Saturday, February 2, 2013

Artists' Choice Triptych Winners

This morning we presented the awards for the winners of the final UWA Artists' Choice theme show as we segue into the UWA 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS. The Artists' Choice series, together with the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge and MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom, 2012 made for another outstanding year of art for UWA, and we expect 2013 to be just as innovative and engaging.

The exhibition catalogues for each of the Artsts' Choice challenges are being published in the online journal "UWA Studies in Virtual Arts." They can be found here on the UWA blog.

The UWA Artists' Choice challenges are designed to inspire and support the work of artists. The key difference from earlier challenges is that the main awards are determined entirely by the votes of the participating artists and sponsors themselves. It's a special honor to be acknowledged by our colleagues.

We also express our deepest gratitude to all the sponsors for the Artists' Choice events this year, including:
  • Armany Thursday and Dyce Underwood for DNA Art and Music Fusion
  • Cherry Manga for Mysterious Wave
  • Eliza Wierwight and Patron
  • fiona Blaylock for artFiona
  • Flora Nordenskiold and NordanArt
  • Ginger Alsop and Phi Clothing Designs
  • JayJay Zifanwe for UWA
  • Nexuno Thespian & La Baroque for Colore Art Gallery
  • Zachh Cale for Project Z
  • and numerous anonymous donors.


Triptychs are normally 2D paintings or photographs. But the challenge here is to render a triptych in 3D virtual art. A triptych may be a single idea divided, or is can be three ideas connected. It can be a scene simply divided into three sections. Or it can be separate, related scenes as in Bosch's famous "Garden of Earthly Delights." The only real requirement here was that it represent triplicity in some way.

We received 22 amazing entries for the TRIPTYCH theme by 15 artists.


The People's Choice Award (L$2000) for UWA Artists' Choice TRIPTYCH goes to:
LUMINA by Thoth Jantzen
 The Non-Scripted Award (L$3000) for TRIPTYCH goes to:
THE ARTISTS' STUDIO by Krystali Rabeni

The Third Place Award (L$3000) goes to:
THE ARTISTS' STUDIO by Krystali Rabeni

The Second Place Award (L$5000) goes to:
FROZEN BEGINNINGS by Carmsie Melodie

The First Place Award (L$7000) for the UWA Aritsts' Choice Triptych goes to:
LUMINA by Thoth Jantzen

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated all the Artists' Choice shows this past year.

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