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Exploring LEA6 in July by Victoria Lenoirre

Step into a vast world of a dream....a dream of light and color....of grand architecture...a dream created by Lollito Larkham.

I'm back with another review of the LEA Full Sim installation at LEA6. I have the pleasure of reviewing Lollito Larkham's Souvenirs De Voyages: (Memories of Journeys of Marcel Chiffon, A Monumentalist Exhibition).

When you are here, remember to set your graphics to Ultra for the full experience. If you cannot, see if a friend will let you use their system. By the way, this is a great sim to make a machinima of. In Ultra, you see the lighting, the fantastic windlight setting, and you do feel disoriented. The scenes do seem random and not related in any way. The land seems so vast and spacious.

Once you arrive, you should see an Info banner/sign with destinations that you can teleport to. You just click to sit and then you will be sent to the place you chose. Click a short sign to the left for a notecard about Souvenirs De Voyages, written by Lollito Larkham.

Landing area

One of the destinations I teleported to was The Arch.

Edit: This is The Arch. You can see more images of the place at this flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lollito/7576301678/in/photostream.

The Arch

It is a tall, stone structure. The light on the structure is great. It is a subtle green. Notice how the light reflects on the water? That is such an awesome effect.

Throughout this Full Sim installation, Lollito has put light onto the structures. There is even one location called Light of Life.

As is my habit, I asked the artist some questions about his work.

Who is Marcel Chiffon?

Lollito: Marcel is a traveler of the dream, little in spite of him, and it is all its misfortune there, because he does not always know how to face his night-adventures.
He does not know it, but his house is situated on a hypnagogical knot and he can be sometimes snatched by the dreams of others or be clamped in his own ones. He can sometimes get lost in very distant parts of the dreamlands without knowing how to return, or as well to live a "dream life" and more to want to return!
It is it the adventures of Marcel Chiffon !
It makes of him a dreamlike explorer.
We could place Marcel Chiffon halfway between Julius Conrentin Acquefaques and Randolph Carter...
Of return of his night-adventures, he writes notes and sketch on what he lived and met.

Marcel is born recently and he's still a character under construction.

CF. Echapées Nocturnes de Marcel ChifonCF. What does Echapées mean?

Echapée has different meanings in french :
-Escapade, exit;
-Free and narrow space which lets see something (this house has a breakaway on the sea);
-Space between the walking(steps) of a staircase and the ceiling;
-Made outstrip a group in a race,

and, musically , an escape tone or "échappée" is a particular type of unaccented incomplete neighbor tone which is approached stepwise from a chord tone and resolved by a skip in the opposite direction back to the harmony.

Echapée was for me the best word to describe Marcel's travels beyond the dreamlands : I can say most of the meanings above can match my installation "Les échapées nocturnes". Dreams are like little escapades from the real world and the escape tone is a great image for this : Leaving the regular tone a short moment, to embelish (in a similar process to when you create something new by "accident"), and come back to it to resolve.

What happened to Marcel? He disappeared?

Lollito: Yes. It seems that he didn't find his way back and he's still stuck somewhere in dreamlands. In "Les echapées" it was terrible for him. He had to face extradimensional creatures, which were not significantly friendly... I heard he had been abducted by one of those creatures, but i'm sure he'll be back soon, Marcel allways get the last word (or dream)!
His last échapée was not fatal.
While waiting for his return, you can admire his sketches taken during his journeys through the lands of the dream, on LEA6.

The green guy looks interesting. What does he symbolize?

Lollito: If you're talking about the leave character, he symbolizes the creation process, in micro and macrocosmos.
He's the life that comes by the light power. Isn't life given by the light. That 's why i representated it as a leaf, taking life from the sun, and transforming from a seed into a figurative person.
This character is also a sculptor, and this  represents the creation process in the microcosmos.
I displayed it at the top of the "Lollito's Boson" structure.

I was just finishing this character creation when I heard scientists have just succeeded to discover the controversed Higgs Boson.
The Higgs boson is supposed to be the fundamental composant of the mateer. I saw a relation with the meaning of this character and decided to build my own Cern cyclotron and  associate this character with. I displayed him sculpting the fundamental cube/prim at the top!

And that dear art lovers and supported is my quick review of Lollito Larkham's Souvenirs De Voyages! Won't you please venture over to explore  it at LEA6?

Have fun and enjoy the art!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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