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Photo Credit: Rebeca Bashly

The LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, came to life in October 2011 following the end of the UWA FULL SIM ART SERIES. For this series, each artist/group of artists will have a full 15,000 prim SIM for 1 month from the 1st day of the month, till the last day of the month. Events will launch when the artists say it is ready!

MAY 2014: Igor Ballyhoo, 'Cyber Orthodox'
JUNE 2014: Krystali Rabeni, 'A Maze in Grace'
JULY 2014: Miso Susanowa's, 'State of Mind II'
AUG 2014: Lagu Indigo & Stardove Spirit 'Spirit Within'
SEPT-OCT 2014: Eliza Cabassoun, 'Soul of Heart'

NOV-DEC 2014: 2Lei Resident & Lorys Lane, '2Lei No Violence'
JAN 2015: Vilvi Rae, 'Lives of the Monster Dogs'
 FEB 2015: Giovanna Cerise, 'The Mirror'

MARCH 2013: Fuschia Nightfire, 'Fuschia's Fantasy Fairyland'
APRIL 2013: Krystali Rabeni, 'Virtually Real'
MAY 2013: Katy Isodo, 'Mentality'
JUNE 2013: Kalanglarik 'Tomorrow'
JULY2013: Nino Vichan, 'Musical Tonalities & Colour'
AUG 2013: SerenVide, 'Hope Springs'
SEPT 2013: Secret Rage, 'Connected by Commonalities'
OCT 2013: Rebeca Bashly, 'Key'
NOV 2013: Lilia Artis & Moeuhane Sandalwood 'The Machine'
DEC 2013: Giovanna Cerise 'Fisicofollia'
JAN 2014: Gem Priez 'Fractal Cathedral' 
FEB 2014: Sea Mizin 'California Giant Redwood Forest'
MARCH 2014: Mary Wickentower, 'CINEMA! Take II'
APRIL 2014: Jedda Zenovka 'Between the Worlds'

JAN 2012: Artistide Despres, 'Where I found my Ivory Tower Surrounded by a Huxleyan World, Which Turned out to be an Orwellian World'
FEB 2012: Romy Nayar & Ux Hax, 'An Interactive History of Life'
MAR 2012: Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo, 'The Labyrinth of Absurdity'
APR 2012: Athena Bedrosian, 'Mulligatawny Light -- A Journey'
MAY 2012: Fae Varriale, 'Mirror Worlds'
JUNE 2012: David Denton (DB Bailey: SL), 'In A Tizzy'
JULY 2012: Lolito Larkham, 'Walter's Dream'
AUG 2012: Cajska Carlsson 'Whispers in Code'
SEPT 2012: Mary Wickentower, 'Cinema!'
OCT 2012: Solkide Auer, 'Architectonic Build'
NOV 2012: London Junkers, 'Project Guernica'
DEC 2012: Rebeca Bashly, 'Solar System'
JAN 2013: Barry Richez, 'Dreams in Space'
FEB 2013: Nexuno Thespian ''Dr Moreau: Seaworld'

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

REFLECTIONS: The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge - L$600,000 Prize Pool

And thus is launched the 4th of the UWA Grand Art Challenges with a L$600,000 prize pool. A quick summary. One artwork per artist. 150 prims max to the theme REFLECTIONS. Submit entries here at the UWA main gallery. The earlier the work is submitted, the greater the chance for the artwork to feature in one of the Machinima for MachinimUWA VI, which will launch on the 1st of March with the same theme. Entries will go on display immediately! The sooner the works are in, the longer they are on display.

This is a single round only lasting 4 months, 1st Feb 2013 - 30th May 2013. The biggest difference between this and previous major art challenges is that unlike the first 3, this one has a theme.

The theme is "REFLECTIONS"
This art  challenge in OPEN TO EVERYONE. The theme is REFLECTIONS with a 150 prim limit per artwork, and limited to ONE ENTRY PER ARTIST.

The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge  is run in tribute to the 2013 Centenary of the University of Western Australia, as UWA reflects on its 100 years of existence and ponders the question of what the next 100 years will bring. The 2012 Art Challenge was also run in tribute to the Centenary. 2012 is 100 years since the first staff were hired at UWA and 2013 is 100 years since the first students started studying at UWA.

In recognition of this milestone a Special Centenary Prize of L$50,000 will be awarded to the artwork that best reflects the spirit of the UWA Centenary, as determined by the UWA members of the judging panel.

This Challenge is sponsored by OPEN THIS END, with thanks to Christina García-Lasuén (RL) / Aino Baar (SL), PEACE IS A CHOICE Gallery, with thanks to TheDove Rhode,  Virtlantis, with thanks to Kip Yellowjacket, Best of Second Life (BOSL) Group with thanks to Frolic Mills, Secret Rage, The Guided Tour Company, with thanks to JonyBlade Codesmith, Japanese Arts Journalist, Temi Sirbu and  UWA, with special thanks to Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct & Jon Stubbs, Director of Student Services.

All pieces entered across the year may be filmed for various Machinima, and are likely to be filmed as part of MachinimUWA VI (launching 1st March 2013), which will also carry a theme of REFLECTIONS

There is an even stronger partnership this time with OPEN THIS END (OTE), led by Cristina García-Lasuén (RL) / Aino Baar (SL). A number of entries will be selected by a panel commissioned by OTE to be on display in a Physical (RL) Museum in Europe (more details to come later). This panel will operate independently of the main challenge panel.

* Artwork entered should be able to be interpreted by the casual viewer as being representative of the Theme. Where the link to the theme is difficult to ascertain, this should be referenced in a NC accompanying the work.
* There is a 150 prim limit. (Up to 200 land impact PE for mesh, but actual prims must remain under 150.)
* 1 entry only per artist
* DEADLINE: 30th May2013

Place the artwork in the art entry receiver at the UWA Art Challenge platform (no perms required, but copy is appreciated if possible) . If you have problems with the receiver give artwork to Jayjay Zane or Jayjay Zifanwe along with Artist NC:
Receiver is located HERE

1st Prize L$100,000
2nd Prize L$75,000
3rd Prize L$55,000
4th Prize L$45,000
5th Prize L$40,000
6th - 10th Prize L$25,000
UWA Centenary Special Prize L$50,000
UWA Centenary Honourable Mention Prize L$30,000
* All winners will also receive a guided tour system of winner's choice (priced at $L2199) by 'THE GUIDED TOUR COMPANY, led by JonyBlade Codesmith

(Awarded to viewers/ visitors whose top 10 lists most closesly aligns to the actual juried top 10)
1st Prize L$ 7,000
2nd Prize L$ 5,000
3rd Prize L$ 4,000
4th Prize L$ 2,500
5th Prize L$1,500

To submit entries for REFLECTIONS: The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge, visit the UWA 3D gallery platform, and drop your entry in the receiver. You do this by selecting the entry in your inventory (left mouse button) and then press CTRL + drag the entry while holding down that key to the prim of the receiver. When the cursor is over the poster (red outlines should appear around the receiver box), release your left  mouse button and the item is received. Do this for BOTH your entry and your Artist Notecard.

If you have difficulties doing this, give the entry to Jayjay Zane or Jayjay Zifanwe.

Contest Entry Rules:
1) Any artwork/ object can be submitted. They can be inanimate or have animation. They may contain scripts if you so choose - maximum script time of 0.5ms, and anything that runs at over 0.05ms is to have an on/off on touch with time out of 10 minutes max (if you are unsure of your piece's script load please contact one of the Challenge hosts to have it evaluated). 150 prim maximum (or 200 land impact PE for mesh). A 1% tolerance is given to these limits
2) Note that by submitting an entry, you are giving permission to the University of Western Australia to place the objects anywhere on UWA owned land, and to have information and images of the entries placed on UWA websites and on websites promoting the UWA SIMS or events held on the UWA SIMS or to be filmed for Machinima purposes.
5) A valid entry, is any object dropped onto the contest entry receiver that fits the theme. Select your item from inventory while holding down the CTRL key, and drop it onto the contest entry billboard prim (release the left mouse button when your entry is in position to be dropped in).
6) Alternate method of entry is to drop the object into the inventory of Jayjay Zane, who is executive officer for the UWA Art Challenges, or Jayjay Zifanwe.
7) All entrants should join the group 'UWA 3D ART AND DESIGN CHALLENGE’ Group
8) To join, copy and paste the following into local chat, then click  as appropriate to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/cad9c421-8b96-f9c1-fb40-dade48c43fe4/about
9) All work must be original.  Renderings of works by others, in part or in whole, whether or not they are under copyright, should be acknowleded and permissions secured when appropriate.

Judging Panel for the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge:
Professor Ted Snell  - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
Dr Sally Quin - Curator, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA Museums, UWA
Virginia Rowland - Senior Policy Officer, Centenary Planning, UWA
Lyn DiCiero -  Editor, WA Artist's Chronicle
Madeleine King - Director  UWA Centenary Celebrations
Merle Hearns (RL) / Briarmelle Quintessa (SL) - Senior Lecturer, Foundation Studies Department, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
FreeWee Ling - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
Quan Lavender - Journalist & Blogger
Kip Yellowjacket - Co-Creator of VIRTLANTIS
Sasun Steinbeck  -  Creator of the Art Galleries of SL list
Len Zuks - Award Winning West Australian Sculpturist
Debora Kaz - Director of Kaz Filmes e Produções / Producer of I Festival Machinima Art Connections Brasil
Chestnut Rau - Journalist
Taralyn Gravois - CEO of VE Concepts
Apollo Manga  - Writer & Novelist
Frolic Mills - BOSL CEO
Dr Carmen Fies - Second Life Lead: University of Texas San Antonio
Lyn Hay (RL) / LenaLotus Latte (SL) - Lecturer, School of information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Thinkerer Melville (SL) / Selby Evans (RL) - Blogger on Virtual Worlds
Apmel Goosson - Journalist, Blogger, Author & Publisher
Dr. Phylis Johnson - Media Professor, Southern Illinois University, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
Mal Burns - Metaverse News Aggregator and Broadcaster
Dousa Dragonash - COO Metaverse Television
Jay  Jay Jegathesan (RL) / Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Manager School of Physics/ Lead of UWA Virtual Worlds

Curator for REFLECTIONS: The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge is FreeWee Ling
Host for REFLECTIONS: The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge  is Jayjay Zifanwe

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Victoria Lenoirre's Review of Nexuno Thespian's Sea World at LEA6

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the New Year! It is now February!This month at LEA6, we have a marvellous, colorful world for you created by the creative nexuno Thespian. His work is so fascinating and I am proud to call him my friend. The work is entitled Dr Moreau's Sea World. It is based on the book by HG Wells called the Island of Dr Moreau, a science fiction novel written in 1896.

Landing point

In the novel, a young man is shipwrecked and rescued by a passing boat that leaves him at Dr Moreau's island. Dr Moreau tries to turns animals into humans. He has been living on the island for 11 years. The novel touches on subjects like cruelty, pain, moral responsibility, and human identity.

The music here is eerie and mesmerizing. When you land here, you will see a painting of fish, a treasure box, and a sign you can click for info about this aquatic world. Click the treasure box and answer a simple question to receive a gift created by Nexuno.

If you walk straight ahead until you're under an arch with a bolt of lightning in the middle, you should see two signs that indicate 2 islands that you can teleport to. This is the central temple. The four islands to choose from are Shellmonsters Isle, Squidmonsters Isle,  Crabmonsters Isle, and Octopusmonsters Isle.

Central Temple

The island I went to first was Shellmonsters Isle. I started at the leftmost Isle tp indicator. Windlight used is Alchemy Immortalis-Fog Lifting. And Ambient Dark windlight. Around you, you are surrounded by giant shellfish. You see their huge, shiny black eyes. It is unsettling, isn't it? The clear blue water swirls around your feet. It's hypnotizing and the big black eyes of the shellmonsters seem to draw you in closer. A colorful clown fish or angel fish will take you back to the Central Temple to go to the next isle.

Next destination: Squidmonsters Isle. Pink squids seem to be suspended in the sky. There are so many. You can see the trajectory and it leads down into the pink water. One can surmise that the squids landed in the water and their juices got diluted in the water as they crashed to their deaths. A green anemone wiggles and squirms nearby.

Crabmonsters Isle...
You can see 2 crabmonsters, half human and half crab, bobbing up and down like they're fighting. The upper half is human and the bottom half is crustacean. Above them appears to be an egg. Every few seconds, an image of a man appears as if he's emerging from the egg. This shows what Dr. Moreau had hoped to achieve...creating man from an animal.

Crabmonsters Isle

Octopusmonsters Isle is an isle with huge colorful octopuses. The whole island glows with pretty blues and purples, just like being underwater. And before you see the octopus monsters, you see 2 Greek columns, one of which is laying on its side like something or someone knocked it down.

Octopusmonsters Isle

After viewing all four islands I wandered around the main level that is on the ground. The vegetation and the music is so intriguing. Nexuno is well known for his generous, fascinating use of color. His sculpts are unique in design. All that he creates comes from his mind and it is a wildly creative mind. He included sirens, coral, and all kinds of fish like whales and clownfish. It is always fascinating  to see what he will come up with next.

Outside the Central Temple
Like always, I enjoyed my conversation with the artist about the work. Nexuno is such a delight to chat with.

What is your favorite part in the book?

NT:I loved the whole book, I can not say that there is a special place and one that is not, the concepts are all very modern and avant-garde for the times of the writer.

What did you find very interesting about the story?

The island of Dr Moreau is a book written in 1895. I think the issue of genetic hybridization is very current and the vision of hg wells was at least prescient.

Is there a movie? Have you seen it?

NT: Yes from this novel there are three movies: The Island of the Lost Souls, 1932, Erle C. Kenton, The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1977 by Don Taylor and the most recent The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1996 by John Frankenheimer. Repeatedly I have seen them.

What is your favorite sea creature?

NT: I think my favorite sea creature is the jellyfish... so elegant, so luminescent but sometimes so terrible and poisonous.

What was the hardest part about creating this installation?

NT: I do not think that there is a difficult part of the building. It was all great fun. I can say that I loved reconstructing the section with the mermaid and the luminescent algae because it is the reconstruction of a real painting of mine.

Adding in the Greek columns was a nice touch. Was that in the book?

NT: ehhehee not all of this marine world is from the book. It is only an adaptation of the novel by hg wells, a kind of tribute to a great writer that I love.

What do you think is the central theme of the story?

NT: The narrative is set mainly on the responsibility of the scientist faced with the choice of the scientific requirements or of human morality. Dr. Moreau, therefore, is the mad scientist and amoral creatures are bound to its victims by a relationship of domination and needs, and is also the symbol of modern civilization that has made science and progress their gods getting to the point of destroying itself.

What is the central theme of your installation at LEA?

NT: the central theme of dr moreau's seaworld is much more serene.
I tried just to see the beauty of the differences, the harmony of the admixture of diversity, a message which is about bridging differences.

Thank you so much, Nexuno for an amazing, exciting world this month at LEA6! We are proud to present Dr. Moreau's Sea World! Please stop by soon! It is only here for this month!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LEA FULL SIM ART SEARIES (FEB): Dr Moreau Seaworld (Nexuno Thespian)

Nexuno Thespian takes the reins at LEA 6 for the final chapter of the 2nd year of the LEA FULL SIM ART Series with the enchantingly immersive 'Dr Moreau Seaworld''. A full list of the Year 2 offerings can be found the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (here for full year schedule). Anyone wanting to put their hands up for the March 2013 - March 2014 rounds, do contact Jay Jay Zifanwe or Bryn Oh (or watch for the expression of interest calls).... especially if you are interested in the March & April rounds for 2013.

1.30PM SLT, Friday 8th February 2013


I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy novels. The Island of Dr. Moreau (The Island of Dr. Moreau) is a science fiction novel by HG Wells I've read a long time ago and which I have repeatedly seen the film editions. This is a story that I have always been passionate about because beyond the fantastic value it contains food for thought, very modern genetic modification and on moral ethics of science.
I wanted to create a job in marine version of the island of dr moreau with cute monsters mixed sea ​​creatures and human. I am passionate about real aquariums and I also recreated some real elements such as coral (Zoanthus) which covers the rocks that hide a building of mythological characters.
Some features such as the siren which is located to the side is the SL version of my real paintings. I hope you have fun to explore and be a part of this strange seaworld for a while.

In Nexuno's mother tongue:
sei cortesemente invitato all apertura dell esposizione
08 febbraio 01 30 pm sl time

benvenuti nel dr moreau seaworld di nexuno thespian
son un appassionato di fantascienza e romanzi fantasy ,L'isola del dottor Moreau (The
Island of Dr. Moreau) è un romanzo di fantascienza di Herbert George Wells che ho letto tanto tempo fa e di cui ho visto ripetutamente le edizioni cinematografiche, è una storia che mi ha sempre appassionato perchè aldilà del valore fantastico contiene spunti di riflessione molto moderni sulla modificazione genetica e sull etica morale della scienza ,ho voluto creare un lavoro in versione marina dell isola del dr moreau con simpatici mostri misti di creature marine e umane ,son appassionato di acquari in real e ho ricreato anche alcuni elementi reali come il corallo (zoanthus) che ricopre le rocce che nascondono un palazzo dei personaggi mitologici , alcuni particolari come la sirena che si trova di lato è la versione sl di un mio quadro real ,spero vi divertiate ad esplorare e a far parte per un pò di questo strano seaworld .

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Artists' Choice Triptych Winners

This morning we presented the awards for the winners of the final UWA Artists' Choice theme show as we segue into the UWA 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS. The Artists' Choice series, together with the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge and MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom, 2012 made for another outstanding year of art for UWA, and we expect 2013 to be just as innovative and engaging.

The exhibition catalogues for each of the Artsts' Choice challenges are being published in the online journal "UWA Studies in Virtual Arts." They can be found here on the UWA blog.

The UWA Artists' Choice challenges are designed to inspire and support the work of artists. The key difference from earlier challenges is that the main awards are determined entirely by the votes of the participating artists and sponsors themselves. It's a special honor to be acknowledged by our colleagues.

We also express our deepest gratitude to all the sponsors for the Artists' Choice events this year, including:
  • Armany Thursday and Dyce Underwood for DNA Art and Music Fusion
  • Cherry Manga for Mysterious Wave
  • Eliza Wierwight and Patron
  • fiona Blaylock for artFiona
  • Flora Nordenskiold and NordanArt
  • Ginger Alsop and Phi Clothing Designs
  • JayJay Zifanwe for UWA
  • Nexuno Thespian & La Baroque for Colore Art Gallery
  • Zachh Cale for Project Z
  • and numerous anonymous donors.


Triptychs are normally 2D paintings or photographs. But the challenge here is to render a triptych in 3D virtual art. A triptych may be a single idea divided, or is can be three ideas connected. It can be a scene simply divided into three sections. Or it can be separate, related scenes as in Bosch's famous "Garden of Earthly Delights." The only real requirement here was that it represent triplicity in some way.

We received 22 amazing entries for the TRIPTYCH theme by 15 artists.


The People's Choice Award (L$2000) for UWA Artists' Choice TRIPTYCH goes to:
LUMINA by Thoth Jantzen
 The Non-Scripted Award (L$3000) for TRIPTYCH goes to:
THE ARTISTS' STUDIO by Krystali Rabeni

The Third Place Award (L$3000) goes to:
THE ARTISTS' STUDIO by Krystali Rabeni

The Second Place Award (L$5000) goes to:
FROZEN BEGINNINGS by Carmsie Melodie

The First Place Award (L$7000) for the UWA Aritsts' Choice Triptych goes to:
LUMINA by Thoth Jantzen

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated all the Artists' Choice shows this past year.