Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Audience Participation Events: UWA Centenary 3D Art & MachinimUWA V


Running through the end of July are Audience Participation Events for the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge, with 90 artworks from around the globe and MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom, with a sublime collection of 51 short animated film.

Both of these events are set up such that the viewers or the audience experiencing the artworks or the film, can submit a top10 list in the order they think will be the ultimate juried order. The 3 viewers or audience members who come closest in both art & machinima events can win for themselves up to L$10,000. To take part, click the link for the 3D Art or for the Machinima and everything is explained!

Also CLICK HERE to view the 45++ wonderful submissions to the Poster Challenge. And CLICK HERE to view the magnificent 10 created by Swedish sensation, Apmel Goosson!

All this will culminate at 6am SLT Sunday 5th August where the Grand Finale announcement will be held for both events.

Time & Date: 6am SLT Sunday, 5th August
Location: UWA - BOSL Grand Amphitheatre (
Entrance 1Entrance 2, Entrace 3)

Links from the Metaverse on the UWA Challenges
Machinima by aquaglo (Features Heartwood)

Repeating the words of Karima Hoisan from her blog ... it speaks to the heart of all the amazing collaborations that have happened through serendipity since the UWA presence was formed:

Ohh..I can’t wait to share this little film with all of you…a 4:30 min black and white machinima that took hours of rendering, discussing, and polishing but was soooo much fun to do, and renews my belief in the wonders of Second Life and the Arts, for bringing unlikely bedfellows into the same creative bed. This is how we made the Costa Rica-Germany Connection… and all because of a University (Western Australia) in a Continent Down-Under, that has sparked so many film makers to action and to letting their artistic and philosophic rivers flow, in one direction from all over the world. I was not even thinking of entering as my computer and software, and just everything, is not good enough to compete at this very high level,which brings the most amazing films and filmmakers out, for now the fifth year. Well we put our energies and focus to where our ideas were and this led to the completion of our project, which has been entered alongside so many other wonderful collaborations and individuals that sprang up for this grand event of 2012:

MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom (5th UWA Short Animated Film Festival)

I hate to sound repetitive, and if I do,  it’s  only because I am once again so excited, but it is amazing how saying “Yes” to an idea and just diving into it, can be so rewarding. No boundaries, no cultural barriers, no prejudices, when creative people come together and start with just that little seed, and then work on it in a tight collaboration, until they see it bear fruit…ahh what total joy! What a harvest for the soul!!


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