Thursday, July 2, 2015

SciFi Film Festival (Machinima/Animation) - CLOSING 29th AUGUST 2015

UWA is pleased to announce that the partnership with SciFi Film Festival continues.  Details for machinima and film submissions are on the main SciFi Film Festival Website. CLICK HERE. You will see that there are entry fees for all categories of film, HOWEVER for any machinima filmed in Second Life, the entry fee is covered by UWA, so you will be able to register without cost!


Check out the amazing list of cash prizes here (in Australian $)

You should be eligible for the Animation and International Film categories as well as the overall prizes.

Do note the more stringent rules and requirements as per their website, this is due to the fact that it is not an exclusive machinima challenge, however we are seeking to bring machinima into the mainstream and as such will be viewed alongside all other types of film. As for prize categories there is a special prize for best Animation, and any type of animated film will be eligible for that award, however only the SL machinimas will not be subject to the entry fee.

We feel that in a SciFi category, those filming in Second Life have a huge advantage over those using conventional filming methods, and we hope that all of you machinimatogtraphers and filmmakers of SL use this advantage fully.

Best of luck to anyone intending to participate. UWA will not be directly involved in the judging process for the challenge, and we would be glad to be sent a note should any of you wish to submit a film (email to or contact jayjay zifanwe in world).

Film Submission rules etc can be found here: