Thursday, February 13, 2014

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (FEB): Sea Mizin's 'California Redwoods'

The Feb 2014 round of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES sees Sea Mizin bringing us 'California Redwoods'. A full list of the Series 3 offerings for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES can be found on the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (click here for full year schedule).

GRAND OPENING: Sunday, 16th Feb @ 1 pm SLT


If you want to know what's growing in the mountains near Linden Labs? See for yourself. Walk among the California Redwoods. They live and grow to a mystifying age ranging on the upside of 2000 – 3500 years. Respectively known as Coastal Redwoods and Giant Redwoods. Researchers studying these forests remind us how little we know. Such as how many hundreds of years it takes for a mature forest to provide bedding for their sprouts and seedlings. Canopy science reveals an affinity to unexpected creatures. Be sure to visit, relax and enjoy the sights, especially our visiting critters; and, of course, don't our very own baby redwood grow to full height! Take photos, use the stage. Once you've seen these forests, go see a real Redwood Forest, Enjoy!

Our First Event Begins Opening Day at:
1pm to 8 pm, 16 February, Sunday 2014

Music with DJ Derek Sienkiewicz; expect live music, and hangout for eight hours celebrating California's Redwoods. And yes, let's all watch that baby Coastal Redwood tree grow!

Be the Music and Performance Event!
Walk up to the highest peak through the Clothespin tree where our SelfServing Stage for performers is located – It's a delight. Just hop onto the stage floor, not the edge, and you'll be prompted for your stream. You'll know by seeing the yellow prompt for your stream information. The stage is automated - ready to use - without fuss. When you leave the stage, it reverts back to the SIM's music in 30 seconds. Use the stage when it's available. Planned events are the only exception. It's available throughout the remainder of February. Ask your friends to join you, making this your time. Contact Derek Sienkiewicz for more information about the music venue.

Nintin's banana slugs & salamanders

Key to the success of giving life to the California Redwoods are Nintin's banana slug and salamanders. The yellow banana slugs are a common sighting in coastal redwoods. The essence of their color, shape, and expressions and along with her animation brings them to life. Of all the salamanders, the one common to the canopy is the Aneides vagrans, known as the wandering salamander that prefers staying up high where they are at the top of the food chain without predator.  From left to right: Giant Salamander, Wandering Salamander, Nintin, Max the banana slug. (Mount Lyell Salamander was unable to attend)

Vicki Firecaster and her growing baby

Vickie Firecaster created our feature event of the California Redwoods' presentation. Its daily growth of the once small baby coastal redwood into a mature old growth stage is worth seeing. Her wizardry is this phenomenal event in Second Life where you can visit the tree and watch it get taller and bigger. It's about to be the tallest redwood rivaling Hyperion's height in Real Life!  Its change into adulthood is about to happen. Don't miss this daily event! Notice the counter shows it's current age. By the way, determining the age of Coastal Redwoods by their rings is difficult because rings of this species, Sequoia sempervirens, often displays merged and multiples of reemerging rings. What causes this is not yet understood. What researchers are able to count shows these trees live beyond 2200+ years  Consider this as you ponder the anomalies of this tallest plant on the earth: unlike its counterpart the Giant Sequoia in the Sierra Mountains, the Coastal Redwood has paternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). No one knows why. Neither do we know what features are a result of the paternal vs maternal inheritance. We humans, as is most life, are maternal mtDNA.  Thank you Vickie, it is a pleasure to see this tree grow! Possibly, seeing its stages of growth, is an SL first.

Credits and Permissions

Vicki Firecaster, Watch her magical scripting grow a Redwood Tree
  • Nintin, Critter creator and scriptor of salamanders and banana slugs
  • Arrehn Oberlander, Dance Machine, and his latest, The SelfServing Stage
  • rockmccool, Critter scriptor
  • Harter Fall, Misty clouds
  • Derek Sienkiewicz, Music, DJ, and for space to work, a whole year...Bravo Derek!
  • Kay Garaguru, Hours of lessons in patience and sample builds
  • Johnas Merlin, Awesome help on build approaches
  • Kurk Mumfuzz, Many many reference photos of Muir Woods, 2013
  • Mel, Extra photos of Henry Cowell Redwood Park and a place to sleep, 2012/13
  • Carlos & Lauren, All their photos of Mariposa Grove, Yosemite 2013
  • Motoko Oanomochi, Redwood Tree entrance at LEA5 using 3D&Dreams
Thanks to all at Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) and the University of Western Australia (UWA) for making this grant possible. It is pure pleasure.

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