Thursday, April 4, 2013

MachinimUWA VI: The Mirror Lies by Joe Zazulak

the mirror lies from Joe Zazulak (Spiral Silverstar) on Vimeo.

The Mirror Lies by Joe Zazulak (Spiral Silverstar), is a remarkable and melancholy look what a mirror may or may not reflect.

This machinima is now part of the L$1.1 Million, MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS , the 6th UWA Short Animated Film Challenge. The theme for MachinimUWA VI is a tribute to the Centenary of the University of Western Australia. Entries for MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS may consist of  any storyline that fits the theme of 'REFLECTIONS.' At least ONE of the 3 'Spaces of Reflection' on UWA's SL SIMS (the Sunken Gardens, the Somerville Auditorium or the Reflection Pond) must form an integral part of the story.

Special prizes are also offered for machinima that best portray one or a few of the artworks entered in UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS (150 prim limit - see link for details),  also in progress at this time.

ALSO, calling for entries to  REFLECTIONS: The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge (150 prim limit, Theme is 'Reflections'). Closing date for art if 30th May 2013

25 artworks entered and now on display so far! Do visit the UWA Challenge Gallery to view them. CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT TO GALLERY!

Ama Avro    The Thinker, Strasbourg,France
Betty Tureaud    Reflexion on a human mind, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cherry Manga    Cogito ergo sum, France
Claude Belgar    Reflection of reflection, Margny-lès-Compiègne, France
Corcosman Voom    Narcissus, USA                      
Dusty Canning    Reflections of a Star, Perth, Australia
Gem Preiz    Planet of Knowledge, Paris, France
Ginger Alsop    The Room for Reflections, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Glyph Graves    I Thought I Hated Him, Sydney, Australia
Jess Oranos    Timely Reflections,  Cincinnati, OH, USA
Judyblue Stand    Reflections on the Past, El Paso, Texas, USA
Krystali Rabeni    Silent Reflections, UK
Luna Enigma    Reflections of a Diva, Illinois, USA
Nino Vichan    Riflessioni delle Onde (Reflections of Waves), New York City, USA
PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic    Don't lose your marbles (especially the big one), Seattle, USA
Rosie Dimanovic    Horizon, France
Shenn Coleman    Neuron Sphere, Avignon, France
snoop acoustic    Reflexion, France
soror Nishi    Strange oaks from simple acorns grow, England
Sunday Serenity    Reflections of Life, Melbourne, Australia
Surfaqua Oh    Avatars-reflection, Luzern, Switzerland
Talia Sunsong.    Emerging from the Chrysalis, Berkeley, California, USA
Thor Effingham    Better Days Ahead, Ohio, USA
Thoth Jantzen    A Reflection on Reflecting Reflections, Boston, USA
Zeni Rain    Class of 3013, Monterey, California, USA


  1. Bravo, thanks you for this post JayJay...applause Mr Spiral Silverstar, bravo.

  2. Inmense beauty. Applause! :-)