Monday, March 18, 2013

Lenoirre's Review of Fuschia Nightfire's Fantasy Fairyland

Hi UWA artists and supporters!

Welcome to the start of the 3rd series of the LEA Full Sim Series!!!!! Besides being a great opportunity for artists to explore their creativity and use lots and lots of prims, it's a chance for me to explore and write about it! I truly enjoy it! Thank you to all who make it possible.

This month is a land created by Fuschia Nightfire. This is her Fantasy Fairy Land. Guess what? It's already open.

Unlike other months, there is no opening date. As the month progresses, the land will develop and change, like an interactive landscape. Not only that, she is using alpha textures and SL water to see how it affects an alpha avatar.

Written on the LM for the sim:

A work in progress.

An environment to house my invisible outlined fairy avatars, a free version of which is available at the landing point, notice the different effects you see on the avatar as you walk around.

Please take a copy of her Invisible Outlined fairy avatar. Included in the folder is a note where she explains her fascination with a glitch with alpha transparencies in SL.

This glitch has always fascinated me and I have always wanted to put it to a more productive use. These avatars are created using invisi prims with a second prim surrounding it that is inside out and with 1% transparency added, allowing the invisi prims to block the outer surface from the inside, creating the illusion of an outline around the avatar. Whichever angle the avatar was viewed from it always appeared as an outline. 

Enjoy your free avatar and the environment I have created for it at LEA6, notice the different effects you see on the avatar as you walk around and watch how it blocks out the alpha textures, transparencies, water and particles around it and shows the solid land and prims beneath, giving the avatar a more 'solid' feel.


She has more colors available at her marketplace page.

Me wearing the Invisible Outlined Fairy Avatar at landing point

Above, I am wearing Fuschia's female Invisible Outlined Fairy Avatar. It feels a bit funny to be able to see words through my avatar's body and to be blank.

I have been a friend of Fuschia's since 2010 and her creations always amaze me.

By now you know that I interview  the artists. I had a wonderful conversation with Fuschia.

Why do you like fuschia/pink? What does the color symbolize to you?

When I first joined SL, fuschia was the hair dye colour I was using at the time. If I had realised that I would be here 5 years on, I may have put a bit more thought into my name! But it has become a theme for my SL avatar; in RL it's quite a statement to walk around with pink hair, but on SL it hardly gets noticed so you have to make a much stronger statement. I have made my avatar a pink work of art and it just felt right to take that theme into the LEA sim to make it mine.

Fascinating tentacles in one of the paths. Will they grab at people as they walk past? Why are they there?

Although I had decided to do a sort of fairyland theme, I wanted a darker side to it, so I have the tentacles, there are creeping spiders in the forest and cat's eyes in the trees that open and watch you as you walk past. I am also hoping to have a dragon somewhere too.

Why are fairies in those TV monitors?

Having a whole sim has been an opportunity for me to experiment with many ideas that I haven't had a chance to play with until now, and one of those is streaming media onto prims, which is totally amazing! So the TV's are there just because I wanted to make use of this idea and the video streamed there included the fairies avatars that I am giving out as freebies at the sim so it seemed the most appropriate one to put there.

A unicorn symbolizes purity and rarity? What is the unicorn doing on the ledge?

Because I only had this sim for one month I and was given very short notice of having it, i did not have much time to make new work for the installation, so much that is shown here is work that I have dug out of my inventory from previous shows. The unicorn, however is a new piece of work and I wanted to make him a bit more of a focal point because of that, hence putting him on the floating island.

Is this a sort of dark fairyland? There's this aura of mystery and seclusion here. The windlight is sort of dark and the paths have bushes dense enough to fall in or hide in.

I have tried to make the setting so that the invisi prims on the fairy avatar will change the textures as you walk through, so many of the dark textures have lighter ones under them, making the fairy look light as it stands against these. Yes the theme is a little on the dark side as many fairytales seem to be.


Thanks so much, Fuschia! It is a spellbinding, enigmatic world that Fuschia has created this month. Please, come see it each week! It will be changing. In the end, Fuschia will film a machinima of avatars wearing her avatar suits. A nice way to send off and remember the work!

Also, I hope you got to see the excellent sim builds at Fashion For Life 2013! It was a huge success! Sims were designed by Bryn Oh, nexuno Thespian, Rebeca Bashley, Kaya Angel, Patch Thibaud, KarlinJames Zepp, and Thoth Jantzen! Some of my pics are here.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

~Victoria Lenoirre

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