Friday, September 17, 2010

Slides & Video Capture from Virtual World Conference Talk


Jayjay Zifanwe spoke at the Virtual Worlds Conference 2010, run by Open University, United Kingdom.

The Virtual World Conference is a one-day conference exploring the uses of virtual worlds for learning, collaborative work and business. The event will be held on 15th September 2010 and hosted entirely in Second Life, where 21 international speakers from across the globe will showcase innovation and applications within Virtual Worlds in order to debate key issues together with a worldwide audience.

Machinima Capture - part 1 of talk

Machinima Capture - part II of talk

Machinima Capture - Question & Answer Session

Click here for slides made available from the talk

Photos curtesy of LividEye Yoshikawa (SL) / John Yap (RL): Senior Media Producer, National University of Singapore


  1. Hmm...Jayjay, any interesting points you'd like to share with us??

  2. oh well.. meeting LividEye was great as collaborations with the National University of Singapore is something UWA would like to see. We are ion the same time zone, and in terms of international students coming to UWA, the highest percentage are from Singapore & Malaysia.

    Quite a number of the pleple who attended as well were please to be able to take back positive stories about the use of SL in education, as must of the 'general media' that had been thrust upon them was largely focused on the negativce aspects of SL

  3. ah... the main reason for the post was to actually share the slides (though I should have mentioned that at the outset)

    Its what is basicall;y used for all the RL presentations given when introducing people to SL at UWA