Monday, September 17, 2012

Cool Water

The Artists' Choice WATER theme show is open and we're now taking entries for October's challenge on the theme of FIRE. The WATER show is highlighted in the Destination Guide, which is generating lots of visitors. The show is in a specially designed space, with the sim's water level raised to 100 meters. Each art entry is on a separate island. In addition to the 20 super cool art installations there are boats and submarines and tubes and other unusual means of navigating the seas. 

A leisurely ride on a fantasy tall boat among the atolls is a swell way to to see everything.
Hypatia Pickens has a wonderful piece inspired by the mysterious medieval Voynich Manuscript that no one to date has been able to decipher.
 Barry Richez made this intensely colorful figure riding a giant koi.
Finn Lanzius presents a rather spectacular sunset diorama.

And many more. When you're done looking at the art, you can explore the remarkable undersea park below. Free scuba outfits and Hobo dive suits are provided at the entrance. The space is great for a gathering of mermaids or marine exobiologists. Just dive in from anywhere in the gallery above or take a submarine ride.
(Many of the great ocean features are from the talented Aley, who built a wonderful sub-surface world on a LEA sim earlier this year with bunches of full perm freebies.)

If you explore a bit, you might find the portal to the mysterious ancient UWA campus that sunk into sea...

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