Thursday, January 24, 2013

Victoria Lenoirre's Review of Barry Richez's Dreams in Space (Imagination)

For the month of Januarry at LEA6, we have Barry Richez's Dreams in Space (Imagination).

When you arrive, you find you are standing on a bright blue circle. Don't forget to grab a Anti-toxic suit, just buy it for 0L. It is a full space suit. You have now entered space, Barry style. There is also a box you can click for translations. Barry reminded me to set world to midnight so that you can see the Aurora Borealis. It is simply divine!

Landing at Dreams in Space (Imagination)

You just follow the wooden plank path to move around this amazing, exciting world. A wooden path marker sign also points in the direction you should travel. It is very windy at this location. I can hear the wind howl and see a tumbleweed blowing around near my feet. Ahead of you is a stone gateway, with words carved into it.

Keep walking and in the next section you'll see a DANGER sign on your left. There are some tree stumps now and fallen trees on the cold  ground as well as sparse patches of grass.

A little further along you reach a wooden bridge. Once at the top of the bridge, you see that below you, the landscape has changed even more. You see the first hints of lushness and a bit more color...a peachy colored  bunch of flowers.

Once off the bridge you are in a small grove of cacti and you see a small, unkempt bush. Then when you keep walking, you find yourself in a lovely meadow. There are many flowers and more grass.

As you go deeper and deeper into the meadow, the foliage gets thicker and the path starts to curve and bend in a more natural way. It gets prettier and prettier. I love the butterflies and birds he put in. It gives the area a lighter, happier feel.

The turning point on the ground is a place with mountains and a small waterfall. From there, the path leads on and it builds into a more habitable, fascinating place. If we think about philosophical thinking, the work takes you from a linear point of view to a nonlinear point of view. After this mountainous area, you see other paths that branch off from the main path and you find hidden rooms or secluded places.

Barry gave me this new LM with a teleporter to the locations in the sky, they make up his version of the Galaxy:

You should see 4 options to click in the blue teleporter on the ground. I decided to try Relaxation.

Vic Lenoirre relaxing in Relaxation
It really felt relaxing and it's so beautiful in the Galaxy.

There is also Taichi, Fantasy, and Omega. Omega is my personal favorite.

A talk with Barry clarified a few questions I had but also intrigued me even more.

---What Amazes you or interests you about the mind? I've noticed that your works are about the mind and the imagination.

Yes, my work focuses on the imagination because it is essential to my work and what you see when arriving at the sim and all the fruit of my imagination. I wanted to share with the public.

---Do you like Rodin's Thinker?

Yes I think this sculpture represents well what Auguste Rodin wanted to portray. First called The Poet,

this piece is part of an order of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris who wanted to create a monumental portrait based on The Divine Comedy of Dante.
Each of the statues of the coin was one of the main characters of the epic poem.
The Thinker was originally represented Dante at the gates of Hell, pondering his poem.

---Is this your first work that explores the galaxy, where you interpet what you think it looks like?

No this is not my first job where I explore the galaxy. I love all the talk about the space conquest of man and how he walked on the moon the first time.
I was then very young and had already dreamed of an innner space installation. The space that you see is purely imaginary.

---What does this work say about dreams?

My work is the dream of a better world, a world where a person can use his (or her) imagination to create positive and great achievements.

---How would you describe your work? What does the installation say about imagination?

When you arrive on the sim and you read the story you dive straight into my imagination. Making your first steps on the sim as you follow the path, you discover the galaxy that the imagination is able to create. And you discover  through some sculptures, symbols like peace and love. The first sculpture in the pyramid  show that we would like to build a new world.

After a great castastrophe we will run more quickly each day and want to remind the world of today, about the  lack of love and peace and how it can lead to a creative imagination and also positivity for a better world.

----Who do you admire most, in RL or SL?

I admire anyone in particular whether rl or sl. And I do not like that word admiration, I prefer words like creation or imagination.

--Did You have help putting this together? This is such an extensive work. You have art on the ground and in the sky. It looks stunning and brilliant!

Regarding the lower part of the sim, I did call a friend who is a  floral wildlife specialist who perfectly understood what I wanted to do and it fit very well within my story.

---In the Galaxy, Which is your favorite planet?

The planet in the galaxy that is my favorite is the moon. I find it very beautiful and mysterious.

I hope you come visit Barry's latest dream at LEA6 this month! It is definitely stellar and far out! It is mind blowing and very creative and imaginative! Please come see it while you can!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

Victoria Lenoirre

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Barry Richez kicks off 2013 at the ground of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES @ LEA 6, with , 'Dreams in Space (Imagination)', taking over from Rebeca Bashly. Only one round left from the previous round, as laid out on the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (here for full year schedule). Anyone wanting to put their hands up for the March 2013 - March 2014 rounds, do contact Jay Jay Zifanwe or Bryn Oh (or watch for the expression of interest calls).


1PM SLT, MONDAY, 13th January 2013



L'imagination est tout à la fois la capacité innée et le processus d'inventer un champ personnel,
partiel ou complet, à travers l'esprit à partir d'éléments dérivés de perceptions sensorielles de l'existence commune.

Elle sert également à ceux qui ont un besoin de se créer un monde à eux afin de s'y réfugier
ou tout simplement, pour ne plus être seul ou se désennuyer.

Ce terme est techniquement utilisé en psychologie dans le processus « réanimatif »
de la perception de l'esprit, tirée de l'expérience de la perception sensorielle.
Une hypothèse évolutionniste de l'imagination humaine, c'est qu'elle ait permis aux êtres dotés d'une
conscience de résoudre les problèmes (en augmentant conséquemment la valeur sélective de l'individu)
par l'utilisation de la simulation mentale.

Une hypothèse freudienne : comme le suggère Freud dans Formulations sur les deux principes du cours
des événements psychiques (1911), l'imagination s'est développée au même titre que la pensée suite
aux premières acquisitions du principe de réalité principalement lors du sevrage .

Mais avant le sevrage il y eut l'évènement de la naissance qui a dû être aussi un apprentissage
difficile car il a fallu que l'enfant apprenne à se mouvoir dans la pesanteur terrestre et à gérer les sensations dues au fonctionnement de ses organes.

Par la suite les jeux enfantins et la fantaisie ainsi que les expressions artistiques sont les momentfugitifsparlesquelsles personnes se remémorent cette période sans contrainte, avant la naissance. Peut-être La métaphore poétique ne signifie t-elle pas autre chose que ce transport dans un état d'apesanteur ?
Un grand MERCI a mes amis qui ont bien voulut participer et aider a la réalisation de mon projet
AMA AVRO - ISAGENE - THANOS RUNNER et MERCI a Jayjay Zifanwe Owner of the University of Western Australia SIM et a The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA)
The imagination is both innate ability and process to invent a field staff, full or partial, through the mind from elements derived from perceptions sensory communal existence.

It also serves those who have a need to create a world for them to take refuge or simply to avoid being alone or boredom. This term is technically used in psychology in the process "réanimatif" the perception of the mind, drawn from the experience of sensory perception.

An evolutionary hypothesis of the human imagination is that it has allowed beings have a consciousness to solve the problems (therefore increasing the fitness of the individual) by use of mental simulation.
A Freudian hypothesis: as suggested by Freud in Formulations on the two principles of psychic events (1911), the imagination is developed in the same way that thought after the first acquisitions of the reality principle mainly at weaning.

But before weaning there was the event of the birth has also been a steep learning curve as it took the child to learn to move in the Earth's gravity and manage the sensations caused by the operation of its organes.Par following children's games and fantasy and artistic expressions are fleeting moments in which people reminisce this time without constraint before birth. Perhaps Poetic metaphor does not she something other than transport in a state of weightlessness?
A big THANK YOU to my good friends who wanted to participate and assist in the realization of my project
AMA AVRO - ISAGENE - THANOS RUNNER and THANK Zifanwe Jayjay Owner of the University of Western Australia SIM and The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA)