Thursday, April 24, 2014

Victoria Lenoirre's April Review at LEA 6 Heartseed The Wild Side by Jedda Zenovka

Here at LEA 6, it's looking like a wild Spring. We are pleased to have Jedda Zenovka occupy the LEA 6 sim with her work, Heartseed The Wild Side.

Across from landing area, Heartseed by Jedda Zenovka

"One of the things I love about creating in this medium is that you can express the energy so easily."

Animism is the spiritual belief that everything is alive. I try  to recreate this within the digital domain. Cybertech designs that fuse naturally with organic forms; water, sounds, plant-creatures, inter-dimensional entities that blend into the ocean forest ecology of my environments so that it is impossible to tell where one ends and another starts.

Take a wander  through a textured cyber-original landscape which evokes healing emotions and crystallises into moving, living sculptures; descriptions of ideas and experiences inspired by both human life of aspirations and necessities and with the practicality of hands-on permaculture in the rain forest.

While our minds and imagination evolves into the digital domain, our hands and naked feet remember the earth and other elements from which we are made. Dream time in this sense is the crossing over of two worlds; vision becomes solid and solid becomes visionary. It is instinct and the heart which guide us into and through this journey. The freshness of water, the spirit of a particular plant or mineral, is crafted into new form; the artist becomes the living conduit through which such essences express themselves.
Reach for the stars . .. Put your hands in  Earth!

jedda zenovka

Imagine a world of wonder and eerie stillness. Imagine a world of trance and alienlike structures...welcome to Heartseed!

Arriving here I first noticed the grayness. I admit to being startled. Gray was the color furthest from my mind after learning the name of this installation. Zooming out I see Heartseed in neon red on a booth. It's at once soothing and welcoming at the same time.

Feel free to explore this alien world that is also comforting. Get lost in the ambiance!

Heartseed landing point and me

On the night of the 12th, DJ Larretronix (Larre Leborski) was spinning Psytrance tunes from 7-9pm SLT. It was a fun night to dance and mingle.

Jedda was kind enough to answer my questions. I even got to see her build a little. I love her enthusiasm and spirit.

Why did you name your work Heartseed The Wild Side?

My home place is called  Heartseed  coz if you plant  a seed  it will  grow into some thing beautful. And  my  art  comes under the banner of  wild designs.

What does your work say about nature and human nature?

I try to  create  an alien landscape   of psychedelic fun and beauty, expressing  lament that  can't be  expressed  live in may other mediums.

Do you believe that technology and nature can coexist in a way that won't hurt either one?

I think  nature  should be  left alone to sort it self out  and  we should stop messing  with it  and  trying  to   control it.

And show some  respect to the great  gift this planet gives us.

Technology is great of course here i am using it... But nothing beats  the basics  of  growing a few  vegetables...

What is your hope for the future of life?

My hope is  that  we can  all stop  squabbling and  realise we have only one planet  and  start  trying to heal it  and take good care of what's left for future generations.

Where else do you have work showing in SL?
I have  built  few places:

"Heartseed" WILD DESIGNS SHAMANICA organica, plants, mushrooms
This is my home base.

**ORGANICA** earthbound
Organica Bay
LOOP Europa
And these are gathering spots for  people to share art and music.

How did you get started doing SL art?

I rezzed a  cube  and got hooked.. I don't know where  else I could express  in the same way  that I can here. There is so much  energy  available  to tap into. I love the spontaneity it allows us.

How would you describe your journey in SL so far?

It's amazing, I meet so many wonderful, supportive characters in here. I learn so much constantly, every  day something new.

I have made  some  amazing  friends. I love the freedom  there is  to express myself creatively in here.

Thank you Jedda Zenovka! It's a fabulous sim this month!

So please visit LEA 6 this month! Be entranced by HEARTSEED!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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