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Victoria Lenoirre's Review of Nexuno Thespian's Sea World at LEA6

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the New Year! It is now February!This month at LEA6, we have a marvellous, colorful world for you created by the creative nexuno Thespian. His work is so fascinating and I am proud to call him my friend. The work is entitled Dr Moreau's Sea World. It is based on the book by HG Wells called the Island of Dr Moreau, a science fiction novel written in 1896.

Landing point

In the novel, a young man is shipwrecked and rescued by a passing boat that leaves him at Dr Moreau's island. Dr Moreau tries to turns animals into humans. He has been living on the island for 11 years. The novel touches on subjects like cruelty, pain, moral responsibility, and human identity.

The music here is eerie and mesmerizing. When you land here, you will see a painting of fish, a treasure box, and a sign you can click for info about this aquatic world. Click the treasure box and answer a simple question to receive a gift created by Nexuno.

If you walk straight ahead until you're under an arch with a bolt of lightning in the middle, you should see two signs that indicate 2 islands that you can teleport to. This is the central temple. The four islands to choose from are Shellmonsters Isle, Squidmonsters Isle,  Crabmonsters Isle, and Octopusmonsters Isle.

Central Temple

The island I went to first was Shellmonsters Isle. I started at the leftmost Isle tp indicator. Windlight used is Alchemy Immortalis-Fog Lifting. And Ambient Dark windlight. Around you, you are surrounded by giant shellfish. You see their huge, shiny black eyes. It is unsettling, isn't it? The clear blue water swirls around your feet. It's hypnotizing and the big black eyes of the shellmonsters seem to draw you in closer. A colorful clown fish or angel fish will take you back to the Central Temple to go to the next isle.

Next destination: Squidmonsters Isle. Pink squids seem to be suspended in the sky. There are so many. You can see the trajectory and it leads down into the pink water. One can surmise that the squids landed in the water and their juices got diluted in the water as they crashed to their deaths. A green anemone wiggles and squirms nearby.

Crabmonsters Isle...
You can see 2 crabmonsters, half human and half crab, bobbing up and down like they're fighting. The upper half is human and the bottom half is crustacean. Above them appears to be an egg. Every few seconds, an image of a man appears as if he's emerging from the egg. This shows what Dr. Moreau had hoped to achieve...creating man from an animal.

Crabmonsters Isle

Octopusmonsters Isle is an isle with huge colorful octopuses. The whole island glows with pretty blues and purples, just like being underwater. And before you see the octopus monsters, you see 2 Greek columns, one of which is laying on its side like something or someone knocked it down.

Octopusmonsters Isle

After viewing all four islands I wandered around the main level that is on the ground. The vegetation and the music is so intriguing. Nexuno is well known for his generous, fascinating use of color. His sculpts are unique in design. All that he creates comes from his mind and it is a wildly creative mind. He included sirens, coral, and all kinds of fish like whales and clownfish. It is always fascinating  to see what he will come up with next.

Outside the Central Temple
Like always, I enjoyed my conversation with the artist about the work. Nexuno is such a delight to chat with.

What is your favorite part in the book?

NT:I loved the whole book, I can not say that there is a special place and one that is not, the concepts are all very modern and avant-garde for the times of the writer.

What did you find very interesting about the story?

The island of Dr Moreau is a book written in 1895. I think the issue of genetic hybridization is very current and the vision of hg wells was at least prescient.

Is there a movie? Have you seen it?

NT: Yes from this novel there are three movies: The Island of the Lost Souls, 1932, Erle C. Kenton, The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1977 by Don Taylor and the most recent The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1996 by John Frankenheimer. Repeatedly I have seen them.

What is your favorite sea creature?

NT: I think my favorite sea creature is the jellyfish... so elegant, so luminescent but sometimes so terrible and poisonous.

What was the hardest part about creating this installation?

NT: I do not think that there is a difficult part of the building. It was all great fun. I can say that I loved reconstructing the section with the mermaid and the luminescent algae because it is the reconstruction of a real painting of mine.

Adding in the Greek columns was a nice touch. Was that in the book?

NT: ehhehee not all of this marine world is from the book. It is only an adaptation of the novel by hg wells, a kind of tribute to a great writer that I love.

What do you think is the central theme of the story?

NT: The narrative is set mainly on the responsibility of the scientist faced with the choice of the scientific requirements or of human morality. Dr. Moreau, therefore, is the mad scientist and amoral creatures are bound to its victims by a relationship of domination and needs, and is also the symbol of modern civilization that has made science and progress their gods getting to the point of destroying itself.

What is the central theme of your installation at LEA?

NT: the central theme of dr moreau's seaworld is much more serene.
I tried just to see the beauty of the differences, the harmony of the admixture of diversity, a message which is about bridging differences.

Thank you so much, Nexuno for an amazing, exciting world this month at LEA6! We are proud to present Dr. Moreau's Sea World! Please stop by soon! It is only here for this month!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

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