Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge - Awards Ceremony 6AM SLT 25 March 2018

Winners of the Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge will be announced on Sunday 25 March 2018 at 6:00 AM SLT in front of historic Winthrop Hall in the UWA virtual campus in Second Life. Everyone is invited to attend. [SLURL]

The challenge is sponsored by LaPiscean Liberty & Slartist, Singh Albatros and The Writers Centre, Singapore. as well as VIRTLANTIS and PookyMedia This is not a continuation of the MachinimUWA series, which ended in Dec 2015, but is a special event that has a life primarily thanks to LaPiscean Liberty, who wants to nourish the dynamic partnership between artists and filmmakers.

The theme of the SLartist@UWA Machinima Challenge (L$430,000 prize pool) was 'ART OF THE ARTISTS.' We encouraged connections and collaborations between 3D artists and machinima makers. Any artworks that sit on the UWA Sims in Second Life, including artworks created when the sims themselves were created in 2009, could be selected to feature in the machinimas. Filmmakers could choose individual artworks or a collection of artworks around which to weave a story. The artwork(s) needed to be a relatively significant part of the story, and not merely something glimpsed in passing. Complete entry details and TP links can be found in the call for entries HERE

There were 17 entries for the Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge. All entries can be seen at SLartist and from these links (in approximate order of receipt):

  • Bryn Oh: Cerulean featuring the artist's own work "The Cerulean"
  • Joseph Nussbaum: Alcyon and Ceyx featuring the artwork "A Virtual Wander in Two Dimensions and a Half" by ErikoLeo
  • Gerhard Helmut (REBEL) & lila~R~: 3rd Eye Open. Artworks featured are "The Pineal Gland" by Ub Yifu, "He Holds Her Heart" by LunaEnigma - Luna Cobain, "Skeleton" by JointVenture Resident and "The Merlion" by Rebecca Bashly
  • Isabelle Cheren: Before The World Was Made, featuring the work of artists Noke Yuitza, Otcoc Resident & Phillysmaybe Resident, Peli Dieterle, Igor Ballyhoo, and Rosie Dimanovic
  • Suzie Anderton (Inworld Films): Never Say Never, featuring the prize-winning installation by Sharni Azalee
  • Chic Aeon: The Amalgamation of Objects, featuring the art of Shenn Coleman and Rebeca Bashly
  • Veyot: Staring Into the Aperture, featuring the art of FreeWee Ling
  • Secret Rage: A Night of TV, featuring the artwork of Secret Rage
  • Amelie Marcoud: For Love and Art, featuring artworks by Krystali Rabeni, Elle Thorkveld, Rebecca Bashly, Nish Mip, and Mistero Hifeng.
  • Tutsy Navarantha:Serendipity featuring art by Misprint Thursday, Giovanna Cerise, Hlala Alter, FreeWee Ling, Igor Ballyhoo, Alpha Auer, Myra Windmist, Rebeca Bashly, Nish Mip, Frankx Lefavre, Jipe Loon, Jo Ellsemere, Rosie Dimanovic, Miso Susanowa, Thierry Lowtide, Hankvoight Resident, Jade Yu Fhang, Mistero Hifeng, Pumpkin Tripsa, Anley Piers, Claudia222 Jewel, Cherry Manga, Elie Maurice, Romy Nayar, Livio Korobase, Theda Tammas, Kristali Rabeni.
  • Elle Thorkveld: Change Dreams featuring art by FreeWee Ling, and Isadora Alaya (otcoc) & Emma (phillysmaybe).
  • Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt: The River of Forgetting featuring art of Silas Merlin
  • Diana Rose: A Journey From the Past: Singapore featuring the art of  Rebeca Bashly, Nish Mip, Djehuti-Anpu (aka Thoth Jansen), Elle Thorkveld, Rosie Dimanovic, Ama Avro, Igor Ballyhoo, Krystali Rabeni, Eliza Wierwight and Pumpkin Tripsa
  • Iono Allen: Happy, featuring the art of Chim Kami, JadeYu Fhang, Theda Tammas, Misprint Thursday, Rose Borchovski, Scottius Polke, Nevereux, Oberon Onmura, Igor Ballyhoo, Jo Ellsmere, Eupalinos Ugajin, Simotron Aquila, Artistide Despres, Haveit Neox, SaveMe Oh.
  • Lampithaler: Art and Transformation - a dialogue at intervals, featuring the art of Giovanna Cerise, FreeWee Ling, Noke Yuitza , Cherry Manga , Djehuti-Anpu (aka Thoth Jantzen) , Miso Susanowa/Len Zuks, Rebeca Bashly, Pale Illusion, Hankvoight Resident, Blue Tsuki, ErikoLeo, Myra Wildmist , Dusty Canning, Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis, Sean Tempest, Claude Belgar, Jedda Zenovka, Moewe Winkler.
  • Glasz DeCuir: Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) andIntrusion Detection System(IDS), featuring the art of Isadora Alaya (otcoc Resident) and Emma (phillysmaybe Resident), Nish Mip, Rose Borchovski,  FreeWee Ling, Bryn Oh, Yooma Mayo, Betty Tureaud, Holala Alter, Silas Merlin, Cica Ghost, Bryn Oh, SaveMe Oh, Blue Tsuki, Cherry Manga, Shenn Coleman, Krystali Rabeni.
  • Tantra Sangha & m1nn0taur: Memesz, featuring the art of Rebeca Bashly, Kazuhiro Aridian, others.
The Writers Centre Singapore presents 'The Merlion Portal' - A brief introduction by Singh, Centre Director

Judging Panel

  • Chantal Harvey - Judging Panel Chair
  • Harnake Hunspal - Freelance Producer and Producer / Director
  • Tess Baxter (SL: tizzy canucci)
  • Craig Harbison -

  • A lot of other thank-yous for making this possible:
    • LaPiscean Liberty - Slartist Founder & Main Sponsor
    • Eliza Weirwight - Art/Poster Design
    • FreeWee Ling - Filmmaker Liaison
    • Singh Albatross (Writers Centre Singapore) - Sponsor
    • Virtlantis - Sponsor
    • Pooky Amsterdam & PookyMedia - Sponsor


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