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Thoughts on Pursue Impossible Submissions by Victoria Lenoirre

Hey everyone!

I wanted to reflect and share my thoughts on the UWA 3D & Machinima Pursue Impossible VIII round. It is another amazing round as you can see by all the submissions here at blog and inworld. Wow! Thanks to everyone who submitted!

I think that this is one of my favorite themes. The diverse interpretations are touching, humbling, heartwarming and so many other heartfelt emotions.

Some works at the UWA showing area

Impossible is a word that we hear on a regular basis. From all the 3D art and machinima though, there is such positivity and uplifting messages that we can turn impossibility into possibility if we just try to make it happen. Whether we need to get the courage to approach a girl or pursue a career after coming home from war or we wish to end homelessness, we need to believe that we can do it and then try to succeed.

The impossible comes to life in this round. I encourage you to have a look at all the 3D art and all the machinima at youtube and vimeo. Everyone has done their very best! I am in awe of all the creativity and interpretations. This is why I love art. You can build anything. Your imagination is limitless and your thoughts know no boundaries.

Some new faces have submitted their work too. I got a chance to chat with one artist new to the UWA art challenges, Kazuhiro Aridian. His debut entry is Rise above the mundane, which features his creation, the Seadryke.

I wanted to welcome you to the UWA challenge. Is this your first time entering?

So the Seadryke is a creation of your mind, what inspired its creation?
-The Seadryke is part of my inner world, I think most people have one of these. For me, it's a personal narrative with characters that sometimes help me to cope with problems in my life. The Seadryke represents longevity and loyalty.

Rise above the mundane by Kazuhiro Aridian

What sort of environment was it born into?
-The Realm of Fantasy is a world where there is no war, no predation, free of hatred. Its counterpart is Nightmare, which is an opposite type of place, as you might imagine. Both are subject to the tumultuous emotions of their Keepers. Seadrykes are subjects in Fantasy.

-I have a specific narrative associated with the Seadryke, and that is the tale of Summer: There was a time when Fantasy had frozen over, colder and colder the lands became, encroaching deep into the sea. All manner of life slowed down, and the warmth of the Sun became a distant memory. It was determined that in order to save their home, the fastest and cleverest Seadryke would seek out the Sun. It swam and swam, far beyond all known places, farther and farther, deep into the fraying edges of Fantasy, the Mist, and beyond. Finally, a glimmer of light broke through the wintry clouds and from high above the sea emerged the feathered Skydryke, myterious and bright, dragging behind it the light of the Sun.

To all those who keep saying, "It's impossible, you'll never make it", what would you say?
-Break down large tasks into small ones. Make sure you are always building on your successes, and learning from your failures. There is no such thing as wasted time so long as you are always taking steps towards your goals, however risky, and taking the time to evaluate each move. Plan ahead. You'll get there.

What do you do in SL?
-I am a content creator. I make avatars, pets, and environments. I love 3D modeling and making textures, but above all, creating worlds and their inhabitants.

How long has [europa] been around?
-Oh gosh... I think I started it in 2007.

Kazuhiro, or Kaz, is working on a project for Unreal Engine 4. When I asked him if he would possibly create a story or film series about the Seadryke, he affirmed that he was considering it. He said, "I would love to flesh out the world."

For the machinima, I want to say thank you to all. Your videos are moving, thoughtful and so wonderfully filmed!

It's great to see veteran UWA challenge filmmakers like Natascha Randt, Tutsy Navarathna, Haveit Neox, Vilvi Rae and many others produce more fascinating films for us to see and marvel at. I also want to welcome new UWA filmmakers like Jackson Redstar. Welcome and thank you for sharing! You are welcome to participate in future UWA challenges!

I found time to interview Jackson Redstar. Here is his submission.

So your submission to the Machinima challenge, is it your first submission to the UWA?

JR: Yes it is.

Wow! A nice UWA debut. How did you hear about the UWA?

JR: Jayjay sent me a message. It was kinda out of the blue lol.

Your film, was beautifully moving. what inspired you to create it?

JR: Well, you see now in america at least, lots of war veterans that are down and out suicidal, or homeless, so i kinda worked off that theme, life interrupted then rebuilt.

What made you incorporate the singing career into the plot?

JR: Well I knew I wanted to use that song in the movie, so it just seemed to fit.

It is one of the best songs ever. :-)

JR: Yeah and it was great to cause I spoke with the singer via email too.

Was this your first creative film? must be really different from filming a wedding.
What do you film when you're not taking photos, btw?

JR: I film weddings a lot, then I like to make fun music videos.

What does pursue impossible mean to you?

JR: Well the way I looked at it, even when the shit hits the fan, never give up.

I kinda tried to use an example of a guys life was going perfectly fine, then there was a need to serve his country, but things fell apart losing his girl, the war injuries, PTSD etc. And not to make it too religious, but he got to his lowest point, found a 'higher power' and found the strength to put his life back on track.

Those are good examples that translate well to the screen. I think everyone will see the symbolism in your film.

JR: It is a lot of fit into a 7-minute film with no narration.

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the Pursue Impossible round! Voting ends in a few days.

A big thank you to all who make the UWA Challenges possible!

You can view all the machinima entries here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from or in the United States!


Victoria Lenoirre

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