Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Life Photos Selected for Real Life Uni Calendar

A photo taken in Second Life of the University of Western Australia's iconic clocktower, called 'Reflections of Winthrop', has been selected alongside a dozen or so real life images of the campus to be one of the main images for the UWA Friends of the Grounds calendar for 2012. This breakthrough photo was taken by Jay Jay Jegathesan (SL: Jayjay Zifanwe), Manager of UWA's School of Physics.

Completing the controversially successful showing of SL images in the UWA Friends of the Grounds Photo competition, a predominantly RL challenge, was the fact that a 2nd photo, by Silene Christen (of Spain's Balears Islands) was selected as an inset image for the calendar. L$25,000 had been on offer to anyone who succeeded in taking an SL image into the calendar, and as such Silene will take home L$12,500, while Jay Jay's portion will be used to purchase a number of these calendars to be used as prizes for the Grand Finale of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge and MachinimUWA IV: Art of the Artists to be announced in November 2012.

240 entries were received for this competition which saw entries from Perth, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkalan, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and the United States. Rachel Craven, representing the selection committee said of the photos from the virtual world, 'The images confounded the judges, stretching their view of the Grounds beyond reality, beyond photography – though a couple slipped into the short list before non-reality hit!'

Anyone interested in purchasing the calendar can do so at the UWA Visitor's Centre, the University Club, or by downloading the form off the Office of Development and Alumni Relations Website.

Reflections of Winthrop (by Jay Jay Jegathesan / SL: Jayjay Zifanwe)

The Business School  (by Eva Diez / SL: Silene Christen)
The Photographic Competition itself, which did not allow Second Life images to features in the winners list was won by a 24 year old PhD candidate majoring in English Literature at UWA, Danielle O'Leary, who submitted a stunning image, 'Between Two Winthrop Halls'. The 2nd Prize winner was 'Diverse Evolution' by Rhonda McInnes. 5 other images received 'Highly Commended' prizes. One of these was, 'Little Planet',  taken by Paul Bourke (SL: Tranguloid Trefoil), who along with Jay Jay and Dr Chris Thorne, founded the UWA presence in Second Life. Other winners were Ray Scott (2 Prizes), John Rux-Burton and Jenny Bevan. 7 of these along with 'Reflections of Winthrop' and a handful of others were selected to be in the calendar.

Between Two Winthrop Halls (by Danielle O'Leary)
Diverse Evolution (by Rhonda McInnes)

Business School (by Ray Scott)
Time for Reflection (by Ray Scott)
Last Rays of the Day (by John Rux-Burton)

Little Planet (by Paul Bourke/ SL: Tranguloid Trefoil)

Umbrella in the Hail (by Jenny Bevan)

The other images selected to be main images on the calendar include those taken by En Khong (2 images), Carol McGrath, Kathryn Fritz, Alan Harvey and an image from the UWA Archives of the construction of the Hackett Memorial Buildings.

Ducks At Rest (by Carol McGrath)
All Hail, Oak Lawn Reflection (by Alan Harvey)
Three Wise Ducks (by Kathryn Fritz)
Road to Wisdom (by En Khong)
Red (by En Khong)

As mentioned at the start, the image by Silene Christen (Eva Diez) was selected as an inset image. The other images selected as inset images are as follows:

By Bonfilio Bonfilio
By Mark Brown
By Bob Bucat
By Danielle D'Annunzio
By Celine Gaudin

By Belinda Ireland

By Belinda Ireland
By Stuart Hodgetts
By John Palmer
By Madeline King

By Erika Leiftink

By Erika Leiftink

By Chris Marsh

By Rhonda McInnes

By Rhys Povey

By John Rux-Burton
By Bob Bucat

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