Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suzy Yue's "Across A Crowded Room" @ MachinimUWA II


Director, Camera & Editing
Suzy Yue (RL: K DaVette See)

Sound Editing and Engineering
GnuEon Aeon (RL: Rob See)

Music Licensed through Beyond Music Cast
(Voice and Avatar Acting)

Black Pearl (Solkide Auer): Ariadne Boyd/Suzy Yue
Night Orchid (soror Nishi): Lilibet Nightfire
Artist: Kayden Oconnell
Artist's Girlfriend: Suzan Collins
Gallery Visitors in order of Appearance)
Olaf Barbosa, Gnueon Aeon, Cody Juneau, Leri Miles

This film is dedicated to all the artists
in the UWA Challenge, to all artists around.
the world, and to to GnuEon Aeon, the most gifted artist I know.

Thank you for your gifts to us.

Suzy Yue

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