Thursday, May 14, 2020

UWA Alumni Responds to CoVid through Machinima!

Congratulations to UWA Alumni Ivan Sun, on the public response to his latest work, the Second Life  machinima music video, "I wanna go to Marz", which is about the LOW REZ male choir dealing with COVID19 lockdown.

This video was retweeted by @SecondLife on 13/5/2020. Through other channels, it has come to the attention of one-time Record Company (EMI, Virgin, BMG) executive David Hunt, who will interview Ivan about this SL work, on JOY 94.9FM on 15/5/2020 in the 'Friday Drive' radio program.   

As an artist Ivan has exhibited works in San Diego, Bendigo and Melbourne - most recently at the St Kilda Town Hall. In 2016, his work on the Second Life Bauhaus Museum was nominated by Linden Labs as a Destination highlight and as a special pick for International Museum Week.

An alumni of UWA (1994), Ivan confesses to spending many hours reading many books (not in the syllabus) at the Reid library, and dreaming with the peacocks at the English Department's courtyards.

Links: [to the machinima]