Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Second Life - the topic of a UWA 3-Minute Thesis Challenge Presentation

UWA Second Life founder, Jay Jay Jegathesan is also a PhD student, completing a part time PhD on the topic of community and collaboration through virtual worlds.

This video is taken from the semi-final round of the 2013 3-Minute Thesis competition where PhD students are asked to speak for 3 minutes on the PhD research using no technology or props aside from a single image.

Some other presentations as shown below by Francis Torres & Akhter Hosain, provide a flavour of some of the other presentations for the challenge.



Image Used by Jay Jay for the Presentation (created with the help of quadrapop Lane)



  1. Wow Jay Jay, what a fantastic talk! Congratulations!

  2. The three minute thesis challenge is really being known nowadays. And it would certainly make people think about their thesis topic ideas carefully before competing in the challenge. And it can really make people study hard on what they want to prove on their research.