Monday, October 12, 2009

UWA in SL Launched on 2nd October 2009

The UWA in SL estate (three sims and counting - Uni of WA, WASP Land and UWA) was officially launched by the Uni's Vice Chancellor Professor Alan Robson. The event was advertised in a number of places both in SL (via group and personal invitations) and in RL - UWA's What's On, Facebook, with the local papers all having a story about UWA's new presence in SL.

There are images of the launch on the UWA in SL Koinup site as well as some on the WASP website.

In True Web 2.0 fashion you can now keep up with events and developments on UWA in Second Life at the following sites: Twitter, Flickr, Flickr Group, Koinup, Live Journal, on Second Life: (you will need a Second Life account to visit the virtual campus - a reasonably decent machine and broadband internet connection)

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