receiving artworks for the challenge, and I personally wont have the strength to continue in that way for another year. HOWEVER, this DOES NOT mean that its the end of art at UWA. The art gallery will remain, and revert to how galleries normally operate, and FreeWee Ling will continue as curator.

The only thing ending is MONTHLY art challenges. There will be a major art challenge probably in the middle of 2012, and MachinimUWA V will also be run in 2012. Both will have a theme and I am trying to figure out how to have a relatively open theme while still somehow linking it to the number 100, as it is UWA's centenary in RL. So everything remains the same at UWA, Teaching, Research, Architecture and Art in general. The only change will be that there will no longer be a monthly art challenge.

For UWA's full sim art series, the curtains came down on the 30th of June to FreeWee Ling's ANGRY GODS, an incredible apocalyptic world that pitted God against man. Do have a look at FreeWee's blog where you can link to photo great galleries of ANGRY GODS taken by several visitors. A Machinima was also created by Haglet Alter, and Laslopantomik Yao documented the entire build in machinima to be edited soon.

We move now from the ONE to the MANY, with the AEONIA Group taking over the UWA FULL SIM ART Series for JULY, led by Ally Aeon who are working on “Welcome to Fabulous AntVegas – The Migr-Ants". They are working furiously on it as we speak, and it expects to open in Mid-July.

I would like also to acknowledge the members of the UWA judging panel. On the panel were:
1. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia 
2. John Barret-Lennard (RL) - Curator of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA 
3. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) -  Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery
4. Len Zuks (RL) - Award Winning West Australian Sculpturist 
5. FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
6. Laetitia Wilson (RL) - Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA
7. Lyn DiCiero (RL) - Editor, WA Artist's Chronicle
8. And the one who still has difficulty moving from viewer 1.23  ...... Yours Truly

Those who followed procedings last year would know that for the Grand Finale, the panel expands to include many SL Art personalities, and for this new challenge, the expanded panel will include:
1. Sasun Steinbeck  -  Creator of the Art Galleries of SL list at
2. Tayzia Abattoir (SL) Owner of  The Oldest Virtual World Art Museum in SL, curator of the Aho Museum & Arts Simulacra on the NMC Campus and Relay For LIfe of SL Event Chair
3. Lumiere Noir (SL) - Creator of the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
4. Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media  Professor, Southern Illinois Uinversity, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
5. Rowan Derryth (SL) - Art & Design Historian; Writer for Prim Perfect Publications
6. Persia Bravin (SL) -   Journalist and Media Producer (SL newspapers, magazines, radio and television)
7  Dr Carmen Fies (RL) - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio & UTSA Artspace
8. Apollo Manga (SL) - Writer & Novelist
9.  Jordan Whitt (SL) - Editor in Chief, ICON Lifestyle Magazine
10. Mariposa Upshaw (SL) - Curator - Ventura Art & Jardine; Officer, Arts Council of Second Life
11. Saffia Widdershins (SL) - Owner and Editor of Prim Perfect Publications
12. Phillip Vought (SL) - Art Philanthropist & Founding Patron of UWA-BOSL Amphitheatre
13. Bohemian Ghost (SL) - Art Philanthropist & Owner of Summerland Estates
14. Ally Aeon (SL) - Founder Aeonia Artist Group, creator/owner of the art region Aeonia
15.  Aino Baar (SL) - Owner of the Open This End Group

Now for the winners. The winners will be announced in 1 minute intervals. We invite everyone to comment and congratulate the winners and for the winners to respond before the next announcement (and if they could please use the SHOUT function).  Also prizes will be given immediately following the announcements, so if you have won, please do stay till the end of the announcements.

First the People's Choice Awards. For this, I always start off by thanking GeeJAnn Blackadder, who created this wonderful voting system for us.  Its been working a treat since being set up, and greatly assists in the running of the People's Choice!

The People's Choice Award, where all of SL is invited to vote, carries a 1st ($L2,500) and a 2nd prize ($L1,000). A lot of interesting works in the running for the JUNE awards, and came down to the final few votes cast!

For the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD, 2nd prize (L$1,000) goes to:

AND, the winner of theJUNE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD (L$2,500) is:
THE GET-AWAY by Dusty Canning

Very strong in the voting for the People's Choice Award (and in no particular order) were: Gleman Jun, Sledge Roffo, Artistide Despres, barry Richez, Cherry Manga, Lollito Larkham, and Haveit Neox.

TWELVE Art Group Prizes of L$5,000 each have been awarded by the various judging panels for the JUNE Round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:

The Odyssey Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde goes to

The SL Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnell goes to:
HERE COMES THE SUN by Sledge Roffo

The UTSA Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Dr Carmen Fies goes to:
BEFORE Y by Kolor Fall

The CARP Prize (L$5,000) whose focus is on scripting with a panel led by Velasquez Bonnetto & Josina Burgess goes to:
MANEGE INCERTAIN  by Aristide Despres

Said the committee, "It was again difficult because there were several works with great use of scripts. Idea (concept),  artform, scripting,  and possibilities of the script was for CARP a great joy to watch. Artistide Despres received this prize for her innovative work, renewing and always surprising and also for the use of Inland sounds and well thought  interactive script concept."
Next the joint Workhouse & Art Place d-o-o-b Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Astarte Haalan and Elfachfilm Vacirca goes to:

The judges explained, "We believe this piece explores the boundaries between the virtual and the real through the use of the monitor as a metaphor to bridge the two worlds, in much the same way we in SL live both behind the monitor and within it. The work also expresses a sense of joy and playfulness that is too often lacking in the application of potentially sterile technology. It's a very fun work, and a work  that also captures an elemental component of virtual artistic expression."

The BOSL Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Frolic Mills & Editorial Clarity goes to:
HERE COMES THE SUN by Sledge Roffo

2 Group Prizes for Here Comes the Sun, means direct entry to the Grand Finale round!

Said BOSL, "Amazing piece. Love the music on it, the colours, think its really cool! Definately caught the attention on arrival, and deserves the prize on behalf of BOSL & CO this month. Again, big congrats to all of the other entrants, again, truely stunning entries"

The Nordan Art Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Flora Nordenskiold:
BOXING ROOM by Lollito Larkham

The panel offered "Lollito Larkham's work "Boxing Room" is contained in a large black box. As one enters the box one stands in front of a boxing ring. Surrounding it on each side are chairs in front of small tables and stairs leading up to the ring itself. In the ring are several balls bouncing back and forth and three circles are visible on the boxing ring floor. There is one ball stuck in the middle of the inner circle. There is a cluster of red, translucent balls positioned high above this scene. Besides the red color of these red balls, all objects are in different shades of grey. These shades of grey and the repetitive bouncing of the balls within the ring are suggestive perhaps of everyday contained and monotonous life. The ball postioned in the middle hints at a sense of being stuck, of immobility. Above it all, almost out of reach, in the shape of the cluster of transparent red balls, we observe a possibility of excitement and variety. Lollito's work stands out to Nordan Art because it makes one think and ponder about the meaning of it. With this creation, Lollito succeeds in stimulating the viewer's curiousity. "

The Pirats Prize: (L$5,000) with a panel led by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond goes to:
URLO 2 by Daco Monday

The S&S Gallery OFA Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by TheDove Rhode goes to:

Said the panel, "We find Ub's work  to be a piece that can stir you to thought...wonderful.. touching on the feeling one can get in life sometimes, of over whelming measure of perspective.  Light and shadows, scales of size,  waters sprinkle...gentle and deeply contemplative.  We are so pleased, to offer this award to Ub for his artistic masterpiece"

They continued, "Because of the talent and beautiful expressions of this virtual art collection for the month of June we will be awarding two awards. With the many months of entries we find  at the UWA,  we see the growth of beauty and magnificent splendor, magic often bursting into new realms."

and so, the S&S Gallery OFA Honourable Mention Prize (L$2,500) goes to:
HEROIC EGG by Penumbra Carter

Said S&S, "With the fresh, colorful and calming invention of the mastermind at work we peek in and see this delightful and busy, egg thingy. One never knows what can be found at UWA, and this masterminded invention delighted us! This art expression is clearly fresh,  and offers a deeper thought mingled with a inventors eye upon every turning part and bit! Thank you "Penumbra" for a closer look at the egg! "  
The Tornado Gallery Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Taralyn Gravois goes to:

A member of the Tornado Gallery panel commented, "I walked into this dome and was taken to a different place..surrounded by tortured souls...the colors and sclpts were very well done.  Thank you Rebeca for sharing your talents with us. "

The project Z Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Zachh Cale goes to:

 The panel offered, "Video on a prim brings otherwise static content to life, and Thoth's Kaleidoscopium II proves it with flying colors.  Although Thoth did not create the videos that he presents, he makes them shine in new and clever ways that engage, entrance, and inspire new immersive landscapes.  That alone deserves an award this month - Thank you Thoth for sharing this with us, and hope to see you move forward with this medium."
And the new award,  the Phi Designs Prize (L$5,000) with a panel led by Ginger Alsop goes to:

said Phi Designs "There were many great scripted and unscripted works in June, but to be considered for the Phi Designs Award, only scripted works were considered.  Initially, five caught our interest.  Each of them had a story to tell; something to draw your eye in and create imagination, inspiration or vision in positive and negative ways beyond the artwork. 

At first it appeared that it would be very difficult to pick a winner, but with frequent returns to the UWA gallery, one began to stand apart from the rest.  It stuck with you, drew you in, and made you wonder.  It begged you to return and each time gave a little bit more of a depressing reaction.  The winner did not need its troubling name or even its disturbing poem to produce this powerful impact.  Without even understanding the story, we see, we feel and are disgusted by its oppression … all the while; feeling powerless.

It was felt that the simple scripts in this piece really added a dark sinister effect more than a static view could have.  It is subtle and extremely effective.  Ginger thought it was a really good example of what FreeWee Ling describes as “less is more”; you don’t need a lot to have impact."

Next, the Curator's Choice award is chosen by FreeWee Ling to recognize work that, for whatever reason, may not receive a regular prize, but that is felt to be deserving of recognition. 

This month's Curator's Choice Award (L$5,000) goes to:
LOVE'S ETERNAL by Sharni Azalee

In FreeWee's words:
"This month's Curator's Choice recipient is well known to UWA Challenge artists. Her work is consistently beautiful, engaging, highly detailed, and meticulously crafted. Sharni was the recipient of last year's Grand Finale prize in the non-scripted category. Her entry this month was directly inspired by the remarkable story of "Twinkle's Journey,"  an entry in MachinimUWA III by Bay Sweetwater that has taken on a life beyond with a number of tributes and outreach activities.  Sharni's rendering of a terrarium packed with delicate flowers and a teddy bear in a hollow tree is a poignant reminder of the story that has touched so many"

Now for the Best Non-Scripted entry. The JUNE round overal across both scripted and non-scripted was extremely strong. Compared to previous months there were fewer non-scripted entries this time, however it was no less difficult to make a decision. Very strong opinions and furious debate saw the following result occur.   And so the winner of the Best Non-Scripted Entry is:

however, as mentioned, it was too difficult to seperate the deadlocked panel, and we do have a joint winner.  And so the winner of the Best Non-Scripted Entry for June, with the L$5,000 prize being split in two is:
TRUST by spirit Radikal

Now for the top 3 Prizes.  All of these works will go straight to the Grand Finale round. This month certainly showed a great diversity in the selections across everything from the Group Awards, to the People's Choice, and it was amazing to watch the judging unfold as the pattern seemed to continue. It was very difficult to resolve. In spite of the great range of works being awarded, again, there were a number of stunning works missing out. And so:
3rd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge  for JUNE  goes to, a very familiar name, and many of you have heard this name in past winners ceremonies:

Yes, NOBODY and many of you already know why.

OK, moving on to the 2nd Prize..... I have already said how hard all of this was, so, the winner of 2nd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for JUNE, goes to:

PIUME DI PAVONE by Nino Vichan

As you will have guessed from the 3rd prize announcement, things were very close among the top 3, and what we do have is a JOINT 2nd Prize, meaning the 2nd & 3rd Prizes are shared with both receiving L$6,250. And so, the JOINT winner of the 2nd Prize for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for JUNE goes to:

This is the second prize for this piece and the third prize for Dusty this month.

Now to the winner of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for JUNE, following in the footsteps of past champions Snubnose Genopeak, Glyph Graves,  Atomic Gaffer, Fuschia Nightfire/Flivelwitz Alsop, Julez Odigaunt, FreeWee Ling, Bryn Oh, Nish Mip, Josina Burgess, Cherry Manga, Igor Ballyhoo, Suzanne Graves, Lea Supermarine/Jarapanda Snook, Ginger Alsop, Gleman Jun, Dusty Canning and L1aura Loire.

An elegant piece which draws its power from the forces by which the universe operates, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the Winner of 1st Prize (L$10,000) for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge for JUNE 2011 is:

If anyone wants an NC with the full results, please IM myself or FreeWee Ling

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the artists who have entered the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. We are officially receiving artworks for JULY, so please do send in your entries as soon as possible as the entries will close on the 20th of the month.

A complete photo archive of this month's entries can be found at: