Thursday, September 13, 2018

Metaphor: Launch of a Basile - Jegathesan Production

The avatar 'Encre' at UWA's Sunken Gardens flanked by the film Director (R) and Producer (L)

In the past 2 years Jay Jay Jegathesan of UWA has taken 2 films called Journey & iRony to a total of 7 Academy Award qualifying festivals in Tokyo, Bucharest, New York, California, Chicago, Seattle and St Louis. One step away from direct qualification for the Academy Awards long list for Animated Short Film.

With the chapter of UWA's sims in Second Life seeming to be coming to a close on the 31st of December 2018, a new chapter begins as Jay Jay has teamed up with a fantastic director to take a second life short across the world on the international film circuit.

The short animated film 'Metaphor' directed by Basile Vignes and produced by Jay Jay describes how every person has two faces, the one we choose to reveal, and the one we keep hidden from view.

View the trailer below, and follow the journey of Metaphor over the next 2 years through the Metaphor Facebook Page (CLICK HERE)