Friday, March 28, 2014

Machinima Challenge: Project Homeless (REGISTER NOW!!) - North Bondi RSL Increases Pool to Beyond L$2.5Mil

Project Homeless is a short film challenge to raise awareness about the Homeless. Filmmakers from around the world will have 30 days beginning the 11th of April to make a short film about subjects relating to homeless people (including veterans).

The North Bondi RSL Sub-Branch (Australia) is offering a special award of AUD 1,000 for the best film made about returned veterans (returned servicemen),

"It's a real privilege for us to be involved in this initiative" said Robert de Graaf, President of the North Bondi RSL Sub-Branch, "because it brings attention to the veterans who are homeless"

Those intending to participate are asked to register now!

*As Below is the original post from the launch with full details:

Project Homeless 2014 is a Challenge run by Screen My Shorts Inc & UWA in partnership with and sponsored by the Parramatta City Council.We invite entrants of all ages, cultures and ability to submit original creative digital content (conventional film and/or machinima) and win a share of the AUD 10,000 (L$2.28 Million) cash and prizes (with at least AUD 700  reserved for Machinima), and have their works exposed on the international stage. 

Entry fees for machinima style film are being sponsored by the University of Western Australia.

Project Homeless is a worldwide initiative for filmmakers to help raise global awareness through stories on film. Those who register are asked to nominate 2 of the themes, and the organisers will allocate one of the 2 nominated themes to entrants on the 11th of April 2014. The entrant will be given full freedom to explore and interpret the theme allocated (you may be as creative as possible in your interpretation).

The closing date for all entries will be the 11th of May 2014,  we urge registrations to be submitted before the 11th of April 2014 (as your final theme will be allocated on the 11th of April). Register via the Screen My Shorts Website, or details could be emailed to

The overall competition is open to both conventional film and machinima. Machinima entries are in the running for the overall prizes, however special prizes are also set aside for Machinima entries only.

1. Only G or PG rated films will be accepted
2. Entry length to be between 3 to 10 minutes
3. Registration is Essential
4. All entries are to be made specifically for the Project Homeless Competition
5. Register before the 11th of April & nominate 2 of the listed themes 
6. AUD 10,000 in Prizes available with at least AUD 700 reserved for machinima
7. Main website for challenge is
8. Please read and be familiar with the Official Rules and the 10 Step Guide

 *This is not a continuation of the UWA MachinimUWA series, but a collaboration with Screen My Shorts, hence the more detailed rules, etc as per the website

1. Strongly suggested to register via the website HERE (

2. Send an email (or a NC inworld) with the following details to
  * Second Life Name
  * Team Name (If Applicable)
  * Email Address
  * City & Country
  * 2 Nominated Themes in Order of Preference

Parramatta Prize for Best Film – AUD$5,000.00
1st Finalist – AUD$500.00
2nd Finalist – AUD$500.00

Best Cinematography – AUD$300.00
Best Editing – AUD$300.00
Best Script – AUD$300.00
Best Music/Sound – AUD$300.00
Best Performer (Male or Female Actor) – AUD$500.00
Best Student Film Under 14 – $300.00

Parramatta Prize for Best Machinima Film – AUD$300.00
1st Finalist – AUD$250.00
2nd Finalist – AUD$150.00

Parramatta Prize for Best Documentary – AUD$1000.00
1st Finalist – AUD$300.00


  1. We love the work you guys do!!

    Nice to see the sincere efforts of the university to support this and so many other charitable and community campaigns.

    We would like to help however we can. We are happy to wipe all of our success fees, 100%, for any campaign initiated by your university or the students there if they would like to try a crowd funding campaign with us at iPledg ( - we are truly serious about helping with the great work you do

    Keep it up!!

  2. thanks Bryan

    would love to discuss via email.