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People's Choice Voting Open NOW! UWA 3D Art Imagine Challenge

People's Choice Voting is now open for the UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine Challenge for January. Everyone has 3 votes. Simply touch the image of the artwork you want to vote for confirm it via the blue menu and your vote recorded privately in chat:

the voting board & all the artworks:

Join us for the
UWA 3D Art & Design Challenges Winners Announcement Party
Date: Sunday 7th February
Time: 5am SLT
Location: UWA 3D A&D Gallery on UWA sim

January IMAGINE Entries:
Araminta Kroitschov Moon Forest
1Earthling Rang Color My World
1Earthling Rang Colorful Space
420 Xeltentat Doorway to the Mind
420 Xeltentat Dream Come False
Ainsworth Gastel The Sisters of O series - the Roissy Red Dress
Ainsworth Gastel Vera – ecstatic dancer
Alizarin Goldflake SUNRISE SUNSET
Asmita Duranjaya The_Satisfaction_of_Symmetry
Asmita Duranjaya Sleep_Well! Schlaf_Gut!
Bocan Undercroft Alice: Curioser & Curioser
ColeMarie Soleil Connection Error - The simplicity of heartbreak
Corcosman Voom The Parakeets
Dancoyote Antonelli Pixel Board
Desea Jules Modern Church Window
Dusty Canning Airport Terminal
Eifachfilm Vacirca Fingertip happy
emilio Charisma schelcolorsss
Four Yip YIPs birdnest for on ground/tree/house/
FreeWee Ling Mutascopes
Fuschia Nightfire Australian Raven
Ginger Lorakeet metal ramp with fishtank centre
Gleman Jun Flame of Creativity
Gumby Roffo XR-31 Fighter V5
Gumby Roffo Santa Crux
Hoyt Mode trip cube
Ichiko Miles Alice and Cards
Igor Ballyhoo Cybershark
Igor Ballyhoo from green into red and in to green again
Jesse Keyes tresures
Kennie Klees In the Womb of the Earth Mother
Luko Enoch 3 Pondering Men
Magggnnus Woodget Cyclops Martini Drinker
magus36 Rau Shif ing Mind Game
Martazul Zemlja GEOMETRIC3A
Martazul Zemlja Private
Mcarp Mavendorf polygon
Mcarp Mavendorf display laptop
Merlina Rokocoko Street Spirit
Merlina Rokocoko Equipage
Miso Susanowa City (Los Angeles)
Molina Rhode Burning
Molina Rhode Reflections in the night
Oberon Onmura Antientropic Particles
Oldoak Merlin Augenweide gefunden
Oriscus Zauberflote & FreeWee Ling Archlute
Patch Thibaud Drift Point
Pol Jarvinen Box 16
Pol Jarvinen Box 10
Sabine Stonebender Serpentine Steam tree-Cycles
Sabrinaa Nightfire Red Passion Flower
Samara Borkotron lightening sculpture
Samara Borkotron Sculpture Rotating Prism
Sigma Rees Mooi 222 Glas
Sigma Rees Blok met Triangle
Sistagrlro Wei Always Were and Always Will Be...96 Aboriginal Nations In WA.
Sledge Roffo Spatial Entry
Solkide Aeur Black Pearl
soror Nishi Tree
Steve Kilby Joy
Ub Yifu Colossus
Venom Silverfall Cranks
Venom Silverfall VS_Engine_P-73

Monday, January 25, 2010

Artist Talks - Magggnnus Woodget - Cocktail Robots

Below is the edited transcript of Magggnnus Woodget's Artist talk held at 5am SLT Sunday 24 January at the UWA 3D Art & Design Artist Talks.

Magggnnus Woodget:
welcome everyone, i am magggnnus woodget in SL - magnus wurzer in RL
on my board you can see my entry in to UWA challenge for january - a cyclops sculpture leaning on a contraption which dispenes cocktails

in RL i have been dealing with cocktail robotics for over ten years -
roboexotica festival promotes a flavor of robotics that doesnt so much concentrate on efficiency as it does on aesthetics and "personality" of the robot
so in RL we have been awarding the best cocktail robots with the "ACRA" (annual cocktail robot awars) since 1999

on my board now: robomoji
a robot that is only making mojitos
in a loud and beautiful way
not so much efficient
but loads of fun to watch up close
last year we held our first workshop
this here is the result

a robot that mixes white russians and white hippies (the vegan version)
so the situation in RL is that cocktail robotics still needs promotion and is still considered something exotic
in SL on the other hand ....
when i entered SL in 2007 i found that cocktail robots are rather normal
so the challenge in SL not to promote the idea itself
but to further the evolution of contraptions
and see what can be done to make things more interactive and or awesthetically pleasing
in 2009 we decided to award the first ever Virtual Cocktail Robot Award
which was won by Misprint Thrsday with her beautiful Wodkabot
at the mixed reality Awards ceremony -
qDot Bunnyhug, a former Linden, demonstrated the first mixed reality cocktail robot
which was featured on NWN as you can see on my board now
the left pic shows SL
the two boxes are "buttons"
with which one could trigger the outpu of liquids in RL
(right picture)
this kind of mixed reality interaction is something i want to look at myself in the future

so, since i arrived in SL i did some tinkering myself
some cocktail robots would look like this one - more "realistic" in that it looks like a box one could slap together in RL

some more like one would wish a robot would look like
here again you see the one i entered in january into the uwa challenge ...

and i have a give away for you all now
get this animated picture of cyclops martini drinker :)

so if you want to know more about all this - visit for info on RL cocktail robotics
and for info on our inworld activities
theres also this roboexotica booklet out
i put it on the floor here, you can take a copy ..

when u click it, it opens a link to amazon where you can get the real book
.... thanks for your interest! i am taking questions now :)

quadrapop Lane: TY Magggnnus - Do you make these robots in RL as well?
Magggnnus Woodget: well quadro, although i am "dealing" with them since 1999 it took until last year that i actually got involved in physically building one - at the workshop

Phillip Vought: you referred to an interesting phenominon earlier.. do you find people prefer to make SL reflect RL or fantasy..
Magggnnus Woodget: @phillip ... i see both!

rant Ugajin: Magggnuss, what is the purpose of your smoking in SL?
Magggnnus Woodget: um to obfuscate my face? or the joy of never having to light a new one?

420 Xeltentat: is the purpose to make these robots efficient ? or more crazy off the wall like a rune glifberg type thing?
Magggnnus Woodget: @rant purpose is 1. personality, flair, aesthetics .... & last efficiency

Corcosman Voom: How many participants were there in the workshop?
[edit after asking Magggnnus again:]
Magggnnus Woodget: thanks for the chance to answer this one ;D .... we had just 2 participants, but 100% of them were female, which looks good statistically ;)

quadrapop Lane: Do they actually make decent cocktails?
Magggnnus Woodget: some actually do ...
have to say not ALL do
but i have had excellent drinks made by some
Magggnnus Woodget: so .... folks, we do plan to have a Virtual Cocktail Robot Award this year as well ... so if any of you has an idea for a cool SL cocktail robot ...

quadrapop Lane: how many entered last year? and were they all in both sl and rl?
Magggnnus Woodget: hahaha, just misprint, all other cocktail robots were noncompetitve. nono, either sl or rl, except qDots which overlapped
misprint was the first SL artist who expressed her will to participate in the awards
so that was the signal to start with VCRA ;D
and naturally she deserved the award for entering
next year will be more competitive i suppose lol
quadrapop Lane: great - be sure to give us the info to distribute closer to the time for more SL based ones:)

Magggnnus Woodget: here are landmarks btw to roboexotica's inwoprld office
where you find more documentation as well and the Skyloft where you'll find art and cocktails and robots ;)

quadrapop Lane: TY for a great Talk Magggnnus - and everyone else be sure to go visit Magggnnus' entry in the Imagine competition
Magggnnus Woodget: thanks for having me quadro!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Artist Talks - Araminta Kroitschov & mcarp Mavendorf transcripts

What follows are edited transcripts of the first two talks in the UWA Monthly Artist Talks held on the Winner's Platform on UWA sim at 3pm SLT Saturday 23 January 2010. We will endeavour to publish transcripts of each of the presentations and accompany them with images taken during that talks.

For more information about UWA 3d Art & Design Challenges and these talks please visit the display on UWA sim in SecondLife.

Araminta Kroitschov
quadrapop Lane: welcome everyone to the first of the UWA Artist's talks - please welcome Araminta to the stage (I know she's nervous so be nice:), after her presentation please feel free to ask her questions.

Araminta Kroitschov: Thank everybody, thanks for having me talk to you today and thank you to Jayjay, quadrapop, and the great people at the UWA for supporting the arts in Second Life. So I’m going to talk a bit about where I’m from and how I got to making art here.
I already had several years experience in curatorial work for an arts nonprofit when an arts magazine pointed me in the way of SL as having a thriving virtual arts community. I was already somewhat familiar with concept of the Metaverse and I was intrigued.
Vividblack Gallery was launched in the Hotel Chelsea sim in July of 2009. I was excited to have a venue to showcase my RL photography and to present the work of other talented artists and
started there with some more 2D installations.
After getting a little better oriented with SL, I noticed all these wonderful immersive art creations and was inspired to do something that was more of a challenge for my next exhibit
I had just completed a RL photography installation in the summer of 2009 and felt ready to stretch my wings a bit with the SL building tools and see if I could create a similar space experience in the virtual world.

I'm going to mention the slides behind me at this point.
They are cycling through some images of the RL installation, the 1st SL installation and then what I created for the Treeline Project.
Also, some of the original photo I took in the woods here in the US
In October I created an in-world installation based on my Into the Woods show, which was a exhibit built from still photographs, transparencies and projections designed to simulate getting
lost in the woods at night.
It was a revelation to be able to create a prim that allowed the viewer to literally pass through one image after another. Without the laws of physics governing me, I was able to create a more
immersive experience than RL allowed. I was thrilled and received a very good response to the show.
I also utilized a couple of slide projectors (like this one) to give the feel of the projections I did in the RL gallery setting. I discovered you could pass though the slide screen too!
This allowed me to have layer upon layer upon layer of images that surrounded the viewer and created a very disorienting experience.
Several weeks into the show, a woman named Juanita Deharo contacted me about my Into the Wood exhibit and asked me to participate in the Virtual Treeline, a project she was creating as part of the RL Treeline Project, a venture to connect people, art, science and nature. I was familiar with the project was really excited to participate.
I was thinking it was going to be basically the same thing I had in the gallery. When I met with Juanita and looked at the space it was clear that I was going to have to think differently about how I was presenting my work.
Obsessively I started to remember all those cool immersive objects and environments I had seen and thought about building a box to contain my transparencies that an avatar could walk into, get turned around and perhaps stumble around as he or she passed through the various layers of woodland images.

I began experimenting with the SL building tools and found creating with them to be fairly intuitive and in pretty short order I had built a box with the layers of images inside. The Virtual
Forest was my first truly 3D work in SL that did not require a space to contain it. It was after all it’s own space.
Encouraged I began work on the second piece I needed for the exhibit, which had it’s own set of challenges. I had to learn how to manipulate prims to achieve the type of piece I was looking for
in Moon Forest, the UWA entry I have here. The idea was again, to make a piece that could be entered and be somewhat disorienting. You can go in the center, swirl yourself around and gaze up at the moon.
For the last piece I wanted to do something a little different. I had been to Key West and photographed some exotic butterflies at the Audubon garden there. I though a woods piece with
butterflies fluttering all around the viewer would be amazing and symbolic of the transformation I hope that we will see in the way our natural lands are treated.
The sculpture has somewhat of a cephalopodan shape and wiggles a bit in the breeze. I’m not a scripter…yet, so I enlisted the help of another SL artist, Ed Vespucciano, to collaborate with me
on the butterflies. He created a butterfly generator and target for my images that I placed in the sculpture. The butterflies sense who is near and begin to flutter and move about. From inside the piece you can turn around and view the landscape through the swarm.
I like that all the pieces can be both viewed as objects and experienced though viewer participation. Thant is one of the thrilling things about working in this medium, the fact that you can create immersive, sculptural objects without the constraints of our physical world or the tremendous expense it would be to create in a scale and manner that is possible in the Metaverse.
The major theme of the work of course is conservation of wild lands and the human connection and responsibility to nature. I used images I had gathered at Wolf Pen Mill Farm and Bernheim Forest in KY.
Both these preserved lands are sources of tremendous inspiration for me and I hoped this project would bring awareness to the issues surrounding urban sprawl and the havoc it is creating on our natural lands.

Ok and I'm going a little preachy now...
Our little plastic world is poisoning us. For instance Wolf Pen is protected under a conservation easement, but waste for local construction sites drain down the streams into the pond on the
land causing pollution in an area that is theoretically protected. I might also add the stream connects to the Ohio river, which stretches through multiple states. So I used anatomical illustrations of human bodies and silhouettes of animals to make the connection between our health and well being to the health of the land.
The slideshow is examples of the RL and SL exhibitions, the works created for the Virtual Treeline Project and some of the still images from the Into the Woods series. I also have an
information Kiosk that has more details about my RL artwork, some LM’s to Treeline and both my galleries.

You can read more about Araminta Kroitschov and her RL work on her blog and website or visit her work both at UWA and at the Virtual Treeline Project which also has a website.

mcarp Mavendorf

Next up we had mcarp whose artist biography reads "programmer since 1980, x86 assembly, c++, basic, assorted script, 3dsmax since 2004, I like to make graphic art that does something, sl ftw!" and whose SL profile proudly states he's an old man in a cute av... very SL! The typos in the next section are all mcarp's.

mcarp Mavendorf: ok, thanks for having me, i'll try explain these pieces as well as i can
let me start by showing how it all started

btw, the art piece above my marquee was done by my son in colaboration with some friends over the net
they all used drawing tablets
he just got his for christmas
anyway i wanted to do some scrolling text but without the limitations of xytext
which maybe some of you are familiar with
it uses a set of textures to create the entire ascii set to display text without having a still texture
we're always trying to beat the limitations of SL

so the first marquee i built started with this small red panel here
the panel consists if a 5 face tortured prim that makes 5 of the faces foward,
then you can put a different texture on each face
you can form words or other things but in my case i wanted to do it digitally in binary
so here we have a set of 5x7 dots which was common in the old days to display dot matrix charcters
16 of them in a row, and you hav a marquee
Jayjay Zifanwe: is it easy to change the words anytime?
yes, very easy in fact, you just change the string of text and the script enterprets it into the dots
also the time is inserted into the string as you can see

the texture you see in the black and white is applied to all faces with an
offset and scaling to select one of the 7 bit patterns
a table of column patterns forms the ascii set
ok, moving on
so i wanted to do a full display, which is over in the exhibit as a laptop
i experimented with different bit depths and arrangements

here you can see the comparison from left to right of the 7 bit, 8 bit, and 16 bit columns
and the textures that are used for each
each additional bit requires bit^power more texture space as you can see
so 7 bit requires 128 patterns, 8 bit 256, and 16 bit an astonising 65536
patterns using 16 1024x1024 texturesi origionally thought wow thats a lot, but xy text uses 65 512x512 textures
so this is not really out of line
this may take a while for some of you to rez the textures on the screen
originally it was just a square with the dislpay

but as all things evolve, it turned into the laptop you see here
the display is 80x48 dots using the green 16 bit patterns
so its a general purpose display, you can literally run any programs like a real computer altho limited of course
this application is requesting pictures from my website every 15 seconds
the php script on the server converts the images to strings and sends them to the display ready to use
so you can just drop a new picture in the correct format onto the website and its automatically added to the random queue

[at this point your reporter got all excited and forgot to take photos!]

my other 2 favorite programs are the maze and conways life simulator which i will run for you
im typing in a run command which loads the program from the program manager
each program has a standard set of functions to cooperate with the program manager
ok, so on to my favorite
they are all mono
lsl doesnt give enough memory to do almost all of these programs
each program is its own mono script
here it starts with a random screen
and according to the life and death rules of conways life, you see the automata
patterns generated by 6 slave scripts
there are 3 rows of 16 bit columns and each script handles 1/2 of a row
btw, i havent mentioned this but all the laptop keys are functional
i can for instance now, hit g to enter god mode as it is known to life sims
now the sim stops and a curosor appears
you can see i can move around in the world
and insert new life
in the upper right you see a glider ill run it
color change can be done as i'll demonstrate in a few moments
if you look in the upper right you can see the glider i just created
also, we have loadable notecards

i created this one earlier and dropped it into the laptop
now we can run it
after you edit the screen you can press print screen and get an instant message of the screen array
then you post that into a notecard and drop it in
i can get an inventor with a comand
heres a complicated pattern that i typed in on the virtual laptop
so its unfortunate that you can only do one key at a timebut anything is possible
probably some kind of hud would be helpful
its still a really new object its only a been a few weeks as jayjay can tell you i updated a few times after submitting
are there any questions about technical aspects or other things?
heh, yes it s a vm in a vm :)

i'l run the random color
its a vm on a vm in a vr actually :)
here you can see the columns colors have to stay the same but different columns can have their own color
i'll finish up with one lat thing
[An audience member commented "would be interesting to see if you could generate fractals"]
yes i think that can be done with my next project
for the future this 4 bit color display will be operational
this uses the same concept, but its 4 bits per column and 4 bits of color per dot
it has the same addressing scheme as the 16 bit display, but divided into 4 bits of dots and 4 bits of color
its not complete yet, but i'll be able to do color images and yes, even fracctals
ok, so any final questions, im open to anything
[an audience member asked: so... eventually you will be able to program... inside this display... another virtual laptop and... ]
yes, you can do so now but it would require some learning curve to comply the cooperative nature of the program manager
i would love to find people interested in writing programs for such a display
again thankyou all for having me and i hope you all really enjoy the imagine challenge here at uwa
also, i'd like to mention that if you click the laptop at the exhibit you can get a noteard on how to operate it

Thank you to Araminta and Mcarp for their great presentations and to all the people who came to listen.

At 5am SLT on Sunday January 24th Magggnnus Woodget will be talking about his Cocktail robots....

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Artist Talks arrive...

UWA 3D Art & Design has added a new event to it's monthly list....


quadrapop Lane, co-host of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenges is hosting monthly talks here by artists who have entered the Imagine or Flagship Challenges.

The Artist Talks will be held on the second weekend after the Winners Announcement Parties for the Imagine and Flagship Challenges.

Exact times will be advertised through the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge group as well as a number of other arts groups in the week prior.

3pm - 4pm SLT Saturday 23 January 2010
Araminta Kroitschov is our inaugral speaker
Araminta is a RL fine art photographer and SL gallery owner who makes immersive sculpture in SL. She will be speaking about her entry in the current round of the Imagine Challenge as well as her involvement in the Virtual Treeline Project.

mcarp Mavendorf will follow
The cute and adorable dirty old man in a little girl av, and scripting wizard, will be talking about the works she entered in the Imagine Challenge in January - a scripted Laptop that draws patterns and runs simple AI scripts.

5am - 6am SLT Sunday 24 January 2010
Magggnnus Woodget
Will be speaking about his cocktail robots

We are looking forward to seeing you there with lots of meaty questions for the artists to answer after their short 15 minute presentations.
quadrapop Lane & JayJay Zifanwe
Co-hosts for the UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine & Flagship Challenges

Friday, January 15, 2010

Media Forays : UWA Second Life Presence

From the Examiner (SL) on UWA's MachinimUWA

Results of the December Round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge in the Second Life Enquirer
Second Life Enquirer

'Travel with Asmita', a monthly travel newsletter to intereting places in SL, where readers can participate in a puzzle, the solution to which they will find if they visit the locations.

SIM Owner Jayjay Zifanwe appeared on Pooky Amsterdam's "1st Question" Web TV Show.

The">Arch Network reports on the Building Design portion of the UWA 3D Art & DEsign Challenge.

The Nimbin Good Times (RL Newspaper) has a comprehensive report on 3D Art in Australia, and covers the UWA Challenge on page 13.

UWA Storms Second Life Arts Pantheon (From the Metaverse Tribune)

Metaverse Journal Report on the December Round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

Soror Nishi's KoinUp Blog on some of the 3D Art works submitted to the December Round of the Challenge.

Best of Second Life Blog
reporting on the Flagship Winner for Dec 2009

Monday, January 11, 2010

Igor Ballyhoo & Patch Thibaud truimph in December round of UWA 3D Art & Design

Two incredible works took out top honours in the December round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge announced on the 10th of January at the University of Western Australia's IMAGINE Challenge Art Platform.

On the tie-breaker 'Chaos In Order' by Igor Ballyhoo took the top IMAGINE art prize over Anyunie Daviau's 'Araucaria Artist Book' (which won the Artist Book Prize), and renowned architect Patch Thibaud's submission called 'UWA Cultural Precinct Nexus' beat all comers and set a new standard for the FLAGSHIP Challenge.

People's Choice
Igor also took the People's Choice Award in another close battle that saw over 300 votes cast. This time it was neck and neck with 'The Cub Rescue' by Really Scrabblebat and came down to the final hour of voting. An amazing double by Igor, becoming the first to top both categories!

Stunned by the awards win, Igor (pictured below) said, " I thank all people that voted for my work and I thank the amazing J.S. Bach for inspiration"

Flagship Build
The Flagship Build of Patch Thibaud is true masterpiece and has already received a lot of attention in architecture circles. Frolic Mills, a judge for the Grand Prize and CEO of BOSL & CO said, "Patch has been an inspiration to many here in Second Life: From his first build, 'The Best of SL Boulevard' to 'Ciudad de Mexico' he has received outstanding critics even from people like SL CEO: Mr. M Linden. But what is trully remarkable about his University of Western Australia enty is that Patch was able to build something that can totally be executed in Real Life and that fits right in with the purposes of the University. I would love to see this art gallery come to life in the real world some day! Well done Patch and congratulations!"

Commenting after his win, Patch said, "The University of Western Australia is doing a wonderful thing, in their Flagship Challenge, for architecture in Second Life. The idea of encouraging creations in SL that could be used for a real world building is an innovative and exciting use of Second Life as a design tool, and further strenghthens the relationship of SL with real world applications. And I think the inclusiveness and openness of the process is an inspired and fertile platform for encourageing the arts in SL in general."

The Flagship build can be seen here through the end of January 2010.

Record Numbers
A record total of 69 entries were submitted for the IMAGINE challenge for December and 5 entries to the FLAGSHIP.

Professor Ted Snell, Director of the UWA Cultural Precinct (RL), Chair of the judging panel, had this to say about the entries this month:
"The range of works submitted in December was extremely impressive with a much larger number of entries moving on from technical competence in rendering images and objects to speak with an original voice and engage audiences in a conceptually challenging and intellectually rewarding encounter. The winning works were reflective and thought provoking, using the medium as a means of exploring ideas and concepts rather than merely re-presenting borrowed images or reworking existing concepts. They remain vividly in your memory after the screen has been switched off.

The architectural winner displayed a high level of sophistication and combined extraordinary technical competence with intellectual rigour and practicality. "

At this point, the Challenge has reached 6 continents of the world, with only Antarctica out of the mix. Canada, the USA, the UK, Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan and Australia are all represented!

A number of other awards were also presented including the the 'Best Non-Scripted Art' prize taken by Sistagrlro Wei with 'Black Soils Plains Running Through My Veins'. Other winners included Miso Susanowa, Jedda Zenovka, Nyx Breen, Scottius Polke, LollyPop Congrejo, Asmita Duranjaya and Oldoak Merlin.

The competition is now receiving entries for the month of January.

New prize added
A new prize has also been added to the IMAGINE Challenge, and this is 'The Casey Cultural Award', which encourages artists and builders in all disciplines to research Western Australian historic OR contemporary Culture and present a piece which demonstrates aspects of Western Australian culture, economy or society. (We will blog the full info on this shortly)

New Challenge
A Machinima Challenge with a L$60,000 1st prize, closing on the 31st of January has also been announced.


Imagine Challenge 1st Prize
($L5,000 + Custom T-Shirt)
CHAOS IN ORDER by Igor Ballyhoo

Imagine Challenge 2nd Prize

Best Non-Scripted Entry
($L1,250 + Custom T-Shirt)

Honourable Mention Prize for TECHNICAL BRILLIANCE
VECTOR BEEHIVE by Scottius Polke

Honourable Mention Prize for SERENITY

Honourable Mention Prize for MESSAGE
SPRAY ADDICT by LollyPop Congrejo

Honourable Mention Prize for BODY OF WORK

Honourable Mention Prize for IMMERSION
HEART SEED by Jedda Zenovka


Flagship Challenge 1st Prize

Flagship Challenge 2nd Prize
FUTURELab by Nyx Breen


Artist Book 1st Prize

Artist Book 2nd Prize

CHAOS IN ORDER by Igor Ballyhoo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top prize up to $L60,000 for UWA Machinima Challenge

Thanks to a contribution by the Casey Family of Western Australia, the top prize for the UWA Machinima Challenge has jumped to $L60,000!

Closing Date is 31st of January.

Full details here:

MachinimUWA : Machinima Challenge of the University of Western Australia

Saturday, January 2, 2010

December People's Choice Open

UWA Imagine Challenge People's Choice is now open for December entries.

(Thanks to CaptainCrunch Hax we have a fully automated voting system now!)

Please read following How To Vote info:
Please be aware that we are able to tell who votes when and for what - artists who try to stack votes will be disqualified.
1. You have up to 3 votes to give.
2. Only one vote per item on the board (you cannot give one item more than one vote).
3. Touch the item for which you would like to vote. The board will tell you alone in chat and in a blue confirmation menu which item it is you are voting for.
4. Click YES if it is the correct item, or NO if you wish to change your mind/have touched the wrong item.
5. You have 60 seconds to respond before the confirmation menu times out.
6. The board will confirm in chat which item you have voted for and how many votes you have cast. As you get the chance to confirm or declien a vote no discussion of "misplaced votes" will be entered into.
6. You can vote only for a maximum of 3 items.

If you cannot seem to find the image of the piece you would like to vote for please send a notecard with the artist and title of the work/s to JayJay Zane.
If you have any queries about the voting system please contact quadrapop Lane by IM and notecard.

But WAIT! There is MORE!.....

Notification for the
Time: 5am SLT
Day: Sunday the 10th of Jan
Location: The UWA A&D Platform

Anyone interested in the Machinima Challenge (MachinimUWA), do have a look at all the info on that and please share with anyone you know who does machinima.

A list of all the entries in the Imagine and Flagship Challenges...

DECEMBER IMAGINE WORKS ON DISPLAY (in no particular order)
1 Miso Susanowa Radiant Stallions
2 Eden Toll If I could wrap love in a box
3 Eden Toll Tears of Fire
4 Eden Toll install deconstructed
5 Dusty Canning Sunbeam Mixer
6 Gumby Roffo Fun Shuttle GGG
7 Four Yip Yips projection toy
8 Four Yip Yips toy cupboard
9 Jesse Keyes Richard's Throne
10 Sistagrlro Wei Black Soil Plains Running Through My Veins
11 Really Scrabblebat The Cub Rescue
12 Venom Silverfall Protected Love
13 Betty Tureaud The Last Canon
14 Betty Tureaud Freezz your selv to death
15 scottius Polke Vector Beehive
16 Silva Khandr Aquario 3D with Skull
17 Corcosman Voom Heart of the Sun
18 Sledge Roffo Rebuild V2
19 magus36 Rau Jaguar Aztec Warrior
20 Penelope Parx Writing...1
21 Penelope Parx Knowledges
22 McCarp Mavendorf dodecahedron puzle
23 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book I
24 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book II
25 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book III
26 Fuschia Nightfire Avatar Sculptures
27 Sabine Stonebender Splash Central
28 Igor ballyhoo Chaos in Order
29 Igor ballyhoo GOD
30 soror Nishi The Glassflower Tree
31 Lollypop Congrejo Spray Addict
32 Snubnose Genopeak Tempo
33 Luna Larsen Glowing Angel
34 Luna Larsen Guardian Angel
35 Luna Larsen Ice Flower
36 Ginger Lorakeet Rockpool
37 Juliete 3D Quinzet The Future
38 Juliete 3D Quinzet The Castle
39 Juliete 3D Quinzet Cascading Art of Juliete3D
40 Oberon Onmura Light & heavy
41 Sunflower Aichi Blue Variations
42 Sabrinaa Nightfire View from my Bedroom
43 Sabrinaa Nightfire Wings of Hope
44 Jedda Zenkova Heartseed Orb
45 Luko Enoch Versing Neon
46 Oldoak Merlin Working for You & Me
47 Oldoak Merlin Rack of Mechanical Birds
48 Oldoak Merlin Devotional Trinity
49 Silene Christen Spirit of Music
50 Sheba Blitz Summer Haze
51 ichiko Miles Sculpted Aquarium
52 ichiko Miles De finibus bonorum et malorum 10.32
53 Oriscus Zauberflote 6 Rue du Lac - facade
54 ArthurConan Doyle The Raven
55 ArthurConan Doyle A Christmas Carol
56 Anyunie Daviau Araucaria Artist Book
57 Magggnnus Woodget Cheers - interactive sculpture
58 Eifachfilm Vacirca Jellyfish Swarm
59 Alizarin Goldflake Dhyana
60 Alizarin Goldflake Black Diamond
61 Asmita Duranjaya Asmita's_Philosphical_Book_Display
62 FreeWee Ling Mystic Magazine
63 FreeWee Ling sin on wheels
64 RAG Randt Autumn 09
65 Kasumi Silvera First Prim of Dream
66 Glyph Graves Parsimonious Offering
67 Martartazul Zemlja trapped in ice
68 Genevieve Silvercloud Portfolio
69 Silene Christen Untold Story

These are variously on the UWA and University of WA sims due to prim counts.
Please use the TPs from the Flagship Platform if the TP says 'Touch Me' on touch it will bring up the Map to Teleport you to the other sim.
Patch Thibaud
Silene Christen
Oldoak Merlin
Magus36 Rau
Nyx Breen