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Victoria Lenoirre's review of LEA 6 Full Sim, Mitosis by DaveSearbyMason Resident

It's the last month of summer for many living in North America, and it is sad to see summer go. Not to worry, there is a brand new installation at LEA 6 this month....Mitosis by DaveSearbyMason Resident.

The grand opening was on August 6th at noon GMT.

Dave said of his work:

“The piece is called 'Mitosis'  and was inspired  by cell division and by the beauty of transparent deep sea creatures. 

When visiting, please enable all media.  Many of the pieces carry their own sound, designed to be heard as you walk through them, or as they swim through you.  Sadly, objects carrying their own sound in SL seem to be fixed at quite a low volume, so, you will need to turn up your local volume control to hear what is going on.  It is designed to be seen at 'sunset' environment setting but seeing it at 'midnight' offers something too.

There are three levels you can 'walk' on (1) below sea level', (2) human height and (3) light level. These can reached by teleporting or by flying.  You arrive at below sea level.  These three levels might represent stages of progress, but then again, who is saying one is more advanced or better than another?”

At the landing point of Mitosis
The landing point is in a glass box. There is a gap between the walls allowing you walk out and into open space. In the open space, you will collide with free roaming cells. Upon collision, they emit sounds.  The textures are animated and so bright and vibrant. The higher up you fly, the more complex the cells get.

The first level is sparse and basic. The floor looked a bit dull and it felt very dark. The windlight is one of the night ones.

Human height, the second level is more colorful and full. There were more cells and it was more interactive.

Light level is around 90m up and it's the most complicated and most colorful level. 

Light Level of Mitosis

This is a wondrous sim to explore and I of course came up with many questions for Dave. Below I have posted my exchange with him. He was very kind.

Hello Victoria

replies below . . . . . . .

 Is this your first avatar in SL?
 ----no.  I have had perhaps 4 accounts spread over the last 3 years.  Each time before, I closed an account and started all over again.  I found it an interesting challenge, working out what an on-line identity should be for me.  I feel I may have found the right set up this time.  I will send you something I wrote about on-line identities, in case it is of interest.

 How did you hear about SL?
------ I have had an interest in digital matters for about 30 years so I joined SL when it began.  However, I did not like the interface and the poor graphics at that time.  On a whim, I looked again 3 years  ago and was pleased at how it has come on.  The lag and regular crashing drive me nuts though . . . .

 Is this your first art installation in SL?
--------It is my first for LEA.  There was an earlier effort that no longer exists.  There is a a film of it here :

 What windlight did you use for your LEA 6 gallery?
 ------- I did not set one up, just relying on people to use Sunset and Midnight environment settings.  I do like the windlight function; the Alpha Tribe use it very well.

 What art do you specialize in?
-------------- I do not see myself as an artist so to think in terms of specialising feels a bit grand for me but I love many kinds.  Big influences are mandalas of Buddhist art, 60s psychedelia, Max Ernst and Art Deco.  There are examples of some of my doodling here :
there are some "galleries" on film there of earlier musings

  Do you like a lot of science based art, either real or sci fi? There are a lot of sci-fi art works in SL. It's really fascinating.
 ------ I am indeed a Sci Fi fan, William Gibson, Bladerunner and the Matrix films are big influences.  I very much admire many things in SL and often wander round Insilico.  I was sad to note that Pteron Pteron has gone.
  Why did you choose Mitosis? 
 -------- I am interested in the relationship between very small and very big things. Cell division and deep sea creatures catch my eye when ever I am roaming on You Tube

In the level with those faces, who are those men?
 ------ vanity vanity !   they are me

Thanks so much. I'll let you know if I have more questions.
------ please feel free.  I have no computer at present so have to borrow one from a friend.  I use and SL app on an iPad to keep in touch, so I will get back to you whenever I can


Thank you so much, Dave! Keep up the creativity!

You are invited to visit anytime. The Mitosis awaits!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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  1. Wow what a fantastic and well done interview! Had it not been for this interview I would more then likely miss out on seeing this incredible work of sheer brilliance. Thanks for sharing this Victoria, I look forward to walking the levels of this amazing creation.....LadyVelvetRose