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V. Lenoirre's May LEA FULL SIM Exploration of Fae Varirale's Wonderland's

Greetings all you UWA/LEA followers and supporters! It's me, Victoria Lenoirre and I wanted to give you a look into Fae Varriale's brilliant, colorful masterpiece for this month, Wonderlands.

Fae's dragon at the first Wonderland

There is so much to see. This body of work just has so much dimension to it. There are many rooms and different textures and color schemes. Some of it is reminiscent of the Lewis Carroll classic, but other parts are very modern and tech-like.

And the landing area, you should find a sign on the wall that says "INFO". Just click that to receive a folder with 3 notecards explaining Fae's exhibition. One of the  3 notecards has all the TP points in case you crash due to the "lag monster", isn't that wonderful? I love that Fae was thoughtful enough to include that. The notecard entitled "Ellie's Story" is the introduction or if you will, overture to this grand work of Fae's. Ellie finds a note  from her father in his study in a house that she hasn't set foot in in 5 years. He is explaining that he has left to journey to other worlds.

Letter to Ellie

To get to the next room, you will need to find the Anywhere doors, click to open and then sit to get through them. It's that easy! Look for rectangular doors to exit and enter the next Wonderland.

After the study you go through an open doorway to find the next Anywhere door. When you reach the Anywhere and beyond, that is where your journey starts! Have fun, I shall not explain more. My questions and interview of Fae are below. I do have somewhat of a description of the sim within the interview. Read on!

In the first Wonderlands area there are seeds that bounce up and down. What kind of seeds are they? This is a palace courtyard?

Wonderlands started with the story of Ellie, and in the time I spent creating the work her story grew and deepened and shifted, only becoming clear to me by the time her journey ended (or she could be followed no further). The installation is a journey in her footsteps, and although everybody has the same start and ending to that story I have offered no information on the different areas, so each person's experience and understanding of the worlds traveled through will be unique to them, enabling them to create their own individual story.

 So....what kind of seeds are they........ they could be from  a magical tree, there again they may be treasure dropped by overladen dragons, there again they might be hail falling in a frozen landscape, there again........

I love the scene outside the arched windows, is that the galaxy?

It could certainly be one way of seeing it

What do satyrs symbolize to you?

Beautiful creatures that inhabit ancient woodlands undisturbed by the modern world

The dog satyr, is that a pet of the satyr that is petting it?

You know I never thought to ask them !

What is that room that is all in black? What does it all mean? So there are building boxes? Is it a warehouse?

This is my favourite room, I find it very restful, it has the same effect on some people while others have a totally different reaction to it . Like all of the areas I created it to be an experience that people become immersed in,a place that evokes feelings, raises questions, fires their imaginations to provide their own interpretation or story.

Did you create the dance with butterfly animations? They look good.

No, unfortunately animating is not a skill I have, they are actuall part of an ao from Creative Insanity, they have a lot of unusual and interesting animations there. I just created the pose balls from them.

After the Buttefly Garden, what is that room called? It looks like a Steampunk shrine.

I didn't name the world as such, but the large statue is an older piece of work I called 'Steam Angel' , so yes it is a steampunk inspired area.

After the Caterpillar hookah grove, there's the checker board maze? what happened here?

I was feeling a bit dizzy from building that room when a fight broke out between the red and white queens, I didnt stop to ask what happened I just hid with the 2 kings and let them get on with it. I suspect it may have been something to do with the pawn.

The neon maze, why is it all pink? all the objects there, is it like a review of the earlier lands?

Because I like neon pink better than other neon colors.
 I wouldn't call it a review, it is part of the story & there are hints of lands there that haven't been visited but should be recognisable to a lot of people. Hopefully that will raise questions that influence the twists and turns in their interpretation of the journey.

There's a girl in pink at the final land, is that Alice? do the 2 sisters meet  again?

The pink girl was definately somebody who had been lost for a while, she may have been Alice, or a shade of Alice. Did they meet again? I would hope they would , their father definately wanted to bring them all together again according to the letter Ellie had found at the end. That is another chapter.

Great exhibit, Fae. Thank you!

Thank you :)

I visited this sim again and again and each time I'd notice different things. Her full sim looks and feels like a maze....a place that fills you with wonder. I could ask FAe many more questions, but I think it's sometimes better not to have all of one's questions answered. Being in a state of a beautiful thing.

Please visit the Wonderlands:

Have fun and enjoy the art!

V. Lenoirre

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