Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge - Joseph Nussbaum + Bryn Oh

Alcyon and Ceyx

Joseph Nussbaum's Alcyon and Ceyx featuring the artwork A Virtual Wander in Two Dimensions and a Half by ErikoLeo

Bryn Oh's Cerulean featuring the artwork 'The Cerulean' by Bryn Oh

Two amazing and very different films, by Joseph Nussbaum and Bryn Oh get the ball rolling for the L$350,000 Art of the Artists: Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 31 DEC 2017.

The theme is 'ART OF THE ARTISTS', and we are trying to encourage connections and collaborations between 3D artists and machinima makers. Any artworks that sit on the UWA Sims in Second Life, and these include artworks created when the sims themselves were created in 2009 can be selected to feature in your machinima. You may choose individual artworks OR a collection of artworks around which to weave a story. The artwork(s) need to be a relatively significant part of the story, and not merely something glimpsed in passing. More details and TP links can be found HERE

A lot of thank you's for making this possible:

LaPiscean Liberty - Slartist Founder & Main Sponsor
Chantal Harvey - Judging Panel Chair
Eliza Weirwight - Art/Poster Design
FreeWee Ling - Filmmaker Liaison
Singh Albatross (Writers Centre Singapore) - Sponsor