Thursday, June 24, 2010

UWAinSL @ Second Life 7th birthday Celebration (aka SL7B)


In Second Life, as in first life,
it is the people
who make a project a success,
it can have the best environment in the world
it will be lifeless without the people.

UWAinSL is the result of countless people
who have given of their time, skills and energy
to create our University's Second Life campus.

The names you will see scrolling down
within the waterfalls
of the UWA in SL SL7B display
are but a small fraction
of the residents of Second Life
and people in first life
who have collaborated in making
the lively engaging place it is today.

I asked Jayjay what he wanted this blog post to say about the University of Western Australia's contribution to the Second Life 7th Birthday Celebrations and here is his reply:

"just say a big thank you to all who have made it what it is,
and that this is dedicated to them..."

which sums up how we feel about all the help and collaboration we have experienced so far, and are continuing to enjoy, in creating and maintaining the UWA presence in Second Life.

Without the contributions of the residents of SL and the staff at UWA who contribute time and energy in RL UWA in SL woudl not exist.

UWAinSL @ SL7B Enigma

When you visit you can pick up some freebies, touch the image panels for lots of notecards (with information about various projects, collaborations and events), and links to RL University websites and to the UWAinSL Blog and Koinup image archive.

JayJay will be talking about UWA in SL at SL7B, 6pm SLT Thursday June 24 at the Auditorium on SL7B Upsidedown. He will be speaking about how UWA in SL began, and highlighting the main collaborative efforts that have helped it grow.

This includes: the archtecture, the art & machinima, the teaching & research, and the RL Memorandums Of Understanding signed between the University of WA and other tertiary institutions around the world.

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