Sunday, January 31, 2010

People's Choice Voting Open NOW! UWA 3D Art Imagine Challenge

People's Choice Voting is now open for the UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine Challenge for January. Everyone has 3 votes. Simply touch the image of the artwork you want to vote for confirm it via the blue menu and your vote recorded privately in chat:

the voting board & all the artworks:

Join us for the
UWA 3D Art & Design Challenges Winners Announcement Party
Date: Sunday 7th February
Time: 5am SLT
Location: UWA 3D A&D Gallery on UWA sim

January IMAGINE Entries:
Araminta Kroitschov Moon Forest
1Earthling Rang Color My World
1Earthling Rang Colorful Space
420 Xeltentat Doorway to the Mind
420 Xeltentat Dream Come False
Ainsworth Gastel The Sisters of O series - the Roissy Red Dress
Ainsworth Gastel Vera – ecstatic dancer
Alizarin Goldflake SUNRISE SUNSET
Asmita Duranjaya The_Satisfaction_of_Symmetry
Asmita Duranjaya Sleep_Well! Schlaf_Gut!
Bocan Undercroft Alice: Curioser & Curioser
ColeMarie Soleil Connection Error - The simplicity of heartbreak
Corcosman Voom The Parakeets
Dancoyote Antonelli Pixel Board
Desea Jules Modern Church Window
Dusty Canning Airport Terminal
Eifachfilm Vacirca Fingertip happy
emilio Charisma schelcolorsss
Four Yip YIPs birdnest for on ground/tree/house/
FreeWee Ling Mutascopes
Fuschia Nightfire Australian Raven
Ginger Lorakeet metal ramp with fishtank centre
Gleman Jun Flame of Creativity
Gumby Roffo XR-31 Fighter V5
Gumby Roffo Santa Crux
Hoyt Mode trip cube
Ichiko Miles Alice and Cards
Igor Ballyhoo Cybershark
Igor Ballyhoo from green into red and in to green again
Jesse Keyes tresures
Kennie Klees In the Womb of the Earth Mother
Luko Enoch 3 Pondering Men
Magggnnus Woodget Cyclops Martini Drinker
magus36 Rau Shif ing Mind Game
Martazul Zemlja GEOMETRIC3A
Martazul Zemlja Private
Mcarp Mavendorf polygon
Mcarp Mavendorf display laptop
Merlina Rokocoko Street Spirit
Merlina Rokocoko Equipage
Miso Susanowa City (Los Angeles)
Molina Rhode Burning
Molina Rhode Reflections in the night
Oberon Onmura Antientropic Particles
Oldoak Merlin Augenweide gefunden
Oriscus Zauberflote & FreeWee Ling Archlute
Patch Thibaud Drift Point
Pol Jarvinen Box 16
Pol Jarvinen Box 10
Sabine Stonebender Serpentine Steam tree-Cycles
Sabrinaa Nightfire Red Passion Flower
Samara Borkotron lightening sculpture
Samara Borkotron Sculpture Rotating Prism
Sigma Rees Mooi 222 Glas
Sigma Rees Blok met Triangle
Sistagrlro Wei Always Were and Always Will Be...96 Aboriginal Nations In WA.
Sledge Roffo Spatial Entry
Solkide Aeur Black Pearl
soror Nishi Tree
Steve Kilby Joy
Ub Yifu Colossus
Venom Silverfall Cranks
Venom Silverfall VS_Engine_P-73

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