Friday, October 30, 2015

York University Students to Interview 'Pursue Impossible' 3D Artists for Assignment


Students fromYork University in Canada will be examining the artworks at the UWA Gallery entered for the Pursue Impossible challenges and selecting artists to interview for the creation of Artists profiles, under the tutelage of Dr Carolyn Steele for the 2nd year Culture and Expression/Humanities Course in a uni titled:  Art and Artists in 3D Multiuser Environments

So if you have an artwork in... you could be approached by a pair of students. Each pair of students needs to profile 1 artist, and all pairs have to select different artists. You only need take part if you are willing.Its perfectly ok to decline if you don't feel up to it.

This assignment accounts of 10% of their unit they are undertaking this semester. The 'rubric' for the unit, or what the students have been asked to do, is as follows (provided by York University):

Rubric: 3D Media Artist Profile 

The University of Western Australia’s annual 3D Open Art Challenge provides a unique opportunity to experience some of the most accomplished art of this kind in the world all in one place. It also provides an excellent opportunity to talk with artists about their motivations, processes and visions for their own work and for this media.

This assignment requires you to select an artist whose work has been included in this year’s art challenge and write a 750-word profile about them, including screen captures of their work. You can find some information about these artists online – many have their own websites, but in most cases, you will be writing about artists about whom not much has been written. Their submission to the art challenge will usually include an artist statement, along with a little information about the artist. You are strongly encouraged to contact the artist directly through IM in Second Life and arrange an interview. Keep in mind, these artists will be located all over the world, in different time zones, and may not be fluent English speakers. You may need to try to contact two or three artists before you find one who will be comfortable being interviewed, so schedule in time for that. We will discuss how to do this in class.

I will be looking for the following elements in my grading of your profiles:

·      Coverage of important details including – name (SL/RL - IF they are willing to share), biographical information – where they live, occupation, training/education etc, name, prĂ©cis and photo of their submission.

·      Insight into the artist including - intent, process, challenges, their background as a 3D artist.

·      Your analysis of how this piece/artist relates to key course concepts.

·      Your personal reaction to and/or experience of this piece, including your motivation for selecting it.


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