Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FreeWee Gets Angry

The normally mild-mannered FreeWee Ling, Curator of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, has been working at an impressive pace to develop her full-sim installation at UWA Virlantis. Titled ANGRY GODS, it's a hard core apocalypse on a biblical scale. An open house is planned for Saturday beginning at 10AM SLT and continuing for the afternoon.

FreeWee recommends visiting with a small handful of others. There are special requirements for Windlight sky settings with instructions at the landing point. Use your maximum graphics capabilities (including draw distance at least 250 meters), even if it causes you to lag. FreeWee says the sim is still in development, but most of the more spectacular effects are in place. It will be in place only for the month of June. Watch for further announcements and see FreeWee's blog post for a fuller explanation.

Update: People have been taking some really great pictures of Angry Gods:
Let FreeWee know if you have pictures and/or machinima of Angry Gods.

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