Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twinkle Arrives at North Woodvale Primary School

School Principal, Greg Brice receives 'Twinkle's Journey' and '100 Treasures from UWA' from Jay Jay Jegathesan, Manager, School of Physics, UWA (and lead of UWA Virtual World projects) on behalf of Bay Sweetwater of California, USA

Students of North Woodvale Primary watch on as Twinkle arrives

It was the end of one journey, and the start of another, on Tuesday the 31st of May at a special assembly of North Woodvale Primary School. Many stories merge here. Click here to read the full journey.

A number of other videos were also presented to the school, including Braclo Eber's 'Journey to the Top' and Corphaelia Ninetails, 'Voyage to Antarctica'.

Much thanks to Greg for giving permission to publish these photos.


Pallina60 Loon created a machinima for SLB8 and dedicated it to Twinkle...

Sharni Azalee created a 3D Artwork called 'Love's Eternal'. 
A dedication to Bay Sweetwater & Twinkle



  1. Hey that's great. Now THIS is the audience you should be showing the non-violent machinima too so they can see alternative possibilities.

    Keep up the good work, mate.

  2. As a matter of fact, why not tour the schools in your area with a load of machinimas in hand to promote machinima-making, UWA and art? You certainly have my permission to use my films for this purpose.

    Peace and Love

  3. Thanks Cecil!

    Well, there will be a public talk in August with some hundreds of people attending where a number of machinima will feature!

    also I do quite a few smaller talks introducing sl to peeps :)

    Thanks Cecil! will be showing the saga of cecil then also !

  4. Outstanding, JayJay, I can't think of a better outreach to the younger generation for communication & introduction to communication with media.

  5. OSSUM! What a great thing all 'round! Congratulations and hurray for all those involved!

  6. Another postscript . . . Sharni Azalee, the creator of the "Love's Eternal" 3D art pictured above, donated the L$5,000 prize she was awarded for the Curator's Prize in the UWA June round to the Second Life Relay for Life event (which raised a record $371,670 in SL this year) for the American Cancer Society. Sharni sent me the LM to the location along the RFL track where the luminary lantern for her donation sat. I went there and sat beside it for a long time. It was so heartwarming to see Twinkle on another journey, this time to help fight cancer. Gazing down the endless line of luminaries along the RFL track made me feel like I was sitting beside a flowing river, and so I made this machinima: "Hope Is Like a River." http://youtu.be/XSS9qb7A_Mg
    P.S. Another person who had a luminary lit for her along the track wrote to me later to say that as she watched Hope Is Like a River, she couldn't stop crying, tears of hope and happiness she said, and I wish the same for you.

  7. oh thanks for sharing Bay! I didnt know that. Good onya Shar