Friday, July 19, 2019

DJ Verdant & quadrapop keeping the sim alive

A few months back Jayjay asked if I had anything arty I could do with the UWA sim till the end of 2019.

As it happened I have been doing a weekly art build & music event with DJ Verdant Homewood since the beginning of 2019 and we were looking to expand the build... so the Sunday Service @UWA was born.

Each week on Sundays at 2am SLT (5pm Sunday Perth, 10am Sunday GMT) in the sky above University of Western Australia sim DJ Verdant begins a magical musical mystery tour within a set built fresh each week by quadrapop Lane.

During the 3-4 hour event quad will manipulate the prims, lighting and other arty aspects while DJ Verdant handles the avatar movements and supplies the musical accompaniment. Suggested windlight sky presets are announced during the event and visitors are encouraged to try their own & share those they like.

quad's sets are low lag, however, many effects utilise the Advanced Lighting Mode (AKA materials and projected lighting) so visitors will need to be able to cope with HIGH graphics settings with Advanced Lighting active and a draw of about 96m (assitance with finding and applying this is available upon request). Particles are used but are designed not to overload most systems. If you can run on ULTRA in SL generally then you will find the space well within your limits (though you may wish to pull in your draw distance to avoid rendering other platforms on the UWA sims). If you have any issues during the show please ask quad for assistance.

For those who are unable to attend this Aussie friendly time slot there are photos of each week uploaded to Flickr with tag DJVerdant and the set is left up till at least the following Thursday.

What: Sunday Service @UWA - a Weekly Music & Art Event
Who: DJ Verdant Homewood (Englishman in Portugal) &
host/artist quadrapop Lane (Perth, Western Australia)
When: 2am SLT / 5pm Perth / 10am GMT
Where: QT Gallery @UWA (MAP TP)


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