Monday, June 27, 2011

New Group& Grand Finale Awards - UWA 3D Open Art Challenge: Phi Designs & Open This End

Ginger Alsop: Founder and President of Phi Designs


Continuing in an amazing series of art philanthropy gestures relating to the UWA Art & Machinima challenges, Phi Designs, led by Ginger Alsop has stepped in as of June to offer monthly Group Prizes 'The Phi Designs Prize (@L$5,000)' through to the end of the challenge.

"As scripters and artists, we know how hard it is for an artist to create scripted objects to evoke an insightful, intellectual or artistic reaction in a viewer.  A well scripted and cool looking submission means nothing unless it also communicates a message.  This award is directed at those artists who have mastered this technical choreography and created a work of art that communicates a message beyond the bounds of its objects and technology.  It is very challenging to create an artwork that does this with scripts, and an even more difficult area to judge.  Scripts don’t have to be particularly complicated; they can even be subtle in comparison to other submissions.  What will appeal is the overall quality of the artwork and how its scripts make the artwork come alive."

Open This End, led by Cristina García-Lasuén (RL) / Aino Baar (SL) has also come in with a L$30,000 provision towards the Grand Finale prizes.

All of this brings the total prize pool being distributed each month to over L$96,000, with the overall prize pool across the year including the Grand Finale breaking L$1,400,000

The October Round is the final round of the year long UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. Right now, the People's Choice vote is ongoing for the June round of the challenge, and artworks are being sought/received for the July Round.

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