Saturday, January 2, 2010

December People's Choice Open

UWA Imagine Challenge People's Choice is now open for December entries.

(Thanks to CaptainCrunch Hax we have a fully automated voting system now!)

Please read following How To Vote info:
Please be aware that we are able to tell who votes when and for what - artists who try to stack votes will be disqualified.
1. You have up to 3 votes to give.
2. Only one vote per item on the board (you cannot give one item more than one vote).
3. Touch the item for which you would like to vote. The board will tell you alone in chat and in a blue confirmation menu which item it is you are voting for.
4. Click YES if it is the correct item, or NO if you wish to change your mind/have touched the wrong item.
5. You have 60 seconds to respond before the confirmation menu times out.
6. The board will confirm in chat which item you have voted for and how many votes you have cast. As you get the chance to confirm or declien a vote no discussion of "misplaced votes" will be entered into.
6. You can vote only for a maximum of 3 items.

If you cannot seem to find the image of the piece you would like to vote for please send a notecard with the artist and title of the work/s to JayJay Zane.
If you have any queries about the voting system please contact quadrapop Lane by IM and notecard.

But WAIT! There is MORE!.....

Notification for the
Time: 5am SLT
Day: Sunday the 10th of Jan
Location: The UWA A&D Platform

Anyone interested in the Machinima Challenge (MachinimUWA), do have a look at all the info on that and please share with anyone you know who does machinima.

A list of all the entries in the Imagine and Flagship Challenges...

DECEMBER IMAGINE WORKS ON DISPLAY (in no particular order)
1 Miso Susanowa Radiant Stallions
2 Eden Toll If I could wrap love in a box
3 Eden Toll Tears of Fire
4 Eden Toll install deconstructed
5 Dusty Canning Sunbeam Mixer
6 Gumby Roffo Fun Shuttle GGG
7 Four Yip Yips projection toy
8 Four Yip Yips toy cupboard
9 Jesse Keyes Richard's Throne
10 Sistagrlro Wei Black Soil Plains Running Through My Veins
11 Really Scrabblebat The Cub Rescue
12 Venom Silverfall Protected Love
13 Betty Tureaud The Last Canon
14 Betty Tureaud Freezz your selv to death
15 scottius Polke Vector Beehive
16 Silva Khandr Aquario 3D with Skull
17 Corcosman Voom Heart of the Sun
18 Sledge Roffo Rebuild V2
19 magus36 Rau Jaguar Aztec Warrior
20 Penelope Parx Writing...1
21 Penelope Parx Knowledges
22 McCarp Mavendorf dodecahedron puzle
23 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book I
24 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book II
25 Fuschia Nightfire Sketch Book III
26 Fuschia Nightfire Avatar Sculptures
27 Sabine Stonebender Splash Central
28 Igor ballyhoo Chaos in Order
29 Igor ballyhoo GOD
30 soror Nishi The Glassflower Tree
31 Lollypop Congrejo Spray Addict
32 Snubnose Genopeak Tempo
33 Luna Larsen Glowing Angel
34 Luna Larsen Guardian Angel
35 Luna Larsen Ice Flower
36 Ginger Lorakeet Rockpool
37 Juliete 3D Quinzet The Future
38 Juliete 3D Quinzet The Castle
39 Juliete 3D Quinzet Cascading Art of Juliete3D
40 Oberon Onmura Light & heavy
41 Sunflower Aichi Blue Variations
42 Sabrinaa Nightfire View from my Bedroom
43 Sabrinaa Nightfire Wings of Hope
44 Jedda Zenkova Heartseed Orb
45 Luko Enoch Versing Neon
46 Oldoak Merlin Working for You & Me
47 Oldoak Merlin Rack of Mechanical Birds
48 Oldoak Merlin Devotional Trinity
49 Silene Christen Spirit of Music
50 Sheba Blitz Summer Haze
51 ichiko Miles Sculpted Aquarium
52 ichiko Miles De finibus bonorum et malorum 10.32
53 Oriscus Zauberflote 6 Rue du Lac - facade
54 ArthurConan Doyle The Raven
55 ArthurConan Doyle A Christmas Carol
56 Anyunie Daviau Araucaria Artist Book
57 Magggnnus Woodget Cheers - interactive sculpture
58 Eifachfilm Vacirca Jellyfish Swarm
59 Alizarin Goldflake Dhyana
60 Alizarin Goldflake Black Diamond
61 Asmita Duranjaya Asmita's_Philosphical_Book_Display
62 FreeWee Ling Mystic Magazine
63 FreeWee Ling sin on wheels
64 RAG Randt Autumn 09
65 Kasumi Silvera First Prim of Dream
66 Glyph Graves Parsimonious Offering
67 Martartazul Zemlja trapped in ice
68 Genevieve Silvercloud Portfolio
69 Silene Christen Untold Story

These are variously on the UWA and University of WA sims due to prim counts.
Please use the TPs from the Flagship Platform if the TP says 'Touch Me' on touch it will bring up the Map to Teleport you to the other sim.
Patch Thibaud
Silene Christen
Oldoak Merlin
Magus36 Rau
Nyx Breen

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