Wednesday, September 1, 2010

841 Entries for the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

The above photo displays the first and final entries submitted to the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge between the 15th of August 2009 - 31st August 2010.

On the left is Venom Silverfall's 'First Prim' and on the right, Toysoldier Thor's 'Tranquility Flower Clock', the final entry.

Starting with 18 artists and 33 works in the extended first month (Aug-Sept 2009), it ended with 109 entries in the final month.

Across the year, 772 IMAGINE artworks were submitted and 69 FLAGSHIP building designs, for a total of 841 entries by 300 artists and builders.

Avatars of Second Life, thank you for an incredible journey.


  1. Hi... I submitted my entry, 'Dancing with Myselves' with just minutes to go before deadline, so hope it was actually the last entry of the challenge. :)

    Cat Boccaccio

  2. haha. yup yup. People's choice voting is on now! come vote