Friday, April 2, 2010

March People's Choice Open

The March UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine Challenge People's Choice voting board is open and ready to receive your three votes - it is open till 3pm SLT 7th April.

The People's Choice Board has found yet another home - this time to the East of the main landing point for the Imagine Challenge gallery on the Flagship Challenge teleport platform.

There are 53 entries spread over 4 levels of the gallery to look at before you vote on your 3 favourite items. There are also 6 Flagship Challenge builds to explore - well worth the time.

The Winner Announcements and Party for the March round will be held at 5pm SLT on Wednesday 7th April at UWA Imagine Challenge gallery, after the announcements DJ Eifachfilm Vacirca will spinning tunes for dancing to at the winning Flagship Challenge building.


  1. Disappointed that I missed this, but I misread the time at %pm LOCAL time. Can I suggest the use of a utility such as in announcements. I am a member of an group that uses this for there meeting all the time. For example, a reference to this particular event would probably point to something like

  2. Hi Octobriana, Thank you for the idea and sorry you missed the event - however you may notice that all our events are quoted in SLT - Second Life Time (equivalent to PST (Pacific Standard Time) - a common thing for events held in SL - in my experience over the last 2.75 yrs in SL if you quote any other time zone you get more confused people. All SL residents know (or should know) what their own local time is in relation to SLT.

    To help you with further events we quote in SLT we will endevour to include a link to aid those who are unsure as to what the SLT time is in their own local time.