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Igor Ballyhoo & Nyx Breen: Historic winners in JANUARY ROUND of UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

Igor Ballyhoo and Nyx Breen both made history by becoming the only repeat winners of the IMAGINE and FLAGSHIP sections of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge with their truimph in the January round of this year long challenge! In Igor's case it was a back-to-back win as well in the IMAGINE Challenge. So it's out there. Who can put the breaks on Igor and Nyx?

Igor's winning piece, CYBERSHARK was an absolutely mesmerising piece. Chair of the judging panel, Professor Ted Snell said, 'January's judging for the 3D Challenge was difficult but we are thrilled with the final choice. Igor Ballyhoo's strangely menacing shark constructed from a mish-mash of discarded machine parts and slowly circuiting the gallery was a strange and surprisingly beguiling presence'. Igor also took home an Honourable Mention for 'Message' with his other work for January, FROM GREEN INTO RED AND INTO GREEN AGAIN. A wonderfully interactiove piece which hearkened memories of yesteryear, MUTOSCOPES was 2nd for the IMAGINE prize.

CYBERSHARK by Igor Ballyhoo

At a loss for words, Igor said, 'I was genuinely surprised, I thought I got that one award, and was happy'. FreeWee helped him out, saying, 'The UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge has rapidly emerged as one of the top showcases for virtual arts. I am grateful to the selection committee for selecting my Mutoscope project and to JayJay, quadrapop and the UWA Imagine Challenge for providing such a stimulating venue for creative work. I never have any expectation of winning competitions. I'm more interested in just participating. To be selected for a prize among such a remarkable field of entries is both startling and truly humbling.'

Nyx Breen's AxS LAB, which won the Flagship prize, also won the inaugural Casey West Australian Cultural Award. The Casey Award judges were struck by the use of West Australian resources - limestone, jarrah, nickel and steel and the respectful inclusion of Indigenous art and important cultural symbols alongside European and Asian design influences to create a sense of contemporary harmony and complementarity.

AxS LAB by Nyx Breen

'I would like to say thank you to all involved in the UWA project. It has been a wonderful opportunity and experience to participate with such a high level of artists and builders. But for me on a very personal level its been one of the highlights of my SL experience to meet and learn about the peoples and places of Western Australia. As we look closer at an individual or group we discover that they hold close to their hearts the same dreams, ambitions and hopes that we all do. The UWA dream and that of the peoples of WA are one I truly do share, I'm very glad my dream took on a bit of OZ and it's no longer over the rainbow but just a click and smile away now.', said Nyx

Nyx Breen in side the AxS Lab

The build can be seen here through the end of February.

Igor was also in the mix for the People's Choice Award, along with Sabine Stonebender, but in a very close outcome that went down to the final 30 minutes of voting, the People's Choice Award after more than 350 votes were cast, went to Gleman Jun's FLAME OF CREATIVITY. A stunning work that cannot escape attention. Gleman was also a double winner as he also took home an honourable mention prize for 'Wonder of SL'.

Flame of Creativity by Gleman Jun
more images here

People gather to hear the announcements

A total of 69 entries were submitted for the January round with 65 for the IMAGINE challengeand 4 entries to the FLAGSHIP. As months pass, more and more parts of the world are being reached.

The winning Imagine entry announced

Jayjay Zifanwe, co-host of the challenge said, 'The international connections made through SL are very important to me, and through January, the Challenges have seen Artists & Builders hailing from Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Every country that has ever won the Soccer World Cup is represented!'

JayJay Zifanwe announces the Flagship Winner

A number of other awards were also presented including the the 'Best Non-Scripted Art' prize taken by Solkide Auer with 'BLACK PEARL'. Other winners included Miso Susanowa, Mcarp Mavendorf, Oberon Onmura and Shellina Winkler.

Non-Scripted winner BLACK PEARL by Solkide Auer

The competition is now receiving entries for the month of February at the landing area for the UWA 3D Art & Design Platform. All winning artworks can also be seen on the platform to the south of the landing area. Click the hyper links more images of the winning works and the Announcement afterparty.

Stay tuned for the prize ceremony for MachinimUWA: The UWA Machinima Challenge where the prize pool jumped from L$90,000 to L$215,000 following viewing of all finalists by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia, Professor Alan Robson. With Torley Linden speaking as guest of honour, the ceremony will take place:

WHEN: 1pm SLT, Monday 8th Feb
WHERE: Winthrop Hall, Uni of WA sim in SL


Images of teh winners and their works are available on the UWA in SL Koinup photo site

Imagine Challenge 1st Prize:
($L5,000 + Custom T-Shirt)
CYBERSHARK by Igor Ballyhoo
Imagine Challenge 2nd Prize:
MUTASCOPES by FreeWee Ling

Best Non-Scripted Entry:
($L1,250 + Custom T-Shirt)
BLACK PEARL by Solkide Auer

Honourable Mention Prize for THE BEAUTY OF SL
Honourable Mention Prize for IMMERSION
CITY (LOS ANGELES) by Miso Susanowa

Honourable Mention Prize for INGENUITY
LAPTOP by Mcarp Mavendorf

Honourable Mention Prize for MESSAGE

The Honourable Mention Prize for INTERACTION
Honourable Mention Prize for WONDER
SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT by Shellina Winkler

Flagship Challenge 1st Prize : ($L5,000)
AxS LAB by Nyx Breen

Casey WA Cultural Prize
AxS LAB by Nyx Breen

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