Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alfonso Garavito Olivar, Secret Rage, Vilvi Rae, Tutsy Navarathna & Rysan Fall among Project Homeless Film Finalists

In a coup for Machinima, films by Alfonso Garavito Olivar, Secret Rage, Tutsy Navarathna, Rysan Fall and Vilvi Rae have been selected as finalists along with 17 other conventional film for 'Project Homeless 2014'. All these films will be screened at the award ceremony on Friday the 11th of July at the Riverside Theatres, in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

Project Homeless 2014 is a Challenge run by Screen My Shorts Inc & UWA in partnership with and sponsored by the Parramatta City Council. Here entrants of all ages, cultures and ability were invited to submit original creative digital content (conventional film and/or machinima) and win a share of the AUD 10,000 (L$2.28 Million) cash and prizes (with at least AUD 700  reserved for Machinima), and have their works exposed on the international stage. 

The full selection of finalists can be found HERE. Links to the conventional film that have been selected as finalists will be made available following the award ceremony

RYSAN FALL's 'The Invisible City' 
Conversations with the homeless.

SECRET RAGE's 'How Did I Get Here' 
The connection between addiction and homelessness and just how precarious our lives really are.

Working for the few.

Sun dog from Vilvi on Vimeo.

VILVI RAE's 'Sun Dog' 
Conflict at home is the main reason for leaving

Returning Veterans


  1. Congratulations Secret, Vilvi , Tutsy and Rysan!!

    Wonderful news!

  2. Is amazing! You'll win my dear friend, you're dressed for success. Congratulations from my deepest heart!