MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS (6th UWA Short Animated Film Festival)

We are happy to announce the 6th Machinima Challenge put forth by the University of Western Australia (UWA). The theme is 'Reflections'. Sponsored by the Parramatta City Council, MetaHarpers (Arhenn Oberlander), AviewTV, Freemason Magic & UWA the prize pool sits at L$1,100,000 (approx USD 4,500). We hope you are inspired by this to create many wondrous works as you have been through the years! (Please note the major rule & special prize guidelines as well as the Audience Participation Prizes for watching the machinima)

WHAT: MachinimUWA VI : Reflections 

WHEN: Entries Close at Midnight SLT 30th June 2013.  Winner will be announced in August 2013

The theme is 'REFLECTIONS'. Reflections in a pool of water... Reflections of light... Reflecting on the grandeur of the universe... Reflections of art.... An Inner Reflection.....Reflecting on opportuinities lost, or siezed... How 'Reflections' is interpreted is exactly like how beauty is interpreted.... in the eyes of the beholder... or in this case, the eyes and lens of the machinimatographer.

This theme was chosen  in conjunction with the 2013 UWA Centenary, as she reflects on 100 years of existence and ponders the question of what the next 100 years will bring.

You machinima can be about any type of 'Reflections' you may wish to portray. There is only one  requirement to make this a valid entry. At least one of the 3 major spaces of Reflection at UWA needs to be included in your storyline (The Reflection Pond, The Sunken Gardens, The Somerville Auditorium - LM's provided below). You may choose to film in any other area of the campus if you so wish or you could include all 3 locations, but the rule is you need to select at least ONE. You may use props at the location, or maybe want to change the footage later during the post process, this is up to you... as long as one of the 3 spaces you choose to be part of your Machinima can be recognized and form part of your storyline. Addendum: Or, you could choose to include Robin Yakinthou's 'Gift from the Gods' instead of one of those 3 spaces.

There is a prize pool of L$1 Million, with a L$200,000 top prize, and 12 prizes in all. There will be a top 10, as well as 2 special prizes.  All winners will also receive a special RL UWA package.  The UWA Centenary Prize of L$50,000 will also be awarded to the Machinima that best captures the essence of 100 years of reflections on education. The UWA Art of the Artists Prize of L$50,000 will be awarded to the Machinima that best incorporates one or a number of the artworks that have been submitted to the UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge.  Info on Art Challenge here:

There are also audience participation awards totalling L$45,000 for just watching the machinima and submitting a top 10 list

The Reflection Pond Next to Winthrop Clock Tower

The UWA Sunken Gardens

The UWA Somerville Auditorium with its Norfolk Bay Pine Trees

Robin Yakinthou's 'Gift from the Gods'

The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge Gallery (curated by FreeWee Ling)

4 mins 30 seconds is the strongly recommended maximum length, but this is not a hard rule. The UWA Special Prize however can only go to a machinima that fits within the recommended length.

Load the Machinima anywhere, preferably youtube or vimeo, provide link to Jayjay Zifanwe & LaPiscean Liberty

We look forward to seeing what you find as you begin your REFLECTIONS.

*All work must be free of copyright issues. If requested, you must provide detailed information regarding the source, creator and background information of your work. If you utilize any 3rd party materials, such as music, you must have obtained permission from the creator.
* Please acknowledge the works you feature, the lands you film and any music or content that you use
* Multiple unique entries are encouraged (do try to stick to the suggested time limit)
* If you need to rezz (blue screen etc), contact Jayjay Zifanwe or FreeWee Ling
* If you have questions or want to discuss anything, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe
*All entries remain the property of the creator, however once entered, you agree to provide UWA & AviewTV  to non-exclusive, unrestricted, use in perpetuity in the known universe for educational and promotional purposes.

Professor Ted Snell - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
Jon Stubbs - Director of Student Services, UWA
Lyn DiCiero -  Editor, WA Artist's Chronicle
Madeleine King - Director  UWA Centenary Celebrations
Jenna Mead - Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies, UWA
Jonathan Zahra - Business Manager, Guild Student Services Division, UWA
Crystal Abidin - Journalist, Trove Magazine
Siobhan Hodge - Journalist, Trove Magazine
Caine Chennat - Web Coordinator, Cultural Precinct, UWA
Binu Jayawardhena - Founder, Western Australian Student television Inc. (WasTV)
Merle Hearns (RL) / Briarmelle Quintessa (SL) - Senior Lecturer, Foundation Studies Department, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
C.Steele (RL) / Rasaec (SL) - Lecturer, York University, Toronto, Canada
Debora Kaz - Director of Kaz Filmes e Produções / Producer of I Festival Machinima Art Connections Brasil
FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
LaPiscean Liberty (SL) - CEO AviewTV and UWA Virtual World Technical Media Advisor
Apmel Goosson - Scandinavian Author/Publisher
Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media Professor, Southern Illinois University, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
Mal Burns (SL), Metaverse News Aggregator and Broadcaster
Apollo Manga  - Writer & Novelist
Victoria Lenoirre - Journalist/Blogger
Quan Lavender - Journalist & Blogger
Tom Papas - 48 Hour Festival, Australia
Honour McMillan - Blogger
Taralyn Gravois - CEO of VE Concepts
Dousa Dragonash (SL) - COO Metaverse Television
Pia Klaar - Former Audience Award Champion & Runners-up
Persia Bravin (SL) - Journalist, SL Media Producer and TV host
Alfonso Garavito Olivar (a.k.a, Alfonso Perfferle, SL) - Director - Virtual TV Magazine & Virtual TV Media
Arrehn Oberlander (SL) - Firestorm Developer, MetaHarper art collective founder
Ziki Questi - Blogger, Photographer, Artist
Saffia Widdershins - Owner and Editor of Prim Perfect
Jay  Jay Jegathesan (RL) / Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Manager School of Physics/ Lead of UWA Virtual Worlds

FULL PRIZE LIST (L$1,100,000 in total)
1st Prize: L$200,000
2nd Prize: L$150,000
3rd Prize: L$125,000
4th Prize: L$100,000
5th Prize: L$80,000
6th - 10th Prize: :@$40,000
UWA Centenary  Prize: L$50,000 (awarded by UWA members of the committee)
UWA Art of the Artists Prize: L$50,000
Additional L$100,000 to be further distributed among the existing prizes

Machinima Audience Participation Prizes:
1st Prize: L$15,000
2nd Prize: L$10,000
3rd Prize:  L$8,000
4th Prize: L$7,000
5th Prize: L$5,000
(prizes given to audience members whose top 10 lists most closely align to the final juried top 10)

* Special thanks to Eliza Wierwight for all her support
* Special thanks also to the creator of some of the spaces at UWA. These include Chuckmatrix Clip, quadrapop Lane, Nyx Breen, Bradley Dorchester (Bradley Curnow, RL). Dragonmage Bogan (Dr Chris Thorne, RL), Sharni Azalee & Minny Werefox (Minh Tran, RL).
* Special thanks also to our sponsors The Parramatta City Council, Aview TV (LaPiscean Liberty), MetaHarpers (Arhenn Oberlander),  Freemnason Magic and a very generous anonymous donor.